Five Hundy by Midnight 84: Speculation Extravaganza

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Harrah’s rumors
  • Stardust showroom closer announced
  • Listener first-time visitor tips
  • Sigma Derby players: Pack your bags for Canada
  • Royal Ascot game
  • Revamp of
  • Award nominations for >Vegas Tripping

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17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 84: Speculation Extravaganza

  1. Hey, I appreciate the call-out on the show for my suggestion. I’m looking forward to see what your listeners suggest for the Debauchery Show.

  2. You know what really sucks? Listening to the show, coming up with a clever comment, then forgetting it before the show ends.

    But thanks for the plug.

    That is all.

  3. Size 7.34 MB
    Playing Time 7 Minutes 55 Seconds
    Anybody else get this problem for FHBM 84?

    I downloaded it manually on 56k, the download completed in the typical manner, yet all I got is 7.34 MB lasting 7 Min 55 Sec.

  4. Tim and Michelle referred to my comments from episode 83 in which I suggested first time visitors should get a card from the porn slappers, call the number and invite the ‘ho to your room. I thought they would pick up on the joke and warn you folks that this is actually a really BAD idea but they forgot to. Even though paid female pleasure services are legal in NV, it is illegal in the city of Las Vegas and it’s actually only legal throughout the state if you go to one of the state run institutions. If you invite a ‘ho to your room at Circus Circus, you may find yourself getting a free prolonged stay at a different type of state run institution.
    Just thought you might want to know. Don’t be like my friend from Wisconsin who learned the hard way.

  5. We picked up on the joke, but yeah… we probably should have mentioned that it’s illegal in Clark County (as if that deters anyone).

  6. Casino Windsor in Windsor, Ontario has a track that looks like the Royal Ascot game, including two levels of seating and cameras covering the action. And, like the other Canadian casinos you mentioned in your podcast, the entire casino is smoke-free.

  7. Just to clarify, hiring a pretty girl as an escort on your arm to show off to the “losers” around the casino for an hourly fee is legal. Also hiring a dancer to come to your room and perform a private exotic dance is legal. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Those handouts are advertising escorts and private dancers, nothing about hookers. (hehehe…bwahahaha)

  8. it all comes back to the pornslappers local (I don’t recall the union number). I always thought they sponsored this show, but haven’t heard from them in months.

    I’m surprised Tim has never contracted with them to hand out ‘trading cards’ advertising the ‘hundyriffic’ party he and Michele are throwing each weekend. (hundywonderful was my second choice, I think I used the right one)

  9. You guys are awesome!! Here I was listening to the show literally 40 minutes into my birthday when I hear you guys announce it. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

    Unfortunately, I will not be spending it in Vegas. In fact, nothing scheduled until November and December what they’ll be fun.

    As for those Adelson and baby related “rumors”… well… they’re not rumors. Don’t be surprised if you catch it in Norm as fact one of these days.

  10. While I’ve been inclined to accept the pornslapper trading cards (got it, got it, need it, got it…), it seems like calling the number on the card is kind of unsporting. You’d be missing out on a full inning of hooker hunt. (Does Hooker Hunt have innings? I’ve not figured out the full scoring system).

  11. Lou in England; you are correct.(leave it to the English to even butcher the language better than an American) Hundyful is the proper made-up-word. What can we do with ‘hundyless’, ‘unhundy’, and ‘hundylicious’? Seems like some potential there, but I can’t come up with a good use for any of them.

    I’ve also never heard ‘hundy’ used as an expletive. What the hundy is that about?

  12. You know, Dave, your right. I didn’t see a ref around so I yelled it at people walking by my house. They waved and weren’t offended at all. I don’t know for sure, but I think they thought I was saying ‘howdy’…what the ?

    It seems like the best expletives are one sylable or end in ‘er’.

    I really need a trip to vegas; I’m obviously starved for entertainment.

  13. One thing that disappoints me about the porn slapper cards is that they don’t put the ‘hos statistics on the back. I’m not just talking height, weight, and measurements, how about her menu and prices? Also, disease history could be helpful. How did she do during the 2004 season? Was she in middle school yet?
    I like Mike from Roseville’s idea. FHBM should sponsor some porn slapper cards. “This ‘ho was brought to you by Tim Dressen of Five Hundy by Midnight. Lack of Wardrobe and stiletto heels selected by Michelle Dressen.” Don’t forget to add the teeny tiny print that says FHBM is not responsible if you contract a disease though.

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