Five Hundy by Midnight 79: Meat or B.O.?

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Don’t bring your kids to Las Vegas
  • A stroll down the Las Vegas Strip
  • Introducing our newest Las Vegas game
  • An accidental rip on one of our favorite podcasts
  • Elvis, God and crack whores
  • Lashing out at parents who bring their kids to Las Vegas
  • The Deuce
  • Venetian’s subtle promotion of Phantom
  • Venetian deodorant
  • Sirens at TI is lame
  • Wynn is classy, New Frontier is fun

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18 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 79: Meat or B.O.?

  1. Nice soundseeing tour. Having been to Vegas many times, I found the strip tour accurate and enjoyable. Too bad you can’t add smellovision but that would only work downtown anyway.
    Best wishes to Delta Flush. She’s been a great friend for xx years. Fairly routine surgery but recovery is never fun. Here are her toes from our trip to the Mirage in May:

  2. That was fun.

    Tim seemed to be out of breath at the end.

    Children are a problem anywhere but I agree that it doesn’t work in any casino. Now that mine are grown, I don’t see how any vacation with children can be considered a vacation.

    Did you continue your walk to the north or did the Fashion Mall stop it?

  3. My wife and I just got back from Vegas last week and noticed the same thing..a lot of kids. We HAVE and LOVE kids…but I agree…don’t bring kids to vegas, and if you insist on doing it, don’t keep them out till midnight.

    Love the podcast

  4. I heard your rants about kids in LV and have laughed at most of it amazed at how stupid parents can be. But, Tim and Michelle (especially Tim) I wasn;t going to take parenting advice from you. My wife and I, of course, being fantastic parents decided we could bring our 9 and 7 year olds to LV and still show them a fun time while not inconveniencing the adults sans kids in town. I was pretty sure we could entertain the kids pretty well. I was going to keep their time on the strip and downtown to a minimum. We usually bring the kids to Florida (as you suggest) but I had lots of free nights in hotels that were about to expire, so we decided to come out to the west coast. We stayed in San Diego for a week (as you also suggest) and had a great time. Since we were in the area (LV and SD are the same area when you are from New England), we decided to spent five days in LV too. We did lots a fun things away from the strip – the kids loved Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. But we also brought them to some Strip things like the Shark Reef, Lion Habitat, Excalibur Arcade, Secret Garden, and the amusement park at Circus Circus. Well, we found that all these things were underwhelming for the kids – we’ve been to better examples of all of these things at other destinations. We also brought them to the volcano (they get a kick out of that) and the Siren show (big mistake – I hadn;t seen it yet and wish I could still say the same), and the downtown light show (another big mistake).

    I didn;t fall into abandoning the kids for gambling as you accuse most parents. I actually didn;t gamble at all until the final night we were in LV where, after the kids went to bed, I did an all-nighter on the strip and downtown (love gambling at Main Street Station because you can get their brews while gambling).

    So, Tim and Michelle (especially Tim), your parenting advice turned out to be the nuts and our enlightened ideas turned out to be wrong. Just last night, my 9 year old commented about all the naked ladies she saw on the ground and my 7 year old still talks about the naked booties he saw on some billboards. I could live with that if they had a decent time otherwise, but they didn;t. So, you are right and I was so wrong. Now, can you tell me what I can do about my son’s mood swings…

    Cheers, Mike

  5. so, what are you trying to say? that gambling, alcohol and sex aren’t appropriate activities for toddlers?


    seriously, we cracked up when you guys called us out…totally unexpected and an honor that you thought of us while walking the strip

    and claudia loves “dancing queen” too

  6. I found that the opposite is also true. Alduts should not go to Disney World without kids. I went there about 6 years ago and was totally disappointed at the lack of strippers (surely Minnie could rip off her top now and then), booze (OK their was a fish and chips place that served beer) and gambling (although I was able to lose as much per day as in Vegas).
    Also, it took a couple months for the bruises on the back of my ankles (from baby strollers) to go away.

  7. Hey Tim and Michelle quick shout out from our Atrium Suite at the Frontier. It’s 10am and we’re just about to get up and go get breakfast, then hang out by the pool for a bit and then today we’re doing the MGM Grand (games arcade, lions etc).

    So far our holiday has been joyously child-free, but then the Frontier does seem to attract a MUCH older clientele!

  8. Did desert heat get to you? Come on, so there’s parents with kids on the Strip… It’s vacation time, it’s not really a big surprise to find families on vacation in Vegas in July & August. Yeah, some parents are beyond stupid, but most love their kids and treat them great. I suggest you go to Vegas in the spring, fall or winter, you’ll see just a few folks with kids. Please don’t blame all families in Vegas for a couple of fools who take their kids on the strip late at night. OK enough, I sound like a Dad scolding a kid…

    By the way, I do love your podcasts.

  9. I don’t doubt the parents love their kids. However, I maintain that taking kids on vacation to a location where they are constantly surrounded by images of sex, gambling and boozing is a bad idea. Las Vegas is Disney World for adults. Leave the kids at home.

  10. LOL, Tim & Michele. You’re comments on the baby strollers in Vegas was spot on! Looks like the “baby stroller” has become what the “Hummer” is for women, a “Weapon of Mass Intimidation:. Notice how the “proud mom”, pushing her “WMI”, commands the lions share of the sidewalk as she blissfully strolls past the cowering hoards. Can’t help but compare it to the latest Hummer commercials, where the mom, after being bullied by the playground (mom) bully, runs to the Hummer dealer, lays down the cash, and drives away with a “scary as hell” look on her face. The commercial ends abruptly, but one is left to ponder if she is driving back to the playground to flatten the (mom) bully with two tons of Detroit Steel. LOL. Looks like the “real world” finally invades Vegas.

  11. Ok, that’s it! I have enjoyed the podcast immensely for several months now. I even drove my husband crazy making him log on to vote for you for the Podcast Awards…

    But now? After that beautiful, articulate rant about children on the strip? I’m making a donation. It has to be done. :o)

    Keep up the great job, Tim and Michelle!

  12. I was never bothered too much by the kids in Vegas. But, I do think that “Kids get in Free with Parents” promo at Olympic Garden goes a bit far.

  13. Thank you for the RANT on kids in LV! I say the same thing every time I see a stroller on the strip.
    I ironic thing about the Sirens show and people who bring their kids to it is that the ending song (if you can call it that?) has a couple of the lines in it that are something like, “if you are looking for the little boys room we only have men’s rooms” and “if you are looking for the arcade, the arcade doesn’t exists anymore”. But of course morons who are stupid enough to bring their children to LV do not get that this is aimed at them

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