The Harrah’s Rumor Mill Keeps Churning

Norm Clarke reports that Harrah’s is on the verge of a corporate name change, Bally’s is set to become the Horseshoe and Prince will be headlining in Las Vegas soon. Norm has a great track record with this kind of stuff (although I’m still waiting for Aladdin/Planet Hollywood to follow through on his report more than a year ago that Motley Crue would be the hotel’s regular headliner).


11 thoughts on “The Harrah’s Rumor Mill Keeps Churning

  1. So the idea of bringing the Horseshoe brand name to the Strip, which you had been saying for a while, looks like it might happen, but it’s only going to be a rebranding of Bally’s? And, if the corporate name does change to from Harrah’s to Horseshoe, does that mean that Bally’s/Horseshoe becomes their de facto flagship property?

    This is getting confusing. Time to bring in some serious anti-trust legislation.

  2. I always thought Harrah’s was a sucky name. However, I thought they were changing the company name to Caesars and just the Bally’s property would become the Horseshoe.

  3. From Norm “Spies close to the weekend meetings of Harrah’s brand managers and governmental relations brass at the Flamingo say it’s highly likely that:
    • Harrah’s corporate name will switch to Caesars, because of the international strength of Caesars’ brand.”

    I believe this is what William is refering to.

  4. Call it what you want. I have to believe they’re tearing down Harrah’s, Imperial Palace, and O’Shay’s to create the “center Strip pedestrian retail, restaurant and entertainment environment … from the corner of Flamingo Road to the south end of The Venetian.” Hey…we’re not named Harrah’s anymore; let’s tear that weak-themed place down and put up something across from the great Caesars’.Hail Caesar!

    Several unanswered questions remain:
    -Do they already own Casino Royale or just assuming no one gives a rat’s ass if they tear it down?
    -what the hell will happen to the creepy midget and those androgonous statutes from Harrah’s?
    -can the timeshare people from IP be left inside when it’s imploded?
    -will it be harder to hate the Caesars’ Corporation than the evil Harrah’s?
    -where will Vince Neil practice tattoo art?

    I’ve personally alway hoped Harrah’s would build a ‘Death Star’ themed casino with a huge ferris wheel. I’m going to pretend that will be the theme of the new ‘environment.’

  5. I have it on good authority that the new Harrah’s development will take on the “heartland of America” theme complete with a replica of the Mall of America in the lower level with the hotel towers designed to look like grain elevators. At the corner of Flamingo and the Strip will be a full scale replica of Mt. Rushmore with the St. Louis arch across the top. A Mississippi River will include 1/10th scale tugboats and barges (similar to the gondolas at Venetian) bringing guests through the property. Management believes that this will appeal to the Asian markets since they will have no need to fly all over the midwest to see these marvels. Plus, it’s expected that many midwesterners will want to visit just so they can go back home and tell their friends how they flew half-way across the country to see something which was only a few miles away from their home.

    PS-I’ve only seen the preliminary plans but so far I didn’t see any room for the monkey poker dome, unfortunately.

  6. I haven’t listened to fhbm83 yet so this comment is unrelated.

    I am going to miss the fuck out of The Stardust. Outdoor parking (fast and informal in and out) with the added bonus of the Industrial side back door.

    Good sandwiches at the sports book area deli.

    Wayne Newton’s ugly rigid mug ain’t on posters there anymore.

    Outside colors are cool. I’m sick of the tan and gold trend. Colors of rich my ass; it’s fucking boring.

    Granted the waitresses at The Stardust look as old as stardust itself. Or perhaps they are all original hires – I don’t know. But the place actually fills a need that won’t be filled anymore.

    The mens room, at least on the sports book side has grab all the towels you want. So you dont have to stand there waiting to be dispensed one square of towel at a time from a machine while Pavarotti is breaking ass just a few feet away.

    The Stardust is a way of being on the strip without feeling as if I am being forced through a tourist turnstile. It has apects that I like, and it is located where it works out well for me and my casino needs.

  7. I heard another rumor about the new Harrah’s development today. Apparently they’re going with a ‘religions of the world’ theme. I guess the Dealtainers are going to be dressed as famous religious leaders.

    It seems like a terrible idea, but I’m just repeating what I heard. They’re also considered an Antartic-themed casino….damn, should have kept the penguins

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