We’re Still Losers

The Podcast Award winners were have been announced and, alas, we didn’t win. Congratulations to Mouse Tunes, which won in the Travel category, as well as all of the other winners. More importantly, thanks to everyone who voted for Five Hundy by Midnight. Your support means a lot to us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


13 Responses to “We’re Still Losers”

  1. 1 Dan Short

    Mouse tunes!!!

    What is the world coming to.

    Disney must have loaded the e-mails.

    A travesty.


  2. 2 Jeroen T

    What? You didn’t win?
    For me you two are still the best!!!! Keep em coming!

  3. 3 Chadd in KC

    MouseTunes is a good podcast, but Five Hundy is better.

    Don’t go against the mouse because the mouse will always win. Think about it – people who are passionate about Disney collect pins, watch movies, wear shirts, etc; people who are passionate about Vegas drink, gamble, and go to strip clubs . . . I think the mouse has an inherent advantage. Pin collectors will always vote more regularly than drunk gamblingaholic naked body gazers.

  4. 4 John B in PA

    That Sucks! Do you know where I can get a list of all the winners?

  5. 5 Dave

    Crap. At least Bush and the Mets fans didn’t win.

  6. 6 Dan Short


    The last two will be announced at the banquet.

  7. 7 Brian

    you know what…it doesn’t matter…because you two are the big winners

    i wanna aks you a question: who’s the big winner here in the casino tonight? 5 hundy is…5 hundy wins!

  8. 8 Larry

    Not fair! Sadly, people will always vote for whatever will get them a little tail.

  9. 9 Jeff B

    You guys are not “losers” to us… Keep on keepin’ on…

  10. 10 Todd

    You guys are a class act all the way. Your note congratulating the other winners is first class.

    Of course your loyal listeners don’t have to be as nice.

  11. 11 Mark from Chicago

    My sinwas watching Avatar on Nickelodeon and while I was in earshot I heard, from one of the characters, ” Hey Stinkbug (?), are you gonna eat your leechenuts?” I had to ask my 4 year old what it said, and he repeated word for word!!!! Looks like animators are listening to your podcast too!!! Keep up the good work, and wait for a call in Mid-Oct from Vegas.

  12. 12 Mark from Chicago

    That’s my son…not sin!!!

  13. 13 Scott M

    You’re not losers, you’re podcastings best kept secret!

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