Five Hundy by Midnight 90: Farewell Stardust

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Swingers opening clip
  • Las Vegas Hilton’s days may be numbered
  • Prince gets a restaurant at Rio
  • The Producers at Paris… starring Germany’s favorite lifeguard
  • Wrong Casino Royale
  • Goodbye Stardust
  • Tons of listener calls

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18 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 90: Farewell Stardust

  1. Every Carl’s Jr includes the same pictures of the original Carl’s Jr hot dog stand, etc. So anyone who’s ever bothered to look at the decor knows that story. The chain is based out of Anaheim CA, making the second thing of relevance to ever come out of Anaheim after Disneyland (the original stand was built on a side street so it was probably intended to catch families going there.)

    I don’t know what the history of Hardee’s is, since here on the west coast they never existed. Carl’s Jr has always had that smiling yellow star but to the best of my knowledge it only appeared on Hardee’s very recently. Perhaps Hardee’s was an acquisition or something, not sure.

  2. “Closing Team” The dealers at the Stardust are wearing black t-shirts with a large Stardust logo on the back, and a small “closing Team” written on the front.

    The Dennys and souvenir shop just north of MGM Grand and south of Wollensky’s Grill have closed, and there is a fence around that small parcel.

    I’ll listen to the podcast later but wanted to drop those items now.

  3. Congratulations,

    You made to the big time…

    More news from the local podcasting community: The Web site reported on Sunday that David Hasselhoff is expected to play Franz, the former crazy Nazi, when “The Producers” opens at The Venetian next year. This will be big news in Germany, where the ‘Hoff is idolized. The Web site is predicting an announcement this week on Prince’s deal at the Rio that includes the singer’s takeover of the Rio’s Fiore restaurant, which will be renamed the 3121 Jazz Kitchen.

    Or has Norm mention you before?

  4. I second Roger’s comment. Congratulations. Nice of him to recognise you as a good information source. It will be interesting to see if this drives up your listener subscriptions. There is some humor in a Minnesota-based podcast with you two goobers (meant in a positive way) breaking news to the LV RJ! Keep up the good work.

  5. From A flash graphic on Prince’s new Web site,, shows a red-and-blue lit casino bearing the moniker The Rio, proceeding to a montage of photos of Prince and various artists before the final frame, which reads November 2006.

  6. Re: Casino Royale. The casino is named for the book/movie/remake of the same name. It was Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel, then was made into a movie that spoofed James Bond movies in general, and I think the new movie is a straight-up adaptation of the original novel. I love some James Bond, but I like Tim’s idea of making a movie about James Bond at the Vegas Casino Royale even more…

    Trekkie riot!

  7. I also visited the Stardust the last trip week took (a month ago) and took a lot of pictures/video of the place. I as well never stayed there, but it is sad to see all these old timers coming down.

    I also went to the Pinball Hall of Fame last trip as well and again took many pictures and video of the place…and yes I do believe there was a KISS Pinball.

  8. Speedydgon is aka “David from Arizona”. Thanks for playing my call. I tried to get some of the wonderful bumper and flipper sounds but it didn’t really come through on the call.

    If you grew up with pinball, you must make a trip. Hearing the instantly recognizable noises and sounds from the machines after you drop a quarter and hit the start button will bring back a flood of memories from any former Pinball Wizards (or wannabee wizards). Here is the link to the pinball museum.

    They do have some games at the museum that are not currently listed on the website. Unfortunately Michelle, I do not recall the KISS game during my recent visit. Might I suggest the Captain Fantastic machine as a musical substitute?

    Speedy (David)

  9. Dude, you do know that I totally ‘love your stuff’. Mmmm hmmm. For sure.

    Let me congratulate you on being ‘Norm’d’. Nice.

    This show needs an official Five Hundy Sigma Derby machine.

  10. Where did you hear “The Hoff” would be playing that role in Las Vegas? That news certainly seems to have been pulled outta the air.

  11. So, now that we’re back on dry land, Matt and I wanted to thank you again for all of the great suggestions, stories and updates. Also, thanks for playing our call. It takes me back! We thoroughly enjoyed the Dublin’ Up bar this trip. I believe that it will now, and forever, be a part of our Vegas ritual.

    Anway, on the subject of the Happy Hour at Westin, I believe that the hours are 5-10 p.m. Monday through Thursday. It does include $0.25 roulette and $1 craps. If I recall correctly, blackjack stayed at $5. We went Thursday and definitely regretted not going earlier in the week. Kind of a quiet scene over there but the tables filled up quickly when 5:00 rolled around.

    On a side note, anything with the Hoff is pure gold, no question.

  12. O.K.; I’ve got a great idea….The first movie sponsored by five hundy. Get that Morgan Spurlock guy who did ‘supersize me’ and have him do 30 days at the Casino Royale. Here’s the premise…he enters the Royale on January 1, 2007 and stays there until January 31, 2007. He eats the food…stays in the hotel…plays the tables…meets the people…drinks the margaritas…and uses the public toilets. HE NEVER SEES THE LIGHT OF DAY FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY!

    I can almost see it: “Tim and Michele Dressen from Five Hundy At Midnight present Morgan Spurlock in ” I’ll get back to you on the name.

    If ideas were money; Sheldon Adolfson would be number 4 on the Fortune list and I’d be gunnin’ for Buffet.


    -The Stardust sign-
    Inside the Stardust shopping hallway on the south end there is that cart with many vending machines for things like jelly beans and other candy; those machines are all in various stages of near empty.

    The 24 hour “sundries” shop, (the one thats out in the open near the ice cream place) has many empty shelves. The magazine rack is completely empty.

    Tuesday night (Halloween) is the final buffet. There will not be one on Wednesday morning.

    Staff/dealers are wearing the “closing team” t-shirts.

    On the inexpensive side, the only Stardust souvenir left are Stardust mints in a tin.

  14. Just got back from Vegas – check out LASVEGASTLALK for my daily TR.

    Anyway, I posted on the lLOVE show page but thought I would post here as well to aplogize to Speedydgon.

    Went to LOVE and hated it. Was bored to tears. Fell asleep.

    If you are not a fan of modern dance and don’t go.


  15. Well I guess I forgot to mention who in the hell I was on that call…….I am the idiot who ran out of my money and spent some time watching the flicks in the room……..yeah I had some issues……spent way too much money….too soon.

  16. Micah

    A bad day in Vegas is still better than a regular day any where else.

    Everyone has issues

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