19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 74: Las Vegas Friends

  1. Dear Lord! I shared the story of the bidet accident?! I don’t think they’ll ever let me reserve a room at Mirage because of that…

    Guys, again, thanks so much for coming. It was absolutely a blast and I must say, as embarrassing as this podcast was (my phone call–what the hell was that?!), you guys flattered me beyond belief. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to hear what Hunter’s got to say.

    My Morrissey impression… to a suite full of people… at Wynn LV. Life is complete.

  2. Tim,

    You said you spent a lot of time at Bally’s, did you get a chance to have a sandwich at Nosh? Just curious. Glad you had a great trip. How hot was it there?

  3. I had an amazingly fun time with you guys and I hope that we can do it again soon.

    I got VERY drunk that night and had an unfortunate late night encounter with a room service cart. Not a good story.

    It was certainly one of those classic, unforgettable Vegas nights.

    Yes, I was on the ghetto side of Wynn Las Vegas, which has sorta turned into our favorite joke since of course nothing at WLV is that ghetto… No steam shower in that room but I believe the Salons have ’em and so do the villas.

    The Morrissey thing was hilarious and I vaguely recall the fax/President thing – not sure what that was all about now that I think back.

    My brief turn at the craps table resulted in yet another loss – my standard move these days.

    Again, lots of fun. Can’t wait for next time.

  4. Happy to hear that both of you had a great trip! Regarding what was probably the most important topic of discussion in the show–the Antispash Guard–I noticed this past April that the urinals at the Hilton had the Antisplash Guard (or a similar contraption), as did a couple of the other casinos I visited over the course of the trip. Can’t say that I’ve seen them anywhere other than Las Vegas, so I think it’s safe to say that the city of Las Vegas is the unquestionable pioneer in urinal technology.

    By the way, how was the gambling this trip? Looking forward to the mid-week show!

  5. Hey Tim & Michele… maybe next time you can plan a meetup well in advance so we can build our trips around y’all. I would like nothing more than to get bidet-morrissey drunk with you and test my bladder skillz in the Oshea’s bathroom (speaking of urinal goodies).

    In addition, I’ve seen KA and recommended it… it’s Cirque with swords, which is always good. And my favorite Vegas munchie is the cheap Del Taco nachos and burritos. We don’t have fast food that good here in Philly.

  6. This past show was fabulous. Wished I could have been part of the inner circle and lifted a few glasses with everyone. Next time you guys party, I’m taking the vegas exit off the NJ turnpike and heading towards the bar.

    Peace and love from the Garden State.

  7. Loved the show! But we were stunned that you did not have more of a turnout at O’Shea’s. We would have been there in a heartbeat if we’d been in town. Hope you were not discouraged and that you’ll do it again. You guys ROCK!

  8. I’m glad someone knows how to pronounce Curacao. I always get a kick out of the liquor store personnel preferred pronunciation: kaROCKoh.
    I once invented a drink that I called the Pepto Bismol. I think it had Raspberry Sherbet (but not sherbert), Vodka, Orange Curacao and creme de cacao. Mix in blender. Fill pint glass 3/4 with drink concoction. Garnish with aralia leaf and blow bong smoke into top of glass so it spills over nicely.
    Nancy and Tom and Wog and Gep and I enjoyed these several times in Madison in the early 80s.

  9. We wanted the option of a pool (even though we didn’t use it). Barbary guests can take the shuttle to one of the other Coast properties and use their pool, but that seems like a pain in the ass. We like to stay at a variety of hotels as well, and it had been a few years since we stayed at Flamingo.

  10. What a great show!! BTW It’s July 23 not June 23.

    I envy the friends at your meet. I once went to a book signing with Harlan Coben and was one of only four people to attend (he hasn’t been back to Toronto since 🙂 and it was like a one on one interview.

    Can’t wait till the next show.


  11. I agree with Jeff. For those who don’t know, the Space Quest men’s room urinals have a little holographic display which analyzes your pee (from what I’ve heard, the women’s urinals do not have this feature). Of course your pee always gets analyzed to tell you what good luck you’re having and you should put lots of money in the nearest machine.

  12. Like Nancy & Tom can’t believe only two people turned up to O’Sheas.

    Would love to have been there but the 11 hour each way flight prevented it this time.

    Aready booked for December so if you happen to be in Vegas see you there !!

  13. Tim,

    Thanks for another great show. I did DIAD back in April so this will be my first trip since they opened the Diamond lounges at Caesars, Ballys and Paris. I can’t wait to see what’s on channel 92 when I go in August.

    Hey – any link to download or buy “Audios Las Vegas”? I couldn’t find it on itunes.

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