RIP Sky Lounge

I am sad to report that Sky Lounge, our favorite little-known Vegas bar with a view, has closed. I guess this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone who heard us describe during show #60 how empty the place was on a Saturday night during March Madness, but still quite a bummer. Located at the top of the Polo Towers, Sky Lounge had a great view and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. The bartenders were friendly and the drinks were tasty. It will be missed.

Thanks to listener rjgottaplay for the info. A call to Polo Towers confirmed the bar closed about three weeks ago (just after our last visit) with no plans to reopen.


6 thoughts on “RIP Sky Lounge

  1. That’s a final place of 117th for me. Not bad considering this is the first time I’ve played anywhere except my Palm Pilot! If anyone else has a Palm or Pocket PC – check out Realdice’s Multiplayer Championship Poker – has an over-the-air option so you can play fake money against people on your mobile device – it’s very cool!

  2. Dang… yet another thing that I missed seeing (WWRY and Avenue Q are two others)

  3. By the way, congrats on 20th … you even beat Brian!

    Sorry that I couldn’t have been more help to the team; finished 99th after 40 mins. Made a couple of stupid plays to end up at this point. Not that I wouldn’t necessarly finished In The Money (ITM), but it would of been better than this.

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