Five Hundy by Midnight 76: News, Monkeys, Poker and More

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Boyd sells South Coast
  • World Series of Poker main event begins at Rio
  • Phil Hellmuth should keep his day job
  • Sports guy articles about Las Vegas
  • Monkey Poker Dome update
  • Harrah’s slot finder
  • Voice mail messages about Atlantic City, the Las Vegas mayor and the Podcast Awards
  • Jimbo?
  • Thanks for the Podcast Award votes

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16 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 76: News, Monkeys, Poker and More

  1. Sorry I missed you in Vegas. I had a great run at the Baccarat tables!

    I just voted for you.

    Keep up the great shows.


  2. Here’s why I think Hellmuth looks odd on Celebrity Poker Showdown. He’s not wearing his hat. We’re not used to seeing his hair at all.

    I agree, I’d rather see him thowing hissy fits during poker tournaments than attempting wit.

    I don’t know if Phil ‘googles’ himself often, but he might so just in case; Hey Phil Hellmuth! Put your hat on!

    Slutfinder? How about Drai’s at 6:00 AM?

  3. I wanna’ see that chimp have a Helmuth style temper tantrum and start throwing poo at Daniel Negreanu (isn’t that what chimps do–throw poo?).

    Your idea for a Las Vegas slut finder is intriguing, but the Palms and Hard Rock already have websites.


  4. I’m pretty sure the hotels in AC are designed so that you don’t have to go through the casino intentionally. There’s a law that’s posted in every casino that minors are not allowed within sight of the casino floor (or something like that), so they had to be built so that people could get from their rooms to the boardwalk and the parking garage without passing the machines.

    And the cops busted Madame Marie in Asbury Park, not Atlantic City…

  5. As I recall, Hellmuth went out on the same situation last year, too. A-Q v. 7-7. He is horrible on CPS. Gordon had a much better sense of humor, and was great at explaining strategy to beginners.

  6. Sorry. I didn’t mean to trip you up by pointing out your “really really” habit. I have to admit, that was kind of funny, though.

  7. Hey Tim and Michelle,

    I was hoping to hear your review on the Wynn and the Eifel tower meals, since I am wondering if it’s worth to blow some serious cash at the Eifel tower restaurant. Great show!

  8. Please no more updates on the WSOP. Some of us intentionally avoid WSOP so that we can watch it unfold on ESPN. Thanks.

    Otherwise great podcast as always.

  9. Thanks for the mention. I was on vacation on dial up so just listened to it today (Friday)


  10. We plan to avoid talking about the WSOP on future shows because there is so much coverage elsewhere. Sorry about that.

    We’re going to devote a large portion of an episode to the Eiffel Tower restaurant so we didn’t want to get into it too much. I’d highly recommend going. It’s a little on the spendy side, but the view is spectacular and the food is excellent.

    Thanks to everyone for voting!

  11. I’ll chime in on the Eiffel Tower restaurant, too. It is very good. I’ve eaten there three times. Best was the steak but they change their menu regularly so there’s always something new. Last time I was there I had a reservation but forgot to ask for a table by the window. A fiver slipped to the maitre’d solved that. Dynamite views of the fountains and excellent service. Atmosphere is upscale but not snooty. There’s a bar there too so if you just want a drink and check out the view, you can.

  12. Heya, also voted for your podcast! Started listing last year, before a trip to Vegas. Still listing to your great show.

    O yeah … monkey’s belong in the wild not with people playing poker … please ….

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