Prince Does Vegas

Those overpriced Prince shows at Empire Ballroom this weekend that we talked about on the past two podcasts may be just the beginning of a purple summer on the Strip. Word has it His Royal Badness may be taking up residency at Empire Ballroom (renamed Club 3121 for his performances) all summer. The shows would likely include big-name guest appearances.

Being huge Prince fans living in his hometown, we’ve seen Prince something like 35 times—mostly intimate, late-night shows at Paisley Park Studios. These Club 3121 shows in Vegas sound a lot like the shows he performed just about every weekend in July, August and September 1995. Those of us who went never knew what he would play or what time in the morning we’d be rolling home. Simply amazing shows. Good times. Very good times.

We’ll be saving our pennies because if this rumor comes to pass and Prince is performing during our July trip, there’s no way we’ll miss it.


23 Responses to “Prince Does Vegas”

  1. 1 Aaron in Denver

    Will he be wearing his buttless pants during said shows?

  2. 2 Tim

    No, but I will.

  3. 3 Scott M

    You’ve got a pair of Prince’s buttless pants?

  4. 4 Dave

    If you want them, Tim. You’ll have to rip them off me.

  5. 5 Alison

    Ooh Tim please do keep us informed on this. We’re going to be out 19-26th August, so if Prince is playing during that week, we’re definitely there too!

  6. 6 Scott C

    I admit I never have been a fan of Prince.
    I am willing to listen, what is his best song?
    Ok, his best three songs so I can judge his talents.

  7. 7 Sparky

    Raspberry Beret 🙂

  8. 8 Dave

    You can’t boil Prince’s greatness down to just three songs. It’s impossible.

  9. 9 Tim

    Agreed. I could never choose three songs. I guess I’d recommend starting with the Sign O’ The Times album.

  10. 10 mike from roseville

    what was the Tom Jones song he covered?

  11. 11 Scott C

    I went on iTunes and listened to many songs by Prince. While I agree he has talent and may be a fine entertainer, wouldn’t “greatness” be something greater?

    How about the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and so many others whose music crossed over to other styles and continues to influence the world of music?

    Has Prince influenced other artists outside of his style or is he as popular worldwide. Being from the northeast, I know he does not sell well there.

    By the way, I am not saying I didn’t like him; I just am trying to stimulate discussion away from Hall & Oats.

  12. 12 Aaron in Denver

    Purple Rain has got to be one of them.

    On another note – Tim, I’ll ask you to please never mention your buttless pants again.

  13. 13 Aaron in Denver

    Scott, while I do agree Prince is no Oates, you have got to give credit to a guy that plays all of the different instuments on his albums.

  14. 14 Scott C

    David Lee Roth and Howard Stern have been seen in public with buttless pants. Not exactly a pretty sight or good company.

    Now if Catherine Zeta-Jones wore a pair I would be interested.

  15. 15 mike from roseville

    You would think that the opposite of ass-less pants would be pant-less asses, but they’re more the same than different.

    It’s both baffling and amazing but not at the same time.

  16. 16 Dave

    Wouldn’t the opposite of assless pants be crotchless pants?

  17. 17 mike from roseville

    I think the opposite of crotchless pants would be one of those large brim hats with a flower on it.

    Fashion is really very puzzling to me.

  18. 18 Aileen

    Re: Tim’s assless pants
    Thank God I can’t see.

  19. 19 Aaron in Denver

    Nothing against Tim, but I’ve gotta beleive Prince is the only guy that can pull off the buttless pants. Just like Jamie Fox said, I’m not gay, but Prince is a pretty man.

    BTW Mike, I know that fashion is confusing, but just so you know, the opposite of crotchless pants would be a dickie (a turttleneck without sleves).

  20. 20 Brian

    Now, Hall and Oats performing in Buttless pants – Priceless…

  21. 21 mike from roseville

    Really? A dickie?

    Even I’m not low enough to run with that one.

    Hey Tim…how about another podcast. Even doesn’t talk about it this much.

  22. 22 Napa Greg

    Although I live in the Bay Area now, I was born and raised in Minnesota. So, all through the 80’s Prince was pretty much like a somewhat reclusive royalty. I do remember going to his club–what was the name, Glam?–in the early 90’s down by the Warehouse district. Since we are on the topic of great Minneapolis entertainment, how about that Polka band at Nye’s Polonaise Room? Now that’s the ticket, you betcha.

  23. 23 david z

    Butless pants aside, the guy can play guitar like nobody’s business and he had the biggest selling tour last year.

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