Five Hundy by Midnight 82: Supershow Part 3

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Tropicana plans
  • Flamingo room renovations
  • Mobile gaming coming soon
  • Spontaneous late-night weddings no more
  • “In other shitty news…”
  • Bachelor party tips
  • Jubilee listener review
  • Grand Casino Hinckley report

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 82: Supershow Part 3

  1. Just got thorugh all three shows and all as good as ever, I think you’re just about forgiven for the unexpected week off by posting 3 all at once.

    Could you get the “Keno is BAD” guy to leave you a new voice mail

    “Kids are BAD, Kids BAD, Don’t bring your Kids to Vegas”

    Probably be useful for future shows.

    Thanks for the Captain Spice or Dark email I’ll see how I go on in December.

  2. Will a triple-header on Labor Day become an annual Podathon? What charity will you be raising money for? How about those guys who hang out by the dumpster behind Circus Circus (not that I’ve been back there, and not that there’s anything wrong with it)? Will you be able to get Jerry Lewis to co-host the Podathon before he croaks?

  3. Thanks for the info “Will Smith”!

    So Tim, when are you going to add me to your my space friends list? It was you that made me realize that it’s not only teenagers and child molesters on there.

  4. Wow! Three informative and entertaining shows in one day! Keep up the good work.

  5. I’m not seeing any unapproved friend requests, Aaron. Shoot me another friend request.

  6. Thanks for keeping on top of those Marilyn Monroe slot machines. My fingers are crossed for someone to develop a penny version.

  7. Hey Tim,

    You mock Grand Casino for only $1 slots in the high limit area, but if you guys ever rent a car in vegas, head out to Green Valley Ranch or Red Rock as both their high limit rooms have $1 level VP.

    You can play single or 3 play $1 8/5 bonus poker, drink top shelf and feel like a whale in pretty nice surroundings, especially if you head out to Red Rock.

    Love the triple header weekend. Sure made one of my drives enjoyable this week. Hope to bump into you two in a diamond louge sometime.

  8. 3 shows in one day is AWESOME. Just like the days when I was catching up from the beginning. Thanks for putting in the overtime.
    I would like to switch my recommendation from The Amazing Johnathan to Boob-ilee at Bally’s. Can’t wait to go see it for myself.

  9. Marilyn slots machine question response.

    At one time these machines (in nickels) were at the Casino Royale. I remember playing these machines there. I believe they were located in the entry hallway (entry from Las Vegas Blvd and Harrahs). However, this information may not be current.

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