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After months of speculation, it’s official. Prince’s 3121 and 3121 Jazz Cuisine open Nov. 10 at Rio in Las Vegas. Here’s what visitors can expect:

  • Wednesdays: Prince Presents, featuring various artists TBA (friends of Prince and special guests). Ticket prices begin at $31.21.
  • Thursdays: 3121 Latin Libido Night. $31.21 cover.
  • Fridays and Saturdays: Prince Live. Tickets are $125.

Tickets will be available at the Rio ticket office and through Ticketmaster beginning later this week.

3121 Jazz Cuisine will open daily at 5 p.m., featuring a menu created by Executive Chef Lena Morgan.


48 Responses to “Prince’s 3121 Official Announcement”

  1. 1 Monicatheprincefam69

    Thanks hope it is true—I wait with baited breath.

  2. 2 Kelly

    Me, too 🙂 glad to finally hear something…….

  3. 3 Dave

    Just stay away from ordering the special sauce on the “Darling Nikki Burger.”

  4. 4 Carolyn

    In my mind I’m there already… In real life I just need a flight

  5. 5 Jill

    Wish I could b there but I know other Chitown folks will b in ‘da house!!!

  6. 6 Mike from Chicago

    Eh, whatever. Get back to me when Frank Sinatra Jr gets his own showroom.

  7. 7 Mike from Chicago

    Still, excellent reporting from the FiveHundy folks – you had it early and right!

  8. 8 Purple Funk Lover

    Aww !!! It’s cool 2 C P doin’ some showz and per4min’ but we have nice weather in South Florida. P used 2 have a Glam Slam here. Ya’LL remember that club?

    I Wish U Success P and The NPG 😉

  9. 9 Heather

    I’m SO excited I could pop!!! I have been waiting for something like this 4ever! Looks like I will B spending a lot of time in Vegas. Way 2 go Prince, I’m sure this will B a HUGE hit!! C u there soon :o)

  10. 10 SEXXYMF66

    Prince? R U sure U wanna bring “Sexxy” back? (LOL) I am there!! OOOWAH! Vegas Baby!!! One word ya’ll “COME”…….3121 don’t U wanna COME!!

  11. 11 DAWN


  12. 12 Whask

    Ahhh…you can tell that all the people responding are TRUE Prince fans because they “R” all posting their repsonses with 2’s, U’s, B’s and R’s instead of the full words.

    Now if only Bill Gates would somehow create ascii figures for all of prince’s different “names” and symbols!

  13. 13 Tim


  14. 14 Jonathan Pardys

    Prince…..Thank You!!…..Now this struggling teacher just needs to find a way to get there for opening weekend.

  15. 15 Cerebus


  16. 16 phylis toliver

    I”m Proud of you making that wonder funk music Prince thought years Peace& Love Always Wish I Was there. But Prince Show Them What You Work With Baby. Sexyp

  17. 17 Napa Greg

    This is all part of Rio’s strategy to compete with Palms across the street. While Palms has the LA/Hollywood crowd, The Rio is going after that other hip bunch known as the Minneapolitans. Prince is just the first step. Next, the Voodoo Lounge will be turned into a replica of Nye’s Polonaise Room. Then the outdoor pool area will be blasted with continual cold air generators and snow machines to turn it into a permanent St. Paul Winter Carnival complete with an Ice Palace. The buffet, now renamed the Smorgasbord, will feature fresh Walleye, Lutefisk, and a variety of other hot dishes. Yah, you betcha.

  18. 18 michael

    Well Prince…. Looks like I will be seeing you in December. One question? Will you be playing material that is deemed “suggestive” ? Seems wierd that religion will mix in a city of sin. I wonder if you can pull it off?

  19. 19 Yvette

    I live in Vegas….pinch me, this is to good to be true.

  20. 20 ALISA


  21. 21 Arcamar

    I saw shortly a documental from “Las Vegas”, about the fabulous life and so. 😉

    I’m looking for a new challenge and am looking for a job there.

