23 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight Video 1: Memories of Sky Lounge

  1. Great!

    James Blunt – Goodbye my lover would have bee ncool too.

    Looks like great office space though? But how could you work with that view. Have to cover the walls.

    Sorry we missed it.


  2. Good production value on your first videocast. Might want to remind your listeners that they can view the videocast on their PC by downloading the QuickTime 7.0.4 (with iTunes 6.0.4) player from http://www.apple.com

  3. I’d like to suggest that either the next Hooker Hunt or Thong, Not A Thong, Not A Thing be done as a video podcast…

  4. it was a touching tribute, I hope I’m remembered so fondly when I’m gone (not likely).

    I’m not familar with that genre of music. Was that Kathy Lee Gifford singing?

    Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Cruel World” would have been nice too.

  5. The podcast is quite awesome, thank you. I now have footage of the Las Vegas skyline on my video iPod so I can show people that it really is like the intro to CSI!!!

  6. Sorry Sparky!! *Embarassed looking at feet* I don’t really know music, only what I like.

    I wonder what Kathy Lee Gifford sings?

  7. Well at Sky Lounge lasted a lot longer than that dork from AC’s ultra lounge. I wonder how an ultra lounge at Tim and Michelle’s estate in Meenasotaaaaaaah would do. In Wisconsin they’re all over the place. Old house + Pabst sign = bar.

    Subdivision + Clown Head = Ultra Lounge

  8. So that is what the place looked like sober!

    Perhaps we can start a fund to revive it and call it the Monkey Sky Poker Dome Lounge.

  9. Fair enough, but the DMV site says the souvenir plates (lettering) are printed in “red”. Did you color it by hand or did they screw up and send you a valid plate? Just wondering, didn’t mean to spoil it for you. LOL

  10. The lettering is in red. It may just look different depending on the color on your monitor. It looks pretty red on mine.

  11. The NV license plate site inspired me to get the corresponding CA plate after the name of my blog… But most people can’t read it and don’t realize it’s a vanity plate. Heh.

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