Five Hundy by Midnight 68: Subtle Segues

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • The Flamingo penguins are gone
  • Tim rants about “exclusives” and Robin Leach’s lame Las Vegas column
  • Maxim magazine announces Las Vegas Strip casino
  • Hooters feedback
  • Tic-tac-toe chicken at Fitzgeralds
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Las Vegas
  • Caesars Palace and GQ seek Modern Day Caesar
  • Voice mail messages
  • Good Las Vegas meet-up location?
  • Send us Las Vegas book recommendations
  • Callin’ in Rich by Phantom Freeway

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 68: Subtle Segues

  1. Poker cocktails? Sky lounge would have been perfect. I don’t know anywhere else in that area of the strip, unless they wanted to go to the bar at the Klondike.

    How about the next block over (which is a mile away).. Paradise includes the double down saloon, the Gordon-Biersch brewery and the Rainbow Bar & Grill..but I fear they’re all super-loud.

  2. Norm isn’t my favorite. This may be silly, but I only buy the RJ on Fridays and they use that stupid partial page front page and it has Norm’s patch head sticking out of it saying “let me recommend…” some place nobody can afford. I say how about recommending a whole front f#$king page so I can read this useless paper without loosing the back page! His podcast will probably have some annoying feature, too.

    Just so everyone understands I liked Norm on Cheers better. He drank beer and didn’t piss me off so much.

  3. Las Vegas books: there are a bunch of CSI novels written by Max Allen Collins (author of Road to Perdition). They’re based on the TV show, but each of them is an original storyline created by the author. If you’re a fan of Vegas and CSI, then they’re worth picking up. They available in paperback, or as ebooks from

  4. If you’re into fictional Vegas books….

    “Murder in Vegas: New Crime Tales of Gambling and Desperation”
    Edited by Michael Connelly
    22 short fiction stories set in and around Las Vegas…just started reading it – not bad

    Michael Connelly himself has one novel set in Vegas – “Void Moon” about a lady ex-con making her last big heist in Vegas.

    Also Lincoln Child’s “Utopia” – a techno-thriller about a futuristic theme park located in the desert just outside Vegas. Ok maybe its not about Vegas exactly…but it does seem like the perfect setting for an over-the-top theme park (or Monkeypokerdome).

    A good Vegas book review site…

  5. For a good meet up spot why not get everybody together at the corpse show at the Tropicana? The rest of the folks there shouldn’t be too loud.

    The second best option would be mid strip early in the morning so everyone can take turns playing the home game of “hooker hunt”.

  6. Hey Tim & Michelle,

    Rainbow 6 is a very successful line of special ops sims. So, once you mentioned the game “Rainbow 6 Las Vegas” I looked for it on the web. It looks like they’ve changed the names of the casinos (Golden Nugget is now “Royal”). But, otherwise it looks like they’re keeping it as close as they can without gettin sued. Las Vegas is a fairly popular setting for games, and it’s not uncommon for a game to take you to a place that while they don’t call it Las Vegas or have the actual Hotels, it’s obviously Las Vegas. Plus it’s pretty easy to figure out what hotels the “Pirate’s Den” and “Supertower” are supposed to be. This one looks closer than any other I’ve seen.

    Here’s a link to the preview site were you can look at screen captures as well as other things.

  7. Yeah, the most recent Gran Turismo game would allow you to drag race from the south end of the strip northward and had a very impressive representation of the view.

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