Five Hundy by Midnight 78: Eiffel Tower Restaurant and Wynn Buffet Reviews

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

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24 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 78: Eiffel Tower Restaurant and Wynn Buffet Reviews

  1. There hasn’t been a music discussion on here for along time, but Tim started it by the comment about ‘wanking around on guitar’.

    I’d have to nominate Joe Walsh has a top notch guitar wanker. Life’s Been Good to Me So Far can last 20 minutes. Speaking of the Eagles, Don Henley spends his 20 minutes on a sermon about Walden Woods or his cause du jour. I prefer the wanking.

    Another great thing about Big Elvis….no wanking.

  2. Hello again guys. First of all good luck in the podcast awards, I voted for you guys numerous times. As far as the question to whether the Eiffel Tower has a restuarant in it: In the 1980s an old restaurant and its supporting iron scaffolding midway up the tower was dismantled; it was purchased and reconstructed in New Orleans, Louisiana, originally as the Tour Eiffel Restaurant, known more recently as the Red Room. So there you have some useless information 🙂

  3. I never heard of him so I checked out his website…nothin’ but guitar wank.

    Vegas really lacks a guitar wanker as a headliner. I can’t think of one who is just stationed somewhere. House of Blues must have frequent guitar wanking but why not a permanent show somewhere?

    I guess we’ll just have to wait for an Aerosmith-themed Cirque show…I think we can assume it will be titled ‘walk this way’

  4. Given Aerosmith’s notorious sexual appetitie, I can’t wait to see how Cirque would handle the trapeze part of the show…

  5. Maybe Dude (Looks Like a Lady) or Big Ten Inch Record would be better titles and help with the theme.

    If you’re a fan of Aerosmith and water…you’re gonna like this show!

  6. Harrah’s “slutfinder” would probably overheat and self-destruct when this new Playboy Club hits its radar.

    The idea is intriguing, but I know there’s a law that you can’t charge admission to a casino in the state of Nevada. Wonder how they worked their way around this…

  7. CBGB’s should move to vegas. Doesn’t everything end up there? It could move into New York New York and Studio 54 is right across the street in MGM.

  8. I didn’t understand the start of your Wynn review, but you came around, I guess.

    We enjoyed the buffet tremendously. Most buffets can be inconsistent, depending on the time of day.

    The deserts were outstanding BTW. You should have tried more.

    And the best treat was the Japanese pears for the purse. My wife had hers on the plane.

    BTW just finished Void Moon. Great book.


  9. I just discovered a great way to listen to the show.

    I right clicked on the link and saved the target. Then listened to it on Windows Media player. Much clearer and no vagaries of the internet.

    I had been double clicking and listening to it directly.

    O am I just stupid.


  10. download itunes for free, go to podcasts and subscribe. it will automatically download itself whenever there’s a new show.

    the coolest part is then Tim’s name shows up in your directory of music. My artist list shows: The Thompson Twins, Three Dog Night, Tim Dressen, Tim Mahoney, Tina Turner & Brian Adams.

    why do I publicly embarass myself like this?

  11. About the Wynn buffet: we did the 250-point thang, but used it for the breakfast (and got the line pass…very key!) the day we left. We liked it quite a bit and would probably rate it as you rated your meal: some very interesting foods, but also some inconsistency. I was a big fan of the two (that’s right Michelle, TWO) kinds o’ bacon and fresh granola. I’d recommend it.

    (if you want to read my trip report, visit my blog at

  12. Need advise for Caesar’s Palace. . . Heading to LV in November, would like to stay at Caesar’s. Which is the best tower to stay in? I don’t mind paying for an upgraded room, any tips for me as I make my reservation would be greatly appreciated.

    Love this podcast. Thanks Dean

  13. Re: Caesars trip for Dean S in November: Order of desireability for Caesars towers:
    1) Augustus
    2) Palace
    3a) Forum
    3b) Roman
    3c) Centurian

    All rooms in Palace & Augustus have spa (Jacuzzi) tubs and are larger, newer, more elegant rooms. The other 3 towers have been remodeled over the past couple years, and are nice, but are still old and kitschy. Still, staying at Caesars does not suck in any way – esp now that it isn’t under any significant construction or maintenance. This is heaven on earth – or at least heaven in LV.

  14. The buffet at Mirage (cravings) has cerviche too. I was suprised to see it there, it’s great to see other buffets have it too.

  15. As I was waiting for iTunes Music Store to open, I was trying to imagine who Dave might be….David Lee Roth? Dave Navaro? Dave Matthews? What a relief to find a podcast with more than a subtle Springsteen theme. Anybody who likes The Boss enough to do a podcast is o.k. with me. Although his last album wasn’t my style…nobody, absolutely no one is better than Bruuuuuuce.

    I bought ‘The Essential Springsteen’ on iTunes even though I had most of the songs just to get their version of Viva Las Vegas and some other ‘Album Only’ tracks. Worth every penny. (Vegas content) Although no one says Vegas like Elvis….Springsteen’s Viva is the best version for my money.

    I’ll check out your podcast.

    ….and for all you Hall and Oates fans out there; comparisons to The Boss will make the Trekkies appear apathetic.


  16. I have more hair than David Lee Roth, fewer tattoos than Dave Navarro, and I don’t suck like Dave Matthews.

    Thanks for checking out the show.

  17. Bruuuuuuce!!!

    Bruce is getting older- but hasn’t lost his edge… Perhaps he needs to settle down or should I say ‘settle in’ to a spot in Vegas?

    I’d like to see Hall and Oates try to perform Badlands live- Ha!

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