Five Hundy by Midnight 75: Las Vegas Trip Report

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Podcast Award nomination
  • Flamingo room review
  • Video poker and Alien penny slots
  • Las Vegas freebies
  • We ate well
  • Barbary Coast disappointments
  • Big Elvis show review
  • Slater hangs out at New Frontier
  • Free lightning show over the Las Vegas Strip
  • Lame celebrity events at Pure

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11 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 75: Las Vegas Trip Report

  1. I had heard that Big Elvis was less entertaining and more sorta sad, so I’m glad to hear the opposite is true; I may try to make it there to see him, though if the drinks are bad, I’m not sure it’s really worth it.

    Congrats on the well-deserved nomination!

  2. I liked the $2 drinks at the Barbary Coast for two reasons:
    1) Really strong frozen margaritas that were bigger than the normal drinks
    2) Straight-up Jameson’s Whiskey for $2 that was about 2 oz. each pour.

    I’ll have to see if Michael’s does vegetarian meals for my next trip.

  3. David did it the right way… ordering drinks straight-up… no way to make them weak that way.

    I don’t think Michael’s has any entrees that aren’t dead animals or sea creatures.

  4. Just listened to the podcast and can’t believe the penguins have gone from Flamingo, have never seen them on previous visits and after listening to your show they were on my list of things to do – not any more but I will be booking a table at Michaels following your recommendation.

    Great show – it was awesome !!

    Tim, I was in Vegas in Jan and went to Big Elvis. It was a great show. It got even better when I got up on stage with Big Elvis. They outfitted me in a side-burn wig, Elvis shades, and blow-up air guitar. I like to think my performance made the show even better (and the applause seemed to verify that). I practically mastered the pelvic thrust and that little “lip thing” Elvis did.
    Your listeners need you to re-think your feelings about on-stage appearances. Get up there with Big Elvis (hit the bar for a couple first) and SHOW THE BABES THOSE LEGS!
    Congrats on the nomination. I voted this morning. Good luck.
    I’m looking forward to your next show. You piqued my interest by mentioning it will include a story about “The monkey who poked her domes.” I assume you’re referring to Michelle. Also, thanks Michelle for mentioning Super Cherry and Hot Flashes on the show this week. That should carry me through to next week.

  6. Love the podcast, especially the fact that it’s done by people just up the road from us! (We live near the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul)

    We’re heading out to Vegas in a couple of weeks for our fifth anniversary, and wondering if any of the “Sigma Derby” horse racing games are still around. From your own archives from a few months ago, there apparently still is one in the MGM, but are there any other around town?

  7. I always knew that the New Frontier was the place to be, but, now I know for sure……..Slater hangs out there 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Frontier. I usually don’t have sightings of much at the Frontier. The only celeb sighting that I have had in Vegas was Al Sharpton, so I think Mario Lopez is quite a bit more exciting, even if his star has fallen with the cancellation of saved by the bell…… 🙂

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