Five Hundy by Midnight 95: Caesars “Era of No Construction” Ending Soon

Trippies 2006 - The Best and Worst of Las Vegas
This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Drew Carey opening clip
  • Caesars construction plans
  • Harrah’s second bid rumors
  • Riviera bid
  • Loews buys Lake Las Vegas Hyatt
  • Tropicana/Aztar purchase delay
  • Horse lovers have an additional two weeks to see Cavalia
  • Toni Braxton extension
  • Harrods rumor
  • Vegas Today and Tomorrow
  • Luxor changes
  • Commander’s Palace relocation speculation
  • Monorail ambassadors
  • Pornslapper update
  • Listener calls
  • We’ve been nominated for The Trippies! Vote today!

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15 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 95: Caesars “Era of No Construction” Ending Soon

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  2. Pingback: Las Vegas Hipster » Blog Archive » Harrah’s is Planning Changes at Caesars Palace

  3. The Paris Ritz and Ritz-Carlton are related in the name only. Ritz-Carlton is owned by Marriott, which is still managed by the Marriott family. The Marriotts are practicing Mormons, which is apparently why we’ve never seen a Marriott-branded casino in Vegas, like Hilton or Hyatt.

  4. Harrods in Vegas, well I could see it happening, but its not the store it used to be and hasn’t for some time – used to be that it had things you could not get anywhere else and had that special feeling to it, now its full of stuff you can get in any other store, except you pay more for the pleasure of getting it in the Green Harrods bag.

    Actually, I stand corrected, there is one thing you can get from Harrods only, piles upon piles of Harrods “Branded” Crap – its nothing more than an up market version of the “Worlds Biggest Souvenir Store” these Days, which is probably what it will be in Vegas Al-Fayed is just another Sheldon Adelson, but with more Ego!

    Its always surprised me that there hasn’t been a London “themed” casino, if for nothing else than the marketing dream it would present to Vegas, but then again didn’t they have that with the London Club at the Aladdin, or doesn’t that count because there wasn’t people walking around dressed up as “Bobbies” or Beefeaters et al, oh hang on that was LOVE 😉


  5. Penn Gaming actulally operates Casino Rama which is an Indian owned casino, which is our home casino, and runs it very well.

    They appear to be class act and would be a welcome addition to the Vegas scene.


  6. Tim, you have only one week to do that podcast from the McCarran smoking lounge, as the smoking lounges will be history by Saturday.

  7. Hey T and M! Thanks for the “source credit” on the Loews Lake Las Vegas story!! 🙂

    That’s going to be a pretty dead scene out there now. They are closing that small casino, and only the Casino Montelago will be out there.

    I agree if you’re going to Vegas, you should know you are there. Now, with this news, that’s going to be even more of a “secluded getaway” destination for Vegas travelers. Not the right place for me.

    I too want to be able to look out the window from my $4.99 steak and eggs and see the hookers.



    each other……….

  8. Hard rock Cafe goes “native”. Seminole Nation Tribe buys Hard Rock corp for almost $1B. Includes Hard Rock Cafe’s, Hard Rock Hotels, and Hard Rock Casinos.

  9. I thought ‘pornslapper’ came about due to the fact that they want to slap the pamphlet in the hands of passersby. Upon thinking of it, though, you are right that they do “slap” the cards in their hands. My favorites are the ones that dodge cars and hand out to people stuck in traffic. Those guys and gals are a rarer sight but entertaining if you spot them. I wholeheartely agree that the pornslappers are much more respectful than the condoslappers, many of whom I’d like to slap just to shut them up.
    Thanks for clarifying the derivation of the job title!

  10. That was an interesting recreation of the pornslapping accoustic. I never realized how much it sounded like when mom and dad had a fight during dinner and somebody slammed the bowl of green beans on the table instead of passing them.

    I hope the Mayor loses the legal battle with the pornslappers union… there’s no quicker way to deter a timeshare pimp than whipping out a collection of porncards and asking him if he’s got any more for you.

  11. Hey Kids,

    Looking for some info on the MGM Grand. I know the location is good, but how about the bars. restaurants, buffet, rooms and gaming.

    Peace, love and Cat Stevens.

  12. Ricky D!
    We’ve been meaning to make it down to the MGM Grand on the past couple trips, but for various reasons we haven’t, so we can’t give you a first-hand report (yet). From what I’ve read, they’ve made an effort to upgrade their rooms and their restaurants, so I think it would be a good place to stay, dine, and gamble. Just beware of the rooms far away from the elevators– from what I’ve heard, they can be quite a hike. A couple listeners have recommended the Rouge Lounge as a place to hang out. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Sigma Derby.
    They’ve recently redesigned their website ( and they’ve added a lot more information.

  13. We’ve stayed at the MGM Grand three times and have been satisfied. We didn’t like it the first time because it was such a hike to everywhere. But we got a good rate for the second time, and, since we now knew how to get around the property, it was much more manageable.

    The rooms are clean and comfortable, with a large bathroom. The food was fine, with options in all price ranges, although we didn’t try the buffet, which I have heard is just average.

    The casino is not the best for low rollers like myself. Minimums are $10 when slow, and they won’t even rate your play unless you’re playing the green chips. The selection of video poker is also not the best. The $2-$4 limit hold ’em tables, however, are full of fish. I cleaned up nicely there.

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