Just a Couple More Days

We’re not going to get this week’s action packed episode of Five Hundy by Midnight, the Original Las Vegas Podcast, recorded until midweek. We have a lot to talk about, but a couple things came up today that derailed our plans to record today. Sorry for the delay.


13 thoughts on “Just a Couple More Days

  1. Stardust FollowUp:

    I had commented previously that The Stardust is selling a book about The Stardust, and are even advertising it on one of the three sides of the famous spinning sign.

    The book is “The Stardust Of Yesterday” by Heidi Rinella.
    ISBN 1932173706

    It is being sold right now in The Stardust for $39.95 even though its release date is 31 October 2006. Amazon is accepting preorders at $26.37.

    Many souvenirs are sold out, pens, keychains etc. They seem to have a large quantity of The Stardust Mints, and I guess i should go back and buy some since even after the mints are gone the metal tin will remain.

    There is a sign on the left side of the sports book, just to the right of the sports handicappers library.

    It says:

    “To all our friends
    Thank You
    It’s been a great run”

  2. I just took the survey and it asked me if I trusted the hosts with their financial opinions and I realized, I don’t really know you guys at all. Needless to say, I need to work this out my therapist….why are you so emotionally closed off?

  3. Matt,

    How could you not trust the financial opinions of the hosts? They advocate the consumption of alcohol at reasonable prices at O’sheas. They advise playing video poker with good paytables because playing any other VP would be financially unwise. These are examples of solid financial advise!

    Sure they may have been known to frivolously throw a few coins away in order to consume a fried twinkie, but to be fair, they did advise the audience to not make that same investment.

  4. I said that I would take shopping advice from them. Michelle knows where all the best shoe and bag bargains are!

  5. Ahhhh…..the key words there are “action packed epiosde”…. Well, that would be special, and certainly worth the wait.

    *sarcasm alert*

    But, alas, I suspect we’ll get the usual mix of “farting dog jokes” and “shoe” references…. 🙂 Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you, but far from “action packed”…. 🙁 I guess it all depends on your frame of reference…. “action packed” may be a relative term… 🙂

    *sarcasm alert deactivated*

    Oh well, the longer wait just gives me time to sort my sock drawer. 🙂

  6. And in other Stardust news, The Stardust has a sign in the sports book which explains that in addition to being able to mail in winning tickets, they can also be cashed at The Orleans, following the close of The Stardust next week.

  7. Anyone know what’s going to happen to the Stardust sign, which is to this day the most spectacular sign on the Strip?

  8. Since I am just sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for the new podcast update, I took your listener survey. It’s cool how the questions change depending on your prior answer. But, it gets kind of personal, doesn’t it? Those questions about how much I spent at Olympic Garden last time, for example, seemed totally inappropriate.

  9. I have not heard where the Stardust sign will end up. Closing time is being announced as 12 noon. I think I will attend and ride the closing all the way to the sidewalk – my first closing. Previously I have only been inside casinos a few hours before close, but never as the shutdown wave occurs.

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