Five Hundy by Midnight 69: It’s Raining Comedy

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

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16 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 69: It’s Raining Comedy

  1. Another great show!

    I faintly remember Excalibur’s dragon show. Still much better than that fire-emergencyesque thing at Planet Aladdin.

  2. I would like to complain. Please keep your marital spats out of the podcast. We do not need to hear about Michelle 69 position and Tim is fishy to the idea.

    PS I think I saw Jimmy Walker open for Hall and Oates once.

  3. I disagree. I want more marital spats. Then I want their couples therapy released as a podcast. If it’s even half as good as Ari and his wife on last night’s Entourage, it will be worth it…

  4. How come when Michele says “69” it sounds so nasty good and when I say “69” it sounds like one of my test scores in high school?

    My guess the rain thing is for locals (like me now) that have relocated from some rainy location and they need a hit. I haven’t seen a drop of rain since I moved here March 1st. Good place to put a desert!

  5. listened poolside today whilst drinking a nice bottle of porter

    another great show — and “it’s summertime” was perfect

  6. I saw Jimmie Walker in a small club in Charlotte, NC about 5 years ago when I was there on business. He was absolutely DREADFUL. Some drunk heckler was razzing him during his lame act, so he thought he would get the better of him, so he he walked to the middle of this small club and kept berating him. The drunk kept shooting back insults, so Jimmie bonked him in the head twice with his mic. The Guys slumped down, grabbed his head and then his wife helped him up and left. He went on with his act, but the whole room (maybe 50-60 people) were nervously silent- it was SO awkward…
    I would see Carrot-Top before I would see him again, and I CAN’T STAND Carrot-Top…

  7. My wife was walking through the Trop and saw Jimmie Walker coming the other way. She let out the loudest DY-NO-MITE!! He didn’t even react. Must get that a lot.

  8. Have a great time at Kathy Griffin; I saw her last month and laughed the whole time. I hope she impersonates her Mom for you…I only wish I could have spent time with Kathy in Vegas!

    Thanks again for a great ‘cast and thanks for the shout-out in the last ‘cast–I’m glad I could cause yet more marital discussion over Michelle’s shoe habit.

  9. Should the monorail riders in your last podcast be called “pole dancers” or “pole dodgers?”

  10. Doesn’t “It’s Summertime” by The Loving Its sound suspiciously like “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles?
    And why did Tim feel compelled to put “The” in their name twice in the link at the top of this page?
    I sense some sort of conspiracy.
    Oh, and guess who is due to play Las Vegas today:

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