Greetings from Las Vegas

As promised, we are checking in from Las Vegas. We have lots of stuff to talk about on the podcast upon our return. Here’s a two second summary of our trip: weather good, drinking good, dining very good, gambling bad. We have had numerous celebrity sightings (including Jeremy Piven, so Michele’s life is complete) and have hung out with a few of listeners. Good times. If we still have enough money for a cab ride to the airport in a couple days, we’ll give you a full trip recap this weekend.


9 thoughts on “Greetings from Las Vegas

  1. I’m sure I’m not the only listener who would like to know if Tim has a nice new tattoo!!!!!!!!

  2. Slightly off topic but did anyone catch the Tony Bennett special on NBC a couple days ago? He did a duet with Elton John that was kind of an old Las Vegas rat pack-esque theme. They had “Sahara” lit up over the stage, dancing showgirls complete with white feather fans, and a passing around of martinis. It sounds corny but it was decent–they didnt try to replicate old Vegas just a few key elements as reminders of the old days.

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