Five Hundy by Midnight 94: Las Vegas Trip Report and Observations

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Gambling notes
  • Caesars, Flamingo and Hard Rock rooms (photos)
  • Death Tub
  • Old favorites and new dining experiences
  • The Cosby Store
  • What happened to Shoe In?
  • Hanging out with new and old Las Vegas friends
  • Bugsy’s Bar name origins not what you think
  • Celebrity sightings galore
  • Aladdin/Planet Hollywood is a mess
  • Cavalia marketing choice is odd
  • Construction is everywhere

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22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 94: Las Vegas Trip Report and Observations

  1. Ohhhhhhhh! PIGGY BANKIN’ Slots!!! Woo-hoo!!! Totally addictive. Love that slot machine (and all it’s variations).

    Great thing about Piggy Bankin’ slots was not necessarily the game (albeit, it rocked), but rather the “sounds” and/or music during game play. Someone really did their homework and the acoutic research to provide the most appealing music/sounds while the reels spin. Awesome!

    Oh yeah, and looking for the Piggy Bankin’ machine with the most (leftover) credits was half the fun.

  2. That giant shoe is going to look great next to the giant clown head from Boardwalk. Luckily, Michele already has the ‘Hoover Damn’ of shoe walls. Only the Grand Five Hundy Estate could house two of the seven wonders of the free world.

    By the way, Hall and Oates have a new album out, “Home for Christmas.” Saw them on VH1 Classic, they’re hoping to tour next year. Knew you’d want to know.

  3. Tim and Michelle: Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Great to see you both. PLEASE next time, you gamble…try the OFF the strip casinos. SUNSET Station…Sam’s Town…Boulder Station…RED ROCK South Point (Coast) ..being a resident here and having compared Strip to non-strip locations, MUCH better ODDS!!! It’s the truth!

    Bryan from Apple

  4. Too bad you didn’t get the bonus rounds on Elvis. They are great. It is one of the best games.

    S & H Green stamps requires 1,200 stamps to get free games and ther will always be some small stamp levels left cause they pay a certain amount and it is hard to hit the number of stamps exactly.


  5. Mike, I saw H&O on the Macy’s Parade singing something from that. Oates was clearly faking playing the guitar and has had some really bad plastic surgery. It was a train wreck.

  6. If you have a hankering for playing the Elvis penny slots, there is a free demo version at
    No bonus games (they just give you the credits you would have won) but still diverting nevertheless for those of us who are suffering from Seasonal Vegas Absence Syndrome
    Oh, and thanks for the fact that I’ve had “It’s the Piggy Bankin’ Big Bang Game!” rolling through my head ever since that machine was mentioned.

  7. Hope you had a great trip, despite the gambling losses. I’m looking forward to your Hard Rock show. That’s my place, and I’m returning there for Christmas again this year (after a night at Mirage and three nights up in Zion National Park at the Desert Pearl Inn).

    It sounds like they treated you right. I came out a little ahead during my last stay at Hard Rock and the staff is always friendly to me. It’s also more competitive to play “Guess who’s the prostitute”, since you get a fair number of sluts at the bar. Sluts are fun.

  8. Lucky’s at the HR always has some interesting clientele as well but the slots (and I guess the Sluts are as well) are loose and the music is fun.

  9. Those Elvis slots are most commonly at local casinos you wouldn’t want to be at on vacation, but I’ve also seen them at Stratosphere.

  10. Hey Dave!

    I’m not proud of this, but I was also watching the parade and saw H&O. I heard a load sucking sound and thought a balloon had sprung a leak; until I realized it was just their comeback attempt failing.

    Is this ‘Wings for Wheels’ Dave? If so, I haven’t heard you talk about Hall and Oates on your podcast yet. Do me a favor…when you’re ready to; stop and listen to some Springsteen until the feeling passes. If you’re another Dave…nevermind.

    Oh, I guess I should say something about Vegas so I don’t piss off Tim….can’t wait until my next trip to Vegas.

  11. Hey Tim and Michelle,

    Thanks for the shout out – I guess I need to de-lurk now 🙂

    I was sorry I didn’t get the spend more time speaking to both of you in Vegas, but there is always next time.

    Tim, for what its worth I didn’t fair much better on my trip after my initial good luck at the Mirage, and I dont want to own up to how much I was down on the trip overall eihter.

    The Elvis Multi-Strike is also at the Bellagio and I spotted the original quarter machine at MGM Grand, another reason to visit there – along with Sigma Derby.

    We visited the shoe store at Wynn on our last trip in July, or rather my wife did, I came in seeing all the shoe racks and asking in a voice a little louder than I intended “So is it everything on the rack for $10 then?” for some reason we left quickly afterwards!

    David (from Dallas/Manchester)

  12. Yeah, Mike. I’m Dave from WFW (linked from my name). There’s a reason why I haven’t done a Hall & Oates show, and I think it’s related to the time about six years ago when I sent around an e-mail to all my friends to conduct a poll to determine once and for all what the worst Hall & Oates song was. Although my pick was Method Of Modern Love, the winner (or loser, depending on your perspective) was, far and away, Maneater.

    But if it’s Bruce you want, check the site for information about this week’s show. I’m working on it now, and it should be up in the next few days.

    As for Vegas, I was hoping to get back there at the beginning of the year, but I had to put that on hold for a while.

  13. Scott M. it was the Macy’s parade and I didn’t specify what Daryl Hall was sucking on. I was using the metaphoric sense of sucking, indicating I believe they behave in a manner indicative of sucking.

    Dave…I look forward to the show. Enjoyed your discussion with Hodgeman, and of course, the one with Tim was also very good. The worst and my favorite H & O song is Rich Girl.

    I’ll be in Vegas in January…I hear it’s beautiful that time of year.

  14. Just bought my Five Hundy by Midnight T-Shirt ready to pick up in Vegas on December 10.

    I’ll be wearing it with pride, and will let you know if anybody recognises the show, or asks about it.

    Enjoyed the show and after listening to your reviews of Michaels I’ll be booking a table when we get there and visiting before it moves – how strict is their dress code, is it jacket & tie for men?

  15. I jsut realized that Tim and Michele must have really gotten stomped on their last trip because they didn’t play Adios, Las Vegas this past week.

  16. Tim is a genius. Not only is the Monkey Poker Dome a surefire winning concept but he has the marketing slogan to go with it:

    Monkey Poker Dome: if you’re losing, you need to keep playing!

    BTW, according to your photo captions, the death tub at Caesars is in room 23130 AND the views from Flamingo are in room 23130. Is this a secret operative code such that every room you ever stay in is called room 23130? Or, perhaps having the exact same 5 digit room number at 2 different hotels were the only odds you beat in Vegas this trip?

  17. PS–Couldn’t we have gotten a picture of the death tub with Michelle in it? At least a leg peaking out from behind the shower curtain. Something? Anything?

  18. I don’t know if I’m a trip report “legend” so much. “Whore” would be more fitting.

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