Five Hundy by Midnight 77: Best Slot Machine Ever

This week’s Las Vegas podcast trainwreck includes:

  • The Five Hundy jinx continues
  • Barbary Coast rumors continue
  • Michele takes the show into the gutter
  • South Coast to become South Point
  • Gambling ethics
  • Voice mail messages about Nosh, Red Rock Resort, the Sunset Strip band, bachelor parties in Las Vegas, J.J. Walker is Mr. Las Vegas?, playing for bags and much more
  • Las Vegas Little Black Book and blog
  • Just a few more days to vote for the Podcast Award

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8 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 77: Best Slot Machine Ever

  1. Thanks guys for playing my message. The kind of things I’m looking for are:

    -reasonably priced suites in bachelor friendly hotels

    -fun things to do during the day

    -good places to go at night


  2. Monkey Poker Dome. I located the perfect home for the MPD – Cayo Santiago in Puerto Rico. Home to a free ranging population of over 1200 Rhesus monkeys.

    All MPD all the time.

    Where can I get the MPD t-shirt???

  3. Downloading …… then plugin iRiver to laptop, start software, copy show, lay back and start listing …. O wait .. still at work šŸ™ Oh who gives a s**t šŸ˜›

  4. I’ve read the Las Vegas Little Black Book. For the most part it’s a decent read, but beware: one of the authors is David deMontmollin, from the American Casino show. (Check out Las Vegas Reenactment Theatre in FHBM episode 46 for a brilliant scene featuring Tim as David).

    Anyway, I highly recommend that everybody follow the link Tim listed in this week’s show notes for the Las Vegas Little Black Book and click on the “Browse Excerpt” link. There you can read all of Chapter 1 of the book, in which David describes his Las Vegas lifestyle as he sees it. It’s unintenionally very funny.

  5. Since these Barbary Coast rumors are bound to continue for months and months (PLEASE don’t sell to Harrah’s), I think you need a little theme for that segment every week. How about the old favorite from Timex Social Club “Rumors”. You could play a line or two of the chorus and then fade it out low but not silent during your Barbary Coast update. Well, that’s what I do anyway (in my head) whenever I hear your intro re: another BC rumor.

    In case you don’t remember the song off the top of your head, sing this to yourself a bit and you’ll remember…

    Look at all these rumors surroundinā€™ me every day
    I just need some time, some time to get away from
    From all these rumors, I canā€™t take it no more
    My best friend said
    Thereā€™s one out now about me and the girl next door

    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ those rumors around
    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ the lies
    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ those rumors around
    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ the lies

    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ those rumors around
    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ the lies
    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ those rumors around
    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ the lies

    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ those rumors around
    Stop (Stop) spreadinā€™ the lies

    Love the show. Couldn’t go a week without it!!!! Thanks for all you do.

  6. I have a story similar to “Best Slot Machine Ever” except replace ‘Slot’ with ‘Soda’.

    1999 – Kelly Inn – Plymouth, MN – 11:00PM Put $1.00 in soda machine for Cherry Coke. Thinking $1.00 for Cherry Coke is price gouging. Hit button no soda- hit button again No Soda hit 3 more times-No soda!!!. Suddenly Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke!!!! They were shooting out at me!!! Like a whore in church I look around nervously but nobody was witness. Off to my room – without hesitation I slam down 5 Cherry Cokes on the counter and rush out the door back to the machine. Hit the button 4 more times – 4 more Cherry Cokes!!! Back to the room – my wife says “What the hell is going on?”- “I can’t explain now!” and out the door I go for another load – This time I get greedy – I want 7UP – hit the button -No 7UP -hit it again, nothing!! Cherry Coke??? nothing I continue to hit it still nothing!! Now I’m hitting every button??? Nothing! I return to my room head down! I Loved you Cherry Coke Machine!

    Would I take advantage of the “Best Slot Machine Ever”? You know it!!!!!

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