This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Las Vegas comedy club feedback
  • Stardust cuts off reservations
  • Las Vegas bloggers doubt latest Westward Ho property plans
  • Phantom comes to Las Vegas
  • The buffet returns to Caesars Palace
  • Concerts and boxing on the Las Vegas Strip
  • O’Shea’s update
  • Beacher’s Rockhouse opening delayed
  • Harrah’s buys another chunk of Las Vegas
  • The Surreal Life with Phil Hellmuth and Al Sharpton?
  • Another odd pairing

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25 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 70: The Las Vegas Strip Ain’t Broadway”

  1. 1 Matthew Hart


    I will be in vegas in July. Let me know if you want to go to the Foundation Room!

    Keep up the great show.

  2. 2 Brian

    leprechaun kiss!

  3. 3 MrMartingale

    My guess? Planet Hollywood!

  4. 4 Aileen

    Sounds like “spenda-ha-hu” Isn’t that by Aladdin?

  5. 5 Scott C

    On my day off I decided to go claim my free 2500 points at Red Rock Casino. It is really a nice place, but gaming can be poor. I did walk away breaking even this time.
    Cherry Nighclub ( has an interesting entrance. Looked like a place Peter Steele would hang out.
    Also IGT Gaming’s web site now lets you play a Realplayer(yuck) file that explains their games. Sure enough the ex-official “Price is Right” is there. Check it out at
    Hot this weekend topping out at 111 yesterday.

  6. 6 Dave

    Yeah, that was me who wrote you about Spamalot. Highly recommended. Here’s a review of it that I wrote on my blog.

    And, yeah, every girl had those CDs in college. And Every guy had Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, and Squeeze Singles 45 & Under.

  7. 7 Mike E

    Tim, I recall you mentioning a mid-July trip in that unpublished conference call we did with Hunter. I’ll be there the 16th-18th. If you’re around, drinks on me!

  8. 8 Jeff B.

    Another great show, guys… For clarification- “Tiny KISS” is the 3 “little persons” and one, uh, PORKY girl. “Mini KISS” is the all-midget group…

  9. 9 Dean Smith

    Hi Tim and Michelle,

    Love the show. Play it on the MP3 everyday at work.

    Did you get a chance to record the casino ambient sounds you mentioned a while back?

    Dean in Houston

  10. 10 Tom C

    I love the feud between Tiny and Mini Kiss. The drummer of Tiny Kiss was once in Mini Kiss. He was thrown out because he says “Gene Simmons” was jealous of all the attention he got. (BTW Mini “Gene” is also Little Jay Leno on Conan O’brien). The drummer went out west and started up Tiny Kiss. And Mini Kiss sued.

    The guy also pulled a brilliant move on a recent feud feature on Comedy Central. He said that Mini Kiss didn’t play their instruments, which is true, but neither does Tiny Kiss. Way to get the kettle, pot. Tiny Kiss ‘plays’ those $40 First Act guitars they sell at Wal Mart. Even their “Gene Simmons” plays a First Act six string, even though he’s supposed to be a bass player on four strings.

    Okay, I’m way too into it. I just love feuding midgets.

  11. 11 Hunter

    The ‘Spread The Hot Air Casino’??? What the hell is she saying?

  12. 12 Dave

    I’ve got to agree with Mr. Martingale. I definitely heard “Hollywood” in there.

    So is this girl saying that Planet Hollywood is bankrupt before it even finished the renovations?

    That would be kind of following the tradition of the Aladdin, wouldn’t it?

  13. 13 Scott M

    I don’t recall many girls listening to the phantom soundtrack when I was in college. During the first four years it seems like Tori Amos was on the required listening list, but that switched to Tim’s favorite Sarah MC laugh in by my last four years.

  14. 14 BC

    Listening to this week’s show in a room at the Barbary Coast while staring at the 30-foot-tall ass on the Jubilee billboard outside… life is good. You guys were right about Barbary Coast; it rocks! I sprang for the wireless internet in my room ($11/day, ouch!) and hooked the PC up to the speakers on the plasma TV so I could hear the show in all its glory.

    Gotta run. Mini Hall & Oates is singing backup for Big Elvis today and I don’t want to miss that.

  15. 15 Aaron in Denver

    I did see Mini Kiss about a year ago and they’re not as cool as they sound.

  16. 16 Alison

    Awesome video of Taylor Hicks & Snoop, they are both so cool.

  17. 17 James G in NC
  18. 18 Mike E

    I’d rather have a cell phone that reminds me to call my friends when I’m drunk.

  19. 19 Lou in England

    Thought Michele might like to listen to an interview with her favourite celeb

    Yes you guessed it’s Paris Hilton in the UK promoting her new song – luckily the song has been cut from the podcast – I haven’t heard it but I hope I don’t like it

  20. 20 Ricky Dash

    Tom C., I’m a little concerned that you know that much about Tiny and Mini Kiss.

    Fun facts though. Keep researching and keep us updated. I’m definitely going to see the Tinys on my next trip to Vegas.

  21. 21 Ricky Dash

    Tim and Michelle,
    After hearing you mention that you saw Dennis Miller live twice in show 69, I was worried that you might be Republicans. However, after hearing you joke about “the internets” twice and saying, “Lou Reed is a cool guy”, I realized that can’t be.
    Don’t feel compelled to respond to this.
    Love your show. Maybe I’ll run into you at O’Sheas sometime.

  22. 22 Scott C

    In todays Sun it was stated that Lake Las Vegas will sue Hall & Oates for backing out of last week’s concert. They also cancelled a concert in Laughlin. It said Hall was concerned with the heat.

  23. 23 Dave

    I can understand that, considering all the Aqua Net he uses…

  24. 24 Godard

    Are you talking about Paris Hilton’s reggae song? It might be an interesting novelty tune if it were 2 minutes long, but it is nearly interminable. Just like her career.

  25. 25 stpgator

    You’ve been nominated for the Peoples Choice and Travel catagories.

    Nominations continue until July 15. For more info click on the RULES link.

    Good Luck!

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