    I could wish dishes in your restaurant. Prince are you in need of (hot) stuff?

  22. 22 Noel UK

    Is this a one off weekend, will he be there on a regular basis, ticketmaster only has 2 dates showing, im coming to vegas if hes going to be there

  23. 23 CycleDiva & Big Daddy WooWoo

    Hey Noel UK, I just heard here in Dallas on FOX News that it is going to be a regular show every Friday and Saturday night starting 11/10/06.


  24. 24 Cindy

    What are the odds? I am going to a confernece in Vegas and I arrive on Nov. 11th! My first time in Vegas and my first time seeing Prince Live!! I need to play the loto this weekend! I already bought my tickets! See you all there! – Cindy from Florida.

  25. 25 JRL

    Been a Prince fan for many years! Seen him from the filmore to honolulu and more times than I can count. As everything he’s done I’m sure this was well thought out. I look forward to seeing what 3121 has to offer. But what the hell is going on in vegas on the 10th and 11th? I booked a room at the Rio for 400 a night! Am I f-in crazy or what the show better be one not to forget!

  26. 26 richsr

    Okay, I’m new to this, but I am going to be in Vegas in 2 weeks. how do I buy tix…? ticketmaster wants a code word. where do I GET ONE. ? will someone post one or send one to me at help a guy out

  27. 27 Angie

    I’m in the same boat as richsr. Can anyone help? My husband and I will be in Vegas 11/10-13 and I would die a happy woman if I could see Prince that weekend! Anybody wanna share their password? Especially those of you who are Prince fans but are not going to be able to see the Purple One?

  28. 28 araceli

    Can one loyal prince fan help another what is the special code??

  29. 29 JasonP32

    The code has probably been sent out to P’s paying club members so they can buy tickets first.
    Check your inbox if you’re part of the NPGMC. If not you’ll probably have to wait for the pre-sale to finish.

  30. 30 LP

    I am so bummed. I just got back from Vegas last week. Can’t afford another flight just yet. And my birthday is tomorrow!!!!! I hope this a regular thing for a while. Gotta see the Purple One again.

    Luv U P!!!

  31. 31 blkcherri

    is this 2 good 2 be true????

    road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32 Dave

    Has there been any thought as to what this does to Purple Reign?

  33. 33 Dial Up

    My feeling is that Purple Reign will benefit in visibility and notoriety from this. I haven’t seen them since The Boardwalk closed, but they do a fine show. I love the way his girl moves.

  34. 34 Mark G

    Hey Tim and Michele,

    Love the podcast… and all that bullshit. Sorry this is a little off the Prince topic. I need your help. Every year an old friend and I leave the family at home (we know where kids DON’T belong) for Las Vegas. This year will be our fourth trip and we can’t decide where in the Hell to stay. Our current plan is to stay a different place every time. So far we have stayed at Mandalay Bay, Mirage, and MGM. All of those choices were
    suggestions from people who had stayed there before. We have no brand loyalty with any company. We prefer a mid-strip location usually because we will gamble at more than one casino while we are there. Everybody tells us to try the Bellagio. It is probably the place where we would stay if we took the wives, but this trip is more about gambling, drinking, eating, and a few spa trips for a massage or two (usually in that order). Every time we have gambled there it feels a little stuffy or stiff. We always think a pool is a requirement, but have spent very little time at one. Cost is not factor in the decision. We usually end up at a $10 tables playing around $25 a hand. We have been in almost all the casinos on the strip (No Circus Circus – No Strat.). Too many times I think that people pick a place to stay because it sounds cool (Bellagio). Barbary Coast is an awesome location and won’t be around too much longer, but has no spa or pool.

    I have listened to all your shows as they come out and I believe that our Vegas trips sound a lot like yours (minus the shoe shopping). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  35. 35 Tim

    Based on the info you provided, we both think Caesars would be a good fit.

