Five Hundy by Midnight 63: Come On Down (To Our Official Slot Machine Bank)

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

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17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 63: Come On Down (To Our Official Slot Machine Bank)

  1. How did the Five Hundy listeners do in the Podcast Poker Challenge?

    Tim finished in 20th, I (mr_zee63) finished in 16th.

    Anyone representing FHBM finish higher? I watched the final table, but don’t think anyone representing this podcast made it that far.

  2. another great show

    sorry to hear about the lounge

    alternatives to coca-cola baths: champagne or crisco


  3. Nice to have my favorite part of the show back…when Michelle says “mmmm hmmm” (in a very sexy voice, I might add). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t hear it in show 62.

    Keep up the great work. I listen every week.

  4. if you guys put together a 5hundy poker tournament, i’d like to request a mac friendly site 🙂 thanks. show was great, as always.

  5. Hi Elizabeth – the Poker tournament Saturday worked fine on my Powerbook, so is Mac friendly!

  6. Very sad about Mark Sinclair. CheapoVegas was recommended to me by a co-worker when we were planning my first trip, and, like Tim & Michele, kept going back there before every subequent trip, and after to see what they said about somethings we saw.

    Right now the site is down. Hopefully, they’re just doing some maintenance on it because it should be kept up as a memorial to him.

  7. Great show (as always) – any chance you can write up on the website the exact location of the FHBM slot machine ? I’m visiting Vegas from the UK in a couple of weeks and a penny slot pilgrimage is definitely required…!

  8. The slot machine bank is pretty easy to find. Just enter Flamingo from the doors facing Barbary Coast. You’ll see a bar almost straight ahead (and a little to the right) called Bugsy’s. The machines are Price is Right penny slots located between Bugsy’s and The Strip.

  9. Another great show – eh? Thanks for the nice (blush) words describing my FHBM article at D.H. and I are huge fans of cheap slots, so will have to put in our – 2cents- when we hit Vegas again.

  10. Audio of slot machines is back! I hope it wasn’t taken the wrong way when I pointed out that watching other people gamble (a la “king of vegas”) is not unlike listening to other poeple gamble.

    And H20 vs Please Please Me… I’m giving the edge to H20 on that.

  11. OK, H2O had three hits – Maneater, One On One, Family Man. They all sucked as hard as anything H&O ever did (although I retain a degree of affection for early hits like Sara Smile, an excellent piece of white-boy soul, and Rich Girl, of which I have fond memories because it had the word “bitch” in it, which I thought was cool back in 1977).

    About three years ago I sent out a poll among my friends and asked them to pick the all-time worst H&O song, without giving them choices, and Maneater was far and away the winner (I voted for Method Of Modern Love, which made the reference in FHBM all the more special).

    Now, Please Please Me starts off – STARTS OFF – with I Saw Her Standing There. Granted, the lyric is pretty lame (and McCartney singing it on recent solo tours borders on creepy), but that bassline blows Maneater’s “Hey, let’s stay on the root” out of the water. Now, I hate Love Me Do, A Taste Of Honey, and Do You Want To No A Secret as much as any music geek, but Anna was Lennon’s first great vocal (yes, I put it over Twist & Shout – feel the yearning on “All of my life, I’ve been searching for a girl,” it’s poignant), and Ask Me Why is the first sign of the harmonic sophistication of their later work.

    Or maybe, I’m just a little drunk right now and I didn’t detect the rather obvious sarcasm in Scott M’s post…

  12. Didn’t H2O sue Stevie Wonder because his song Part Time Lover was such an obvious copy of Maneater ? Allegedly….

    And, BTW, their Kiss On My List is a forgotten classic. And waaaay better than Revolution No 9.

  13. If so, that would be pretty funny, because Maneater’s bassline is a lame rip-off of You Can’t Hurry Love by the Supremes.

    Town Called Malice by the Jam, now THAT’S how you rip-off You Can’t Hurry Love…

  14. Great show! Very sorry to hear about the Sky Lounge; went there for the first time last summer (unfortunately, even at that time, it seemed like it wouldn’t be around for long). Beautiful view, though. Will it still be open to guests of the Polo, or do they have other plans?

    As for the poker tourney, I went out 21st (the bubble!) when my AA didn’t hold up against two others. It was fun playing at the same table with Tim and a few other bounties, though (I was PMK-One). I am definitely looking forward to a fivehundy only tournament!

  15. …and “Start” by the Jam is how you rip-off the Beatles’ “Taxman”…

    …which is where we came in.

  16. Hall & Oates in concert is possibly the worst show going.

    Is Darryl halls’s guitar even plugged in?

    Saw them with Michael McDonald and walked out.

    I do love “She’s Gone” though,


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