Trippies 2006 - The Best and Worst of Las Vegas
This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Buffett opening clip
  • A big week for Five Hundy
  • Hasselhoff in The Producers official details
  • Prince’s 3121 official details
  • Rick Thomas finds a new home
  • Cris Angel at Luxor
  • Tropicana expansion plans
  • Lady Luck update
  • Neonopolis is lame
  • Get rewarded for shopping
  • Old-timey Vegas photos
  • Mike E’s latest trip report
  • Tim guests on Wings for Wheels
  • We’ve been nominated for The Trippies! Vote today!

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30 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 91: What a Week”

  1. 1 Mike E

    Alright, that wasn’t so bad thank God. I think the one I left for Hunter was worse.

  2. 2 B7s

    Mike, always remember “Sleep when you are dead”! Great TR!

  3. 3 Dial Up

    I’ve got nothing to say.

  4. 4 Matt

    Nice Simpsons reference, I am now going to go club a baby seal.

  5. 5 mike from roseville

    What’s the deal with the shopping segment?

    Are you getting a new tag line too?

    “Hey Tim, will we be in Vegas by midnight? Yeah Michele, we’ll have spent five hundy at the mall by midnight”

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  6. 6 Dave

    Aw, shucks, guys…

  7. 7 Dan Short

    The Trpoicana motel is a hole but I loved the casino.

    As long as they keep the meatloaf in the Garden Cafe.

    What about Hooters?

  8. 8 VegasVin


  9. 9 Dial Up

    Paris Sports Book was closed on Saturday, and employees suspended, for allegedly not reporting tips. The sports book has since been reopened with different employees.

  10. 10 Chris In Dallas


    Tim didn’t look at the “Old Timey” pictures link I sent you very hard. The Silver Slipper itself is in the second picture!!!



  11. 11 Napa Greg

    I like the idea of getting points for shopping in casino stores. I’m always stopping by those shops to pick up a few new Armani suits, diamond earrings, and Rolex watches. Their prices are so reasonable I just can’t help myself.

    But, I agree with Michelle, having surveillance cams keeping track of my buying habits sounds a little creepy.

  12. 12 Michele

    I noticed that when I viewed the slide show, which was awesome. Maybe Tim was subliminally blocking all footwear images from his mind that day.

  13. 13 John B in PA

    The slide show was great…who were those people who were in a couple of the shots?

  14. 14 Chris in Dallas

    Not sure who those people were. Looked like a couple on vacation, but not sure who.

  15. 15 Chris in Dallas

    … but their car is greatness!!!

    I was SOOOO born too late.

  16. 16 Scott M

    Tim, when you said we were going to het some additional Dressen podcasting sans Michelle, I had my fingers crossed that we were going to get a special edition of the show with a couple of rounds of “Hooker Hunt”.

    Thanks to Jeff in Indy for the review of the French Lick casino. I’ve been looking forward to the West Baden Springs hotel opening for a long time now. It’s about time something good was finally done with those old hotels.

  17. 17 Mike from Chicago

    Just cracked open the “Sinatra in Vegas” 4-CD, 1-DVD boxed set that came out this week. Two vintage shows from the Sands in the 60’s and two 80’s concerts from Golden Nugget and Caesars. The DVD is of a Caesars performance taped for TV in 1978, including back stage footage. All are previously unreleased and so far…very, very swingin’ indeed. Highly recommended.

  18. 18 Lou in England

    Has anybody ordered a Five Hundy shirt from Cafe Press?

    Just want to know about how long they take to arrive – so I can order mine to pick up at the hotel when I get to Las Vegas – only 17 more days to work !!!!!!!

  19. 19 Dave

    Lou, it took less than a week for my shirt to arrive. Then again, I may have paid for Second Day Delivery for it. I don’t fully recall.

  20. 20 John B in PA

    Listened to the “Wings for Wheels” podcast this morning on the way to work. I enjoyed it very much, some great music was spotlighted.

    Speaking of Great Vegas Music ,has anyone heard about the Sinatra in Vegas Box Set?

    Here’s an Amazon Link:

  21. 21 Dave

    Thanks, John B. I’m glad you liked it!

  22. 22 mike from roseville

    Those old pictures are awesome. You really wonder where that couple was from and what they’re doing there. The car is a Willy’s Station Wagon, CJ -B3 is the official model, I think. They made them from the late 40’s to the early 60’s (the early ones were woodies). Too cool.

  23. 23 Napa Greg

    I can’t believe no one recognized the couple in the Old Timey pics. That’s Tim and Michelle on their honeymoon. Although they sound remarkably young on the podcast, they are actually in their late 70’s now. In fact, I think they recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

  24. 24 Pete from Indy

    Yeah, kudos to the link for the slide show… definitely made me feel like I was born too late also! Some of those dinner specials on the signs…! Definitely the best collection of vintage Vegas pix I’ve come across.

    Interested in the pix of the “Park” casino which looks like its on Ogden Ave.
    Does anyone know if that is the same tower that is now Main St. Station? The outline and proximity to the Plaza would indicate this, but can’t find any definitive info on the net…too close to the Plaza to be the Lady Luck, but maybe its the California(?) Thanks in advance if anyone knows.


  25. 25 Karl in Indy

    Well, I caught the Simpsons vegan reference later in the show, but I have no clue about the earlier “obscure reference”. Matt has already mentioned something about a Simpsons reference, but I’m not sure if he’s talking about the “vegan” line or the “thousands” line. If the obscure reference is from the Simpsons, I’m a little ashamed of myself…I should know this stuff 🙂

  26. 26 Frank the Frowner

    “Interested in the pix of the “Park” casino which looks like its on Ogden Ave. Does anyone know if that is the same tower that is now Main St. Station? The outline and proximity to the Plaza would indicate this, but can’t find any definitive info on the net…too close to the Plaza to be the Lady Luck, but maybe its the California(?) Thanks in advance if anyone knows.”

    First it was a Holiday Inn, then it became the Park hotel & casino in 1987 I think. The Park closed in 1990.

    The Church Street Station people in Florida bought it and turned it into Main St Station, opening in 1991, notable because:
    (1) they had a large area devoted to some Australian gambling game that involved coin flipping.
    (2) most of the female dealers dressed in leotards and tights.

    It was not successful and it shut down for awhile, then Boyd bought it and reopened it.

  27. 27 Matt

    The vegan reference is from the Simpsons, from the episode where Lisa falls into working with some hippies.

  28. 28 Mike C

    Personally I think the new Planet Hollywood appearance is fairly nice. I mean, it’s not going to compete with Wynn or even Mandalay Bay, but it’s definitely mid-market and ought to compete fairly well against the Luxor and Monte Carlo crowd.

    The buffet was refurbished but only in painting, light fixtures, and seating surfaces. Everywhere else they chose not to mess with a good thing.

  29. 29 Karl in Indy

    Yup. I believe that was also the Simpsons episode where Lisa, high atop the condemned redwood tree and looking back home through binoculars, sees Marge cooking popcorn in the fireplace…and Bart hanging Christmas stockings…and Homer and Maggie coloring Easter eggs.

    But I digress. Still, I’m sure Tim would much prefer Simpsons discussion in the show comments over discussion of a certain ’70s rock duo which shall remain nameless…

  30. 30 Ricky D from NJ

    when wull you folks be in Vegas?

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