  36. 36 Mark G

    Thanks for the suggestion. Now that we have the place, all we need is the date of the next FHBM meeting?

  37. 37 Dial Up

    Are you really going to miss what might be your final opportunity to stay at Barbary Coast, in order to stay at Caesars Palace? Where is your passion?

    Tim answered your question correctly; as it was asked.

    But right across the street from Caesars Palace, is an opportunity. If you have any sense of nostalgia and passion, you will consider Barbary Coast.

    It is not just a matter of where should you go or stay, but as well, where are the windows of opportunity which are shorter.

    Nonetheless, Tim’s answer was correct, for the question as asked.

  38. 38 Lou in England

    Mark G

    Only been to Vegas twice stayed once at the Venetian and last time at the Bellagio. Booked again for December this year and it had to be Bellagio – the beds are probably the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in, we upgraded to the lake view and it was worth every penny – put Channel 39 of your TV on, and when the fountains are going you hear every note.

    If you decide to go for it don’t worry about getting a really high floor, we were on 20 which was fine – I’d ask for something central, that way you’re looking straight at the Eiffel Tower, you can look straight down to the “Whales” around their private pools and you might not be there but you get a great view of the Barbary Coast.

    Hope you have a great trip

  39. 39 mike from roseville

    Here’s another thought. Why not stay at property that will be torn down soon:
    -Barbary Coast (nice new beds and 42″ Plasma TVs, actually quite nice)
    -Flamingo (newly remodeled ‘GO’ rooms, don’t eat the food)
    -Imperial Palace (something seriously weird about the shower heads and slow elevators, but o.k. if your not particular.)
    -Tropicana (really no good reason)
    -Circus, Circus (I’m just kidding about this one)
    -Casino Royale (Harrah’s next acquistion, I would guess)

    Tim is right, stay at Caesar’s. Decent video poker and Celine, if that’s your thing

  40. 40 Scott M

    Way to break the news on this one Tim.

    Just be careful that you don’t break the news on Hall & Oates opening a H20 Club, Maneater Cafe at the Trop at the same time as the Trop opens up a new “Shoes from the Titanic” exhibit. I’m not sure if your mini-media empire will be able to handle the bandwidth bill from an announcement of that caliber.

  41. 41 anya garcia

    yesss some good news finaly ever since the npgmusicclub web site was closed i was hoping good news would come soon and here it is now i finaly have a reason to go to vegas the sexy man known as prince he has ben a long time music influnce in my life witch started with my dad who gave me my first prince cd when i was 5 and now i can drag my mom with me to vegas
    so we can seen the man of the centry prince know we will be there who know’s this may be the “jam of the year” O(->

  42. 42 Mark G

    Thanks for all the input. I will let you know what we decide.

  43. 43 Christoph

    It is great to know that there is a place where everybody has the chance to get the experience of a live show from the best life performer of all time.
    To bad the I have to travel from Europe (Germany) to Las Vegas to get this experience.

  44. 44 Don

    Has there been any word as to how long he is going to be staying in Vegas. Catching a flight and getting a condo in Vegas would not be a problem for me!! I’m sure this will be an event not to miss. If anyone has any word, email me at Thanks!!

  45. 45 Trayce E

    I think this calls for a girls trip! I have been a Prince fan since uh.. way back when (dirty mind and fish net, eye covering hats)! ha ha. I can’t wait!

  46. 46 Tripod

    Does anyone know the presale password? TIA

  47. 47 Pamela Whipple

    I saw the show and dined at the 3121 Jazz Cuisine on Saturday, 11/11/06. Couldn’t pass up the first weekend show! P is still in his P and will show LV how it’s done! The food and atmosphere at the Jazz Cuisine was devine and so was being up close and personal with P. I could reach out and touch him. He is such a sexy artist with his sexy songs. I hope he knows that I am the #1 fan in his NPG Club along with my husband Kimon and we will be out to see the show again! LV is the place to be if P is there!!!

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