Five Hundy by Midnight 67: Morbid Fun at Tropicana

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Montreux sketches and details
  • A few of Harrah’s plans emerge
  • Stratosphere plans for new nightclub way up high
  • Desert Passage becomes Miracle Mile
  • Oprah visits Las Vegas
  • Tropicana will soon be filled with corpses, and we’re not talking about the patrons
  • Steve Wynn bitch slaps Franco Dragone
  • Monkeypokerdome update
  • Send us Las Vegas book recommendations

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31 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 67: Morbid Fun at Tropicana

  1. How fitting the Tropicana seems like a big corpse and sort of smells that way on some days.

    Rampart is part of JW Marriott way west of the strip. Worth the trip to visit along with Red Rocks and Sun Coast.

    Big concert weekend planned end of July with Sammy Hagar on the 28th and Santana on the 29th. Tickets still being sold!

  2. I’d love to see Sammy (again) at his outdoor Caesars shows on July 28-29. He puts on a fun show… perfect for Vegas.

  3. it’s the magnificent mile @ chicago, btw…the miracle mile is,uh…from that billy joel song maybe

    corpses playing chess…what else is new?


  4. where is the “miracle mile” anyways? honest…other than that line from billy joel…i have no idea

  5. Every native Long Islander knows The Miracle Mile is on Northern Boulevard in Manhasset. It’s very similar to the Magnificent Mile along Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Lots of high-falutin’ shops and stuff. Apparently, it’s now called “Americana Manhassett.”

    Billy must be turning over in his car right about now.

  6. I saw ‘BODIES, The Exhibition’ at MOSI in Tampa – a pretty cool exhibit. Reminded me of the medical biology class I took in high school except that we dissected cats, not humans.

    The Miracle Mile is in Coral Gables, Florida. An area of overpriced goods in toney shops, boutiques, and gallaries, upscale restaurants and almost never an open parking spot. Very few if any chain stores, most businesses on and around the Miracle Mile are locally owned. Best of all the Miracle Mile is barely a half-mile long.

  7. Thank God I leave Vegas on the 22nd of June and the thing opens on the 23rd. I don’t know why they didn’t wait a week and open on the 30th or July 1. The Klondike next door closes on the 30th and there are some corpses conflicted with the effects of smoking, eating, drinking, and pulling the same damn nickel machine for 25 years who will be looking for something to do when the Big K closes its doors for good.

  8. it looks like everyone knows where the miracle mile is — but it’s in several different places!

    i think i may have been overserved last evening when i was posting here


  9. Book recommendation- 24/7: Living it Up and Doubling Down in Las Vegas- The Author takes his $50,000 advance for writing this book and gambles with it on a 30 day jaunt in Vegas- he stays in 10 hotels for 3 days each. Very entertaining- I read it on the way to Vegas for my first trip and it was neat seeing his adventures in 2 of the hotels I was going to (The Luxor and NYNY)…

  10. Book recommendations:

    * Sharks in the Desert – John Smith book about the major casino players in Vegas.

    * Sin, Sun and Suburbia – very interesting book about the development of Vegas and the various neighborhoods. If you read this you will impress locals with your knowledge (you probably will know more than them).

    * 24/7 is a good one.

    * Super Casino – tracks the development of Luxor/Mandalay Resort Group

    * The Money and the Power – a little crazy sounding but talks about how sketchy Las Vegas businesses are.

    And, just for Tim:

    * Jackpot: Harrah’s Secrets for Winning Customer Loyalty


  11. Brian says “it looks like everyone knows where the miracle mile is – but it’s in several different places!”

    Billy Joel is from Long Island. Therefore the Miracle Mile he mentions is the one that’s on Long Island.

  12. well, good enough for me then…i mean, this guy used to sleep with christie brinkley, right?

    or was that the guy from hall and oates?

  13. In Coral Gables (Miami, FL) “Miracle Mile” is an Upscale downtown-ish shopping area (and only 2 blocks from the slums- go figure)…

  14. Two things:

    1) My question about Prince’s buttless pants was legitimate, not “cheap entertainment.

    2) I’m questioning the approach of ending the show with a request for twelve-year-olds to call you.

  15. I’m actually a 14 year old. I never had any interest in this podcast until it was labeled ‘explicit.’ seemed a little tame until the assless pants talk.

    who’s Prince anyway? I never heard of Hall and Oates either.

  16. Best book about Vegas – sort of – Positively Fifth Street by James McManus. Good info on the Binion family/murder, and cool story about author’s sucess at World Series of Poker.

  17. I have the Positively 5th Street Audiobook with McManus reading it. I recommend it highly. I listened to it a few times over the years and several parts even more than that.

  18. Awesome link. Not only is it Vegasy, but it involves Mentos. I was a huge fan of the Mentos commercials in the early ’90s, before they became a shadow of their former selves.

  19. and that video proves that just because someone has a white lab coat, that doesn’t make them a scientist.

    it gives me a couple of ideas:

    -train monkeys to do the same thing and you’ve got an awesome attraction for monkeypoderdome, or;

    -train Hooters girls to do the same thing and Hooter’s Casino has a real ‘strip’ style attraction.

    If you combined the Hooter’s girls, the monkeys, maybe some 3 stooges impersonators….it sounds like a great theme for a new resort, at least a good bonus game for a nickel machine.

  20. Unrelated to this week’s show, but I know that previously there was some interest in/concern about the fate of the penguins at the Flamingo.

    Well, in between talk about Jerry Lewis, Sylvester Stallone and William Hung, Norm reported today that the penguins have moved to the Dallas Zoo.

  21. Monkeypokerdome? Tim, how do you come up with these ideas? You are a genius. It’s a wonder you don’t own half of Vegas by now. Steve Wynn took a bunch of circus clowns and made them seem hip so he could charge a fortune. You are taking a similar approach except sort of in reverse–take normal things and make them stupid. Brilliant. Skinned corpses playing chess? Ho-hum. Skinned corpses playing poker? I would pay to see that. Skinned corpses on a stripper pole? Now that I would make a special trip for.

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