Five Hundy by Midnight 96: Yet Another Las Vegas Hotel That Will Never Be Built

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • “We Live Here” opening clip
  • Proposal for a really tall Las Vegas Strip hotel that will never by built
  • Eschelon Place plans move ahead
  • Hard Rock buyout—Las Vegas hotel and casino not included
  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino expansion plans
  • Station Casinos buyout
  • Durango Station approval
  • Monorail extension plans
  • No more McCarran airport smoking lounges
  • Smoking ban delay
  • Drive somewhere else
  • Las Vegas Sands online casino
  • Cavalia commercials
  • More Luxor rumors
  • Gas outage hits the Strip
  • Keno is not bad
  • “Christmas in Las Vegas” by Clint Holmes and Leslie Gore

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27 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 96: Yet Another Las Vegas Hotel That Will Never Be Built

  1. Michelle,

    If your brother is a cowboy how the hell did he end up at a Cher concert in the first place?

  2. Larry King also says Pooh’s Heffalump Movie is ” irresistable family fun… with an unforgettable new character.” I’d like to see how much he remembers it.

    Funny you bring up the sphinx thing. I was just talking about some apparent de-Egyptification going on at Luxor right now and was thinking about the Sphinx going away. However, uh, doesn’t that kind of shut down the front door? They’d have to move check-in and entrance/exits to the lobby at the ground floor of their two tower buildings. I really can’t see IMAX going away, although the Ridefilm theater is probably not long for this world.

  3. Damn…only $10 to test drive a Saturn. Can’t believe I missed it.

    Here’s an exclusive on the future of the monorail. They build the extension and just as it gets to the airport, the company goes broke. After about six months, Harrah’s and MGM jointly purchase it and it lives happily ever after.

    I don’t like Larry King.

    Didn’t know Keno could be good…I have to think about that one.

    Viva Las Vegas!

  4. Live Keno has horrible payouts (usually around 70%), whereas Video Keno is really pretty decent (85-95%). Video Keno is more volatile than your basic slot machine, but the wins can be pretty decent for a small bet. Playing $1 per “deal”, my wife and I have had quite a few W-2Gs (5 or 6) in the last 3 years. In the same time period, I’ve only had a single $4,000 royal and my wife has had a single $2,000 four-deuces win on video poker (playing a comparable amounts of money). I’ve never had a W-2G for slots (I generally play around $1-2 per spin, depending on the game).

    P.S. Since I live in Eden Prairie, we should get together at one of the local casinos sometime. We’ll be at Treasure Island in Red Wing for New Years.

  5. Tim:

    For your information the CN Tower in Toronto is the world’s tallest structure at 1,815. Needless to say it is similar to the Stratosphere in design. I don’t beleive a building that tall has ever been considered structually viable.

    Also Terminal 2 at McCarron (Air Canada et al) has lts own baggage area so one would assume the proposed Terminal 3 would as well. It is very convenient to the rental buses which pick up there and them go onto Terminal 1. The buses tend to be empty there and fill up at 1.

    Love the song


  6. Yeah, I know. But I like to say it while I still can, 🙂 It has been over 30 years since ours was built.

    It isn’t there yet, and they may stop before they reach that level. One can always hope.

  7. Dan,

    I just discovered your podcast and it is mighty impressive. (Would Larry King use a phrase like that?) I am a new subscriber and really want to support your site. Unfortunately, I live in Vegas so no dough for PayPal at the moment, I’ll have to think of another way. As soon as I win that 2K keno … , but for now I just added you as my only blogroll entry! I’m not worthy!

    I thought Leslie Gore stopped partying after “It’s My Party” and was surprised that she is still recording. Nice tune!

    Mike Fisher

  8. Sorry. In my comment (above) I meant to address Tim & Michelle, not “Dan” (although Dan is welcome to read it… )

    I told you I’m not worthy!

  9. I just wanted to let everyone know that Lindsay Lohan (star of Herbie, Fully Loaded) has announced that she hasn’t had a drink in 7 days. This breaking news will naturally make people wonder, “I wonder how long it’s been since mike from roseville has had a drink?” so here goes:

    “I haven’t had a drink since 5:30 PM Central Time.”

  10. Your American Casino line was spot on, hillarious.

    You should call dave demontmillion (sp?) and only speak to him with that voice…..that would be classic.

  11. Actually I’ve gone over 24 hours now without a drink. I have a lot going on tomorrow so I’ll probably make it 48 before I fall back off the wagon…or is that get back on the wagon. I get those confused. I think it’s because in the old days they used wagons to move the alcohol so if you were drinking, you were ‘on the wagon’.

    But, Dave, don’t feel like you can’t have one because I’m not. It’s a free country I think.

  12. Any word on date of Stardust being blowed up reeeeeeeeeeal good? Can we fill it with disco records??? Some might get what I’m talking about!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  13. Hey Dave!

    I just poured a Captain Morgan & Diet Coke. Would you like one?

  14. Hey Guys,

    Was in Vegas this week and did some Five Hundy things and also typical guy stuff. Went to O Shea’s and had their $1 draft beer specials and also saw Big Elvis at the Barbary Coast. Thought he did a good job singing. Also, wanted to do my civic duty and see if those fine gentlemen establishments were following the law by not having the ladies do lap dances. I can happily say, “No!”, thank god you can still get those Vegas lap dances in Vegas, baby. Anyway, if you want to try something different foodwise, I had fried lobster steak at the Binion’s Ranch Steak house. Thought it was okay, but the Hungry Inspector from the Foodnetwork liked it more. Whew, long comment, but hope everyone has fun in Vegas when they go there!

  15. It is Sunday morning. My Juice podcast catcher just started to download all the Five Hundy by Midnight podcasts going back to #61. I have already listened to all of these and deleted them, so I did not want to download them again.

    I think feedburner or whoever was saying “oh, you don’t have these on your hard drive. Here they are.”

    I checked in Bloglines, which I don’t use for podcasts, and it also served up everything back to #61.

    To stop them from downloading, I unsubscribed. I am a longtime listener and I hope I will be able to subscribe sometime in the future without getting inundated.

  16. Sorry about that, Frank. Yesterday I upgraded the blog software, and that resulted in the RSS feed thinking everything old was new again. Thus, some subscribers got all of the shows in the feed (back to #61). Sorry about that. I’ve been putting off this upgrade for ages but had to do it so I can revamp the look of the site (coming soon). Thanks for listening!

  17. I will happily test drive the Venetian/Sands online casino here in the UK for all you guys being ‘protected’ by your banks.

    It will be interesting to see if they do apply for a ‘super casino’ licence over here when they become available. I assume that all the major US casino companies will if they think the market will support it. I guess it will – rather amazingly every single department store I have visited this Christmas has a selection of poker chips, home roulette wheels and multigame table surfaces as gift ideas which shows how pupular casino games are becoming on the back of online poker. We’re also apparently getting a second daily direct London-Las Vegas flight next year.

    Finally, please don’t support the building of a London themed casino. It would be awfully expensive, the service terrible, the public transport wouldn’t work and I expect they would somehow manage to make the weather bad as well.

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