Five Hundy by Midnight 97: A Short, Germy, Festive Las Vegas Podcast

I’ve been doing some work on the Web site, including an update of the blog software, which resulted in subscribers to the RSS feed receiving a bunch of past shows. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • “What Not to Wear” opening clip
  • Riviera purchase is off
  • No official word on the Harrah’s purchase yet
  • W Hotel project appears stalled
  • New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas with the “six greatest bands of all time”
  • Tim appoints Oscar Goodman as the mayor of New York
  • McCarran airport correction
  • Listener Mark’s Las Vegas Hanukkah song
  • Blog upgrade
  • “Christmas in Las Vegas” by Richard Cheese

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29 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 97: A Short, Germy, Festive Las Vegas Podcast

  1. Just trust the mysterious healing powers of the show… put all of this past year’s episodes on your iPod and put it in shuffle.

  2. I can hardly wait until my Harrah’s Total Rewards card is converted to the Apollo Management Group and Texas Pacific Group Private Equity Partnership Total Rewards. I hear it’s a much better program, but unfortunately the logo merchandise sucks.

    I’ll bet they’ve forgotten all about the Barbary Coast deal and it will just disappear….yeah, Harrah’s.

  3. At the news conference when Manny Eatmorr, managing partner at the Texas Pacific Group Private Equity Partnership, was asked what changes might be in store for Harrah’s in terms of entertainment he said, “We ain’t planing no changes. That Wayne Newton fella is real good at packin in the fans at our Stardust theater.” When the reporter informed him that Wayne Newton no longer plays at the Stardust and that the Stardust is closed and that, in fact, Harrah’s does not own the Stardust, Mr. Eatmorr replied, “Well, shoot, thems kinda operational details aint yet all been worked out yet anyhow.” He quickly ended the news conference.

  4. Thanks for the introduction to Richard Cheese. The Christmas in Vegas song you played compelled me to go to his site and order the CD. Hope the rest of it is as good!

    Happy Harrahdays to all…

  5. A Tim…
    Oscar might be the mayor by proxy of NYNY Hotel and casino, but unless some of his former clients put a hit on Bloomburg he is not the mayor of New York.

    Great podcast even if Michelle was on the drugs and Michelle hope you are doing better!

  6. Why do you guys insist on calling your show a “podcast”, when it is simply an MP3 file?

    I enjoy listening to your show on Windows Media Player or Winamp.

    I’ve never owned an iPod, and never will.

    Apple did not create the MP3 file format, nor are most MP3’s played on iPod’s.

    MP3’s have been around for well over 10 years.

    What’s the deal with the whole “Podcast” thing?

    It’s a simple MP3 file. It’s neither a “pod” nor a “cast”. It’s a file. Playable by anything.

    I will get off my high-horse now.

  7. We call our show a podcast because that’s what it is. We didn’t come up with the word “podcast,” but it describes what the show is—media content distributed via RSS subscription. While our show format is MP3, some podcasts are AAC or one of any number of video file formats. To understand what differentiates a podcast from simply an MP3 file, read the Wikipedia explanation. Also, “The Original Las Vegas MP3 File” sounds retarded.

  8. I agree with the beaver. Calling any kind of mp3 file a podcast is like calling a street a ‘BMW track’. An mp3 file is an mp3 is an mp3 file any way you distribute it, and apple computer has taken over what used to be an internet standard file format and used it to market their own product. It is a corporate shill term and not an accurate description of the media. I would just call it a ‘Las Vegas Talk Show’ or something like that if it was mine. But its not mine so probably nobody cares what I think. I do enjoy the content of the online show, but I will never call it a podcast 😉

    I just load it up on my SD card, stick it in my Treo, and listen to it on the way to work like I do my music files. And I don’t call my music files podcasts.

  9. Actually, Apple doesn’t own a trademark on the word “podcast,” so it’s really not how you describe it.

  10. Let me third the dislike of the word “Podcast”. I think it is misleading.

    Just because people accept the word, doesn’t mean I have to agree with it’s use.

    AOL used to be popular too.

    I think the term will eventually die out. I know that Apple doesn’t own a trademark on the word, but they sure don’t object to it’s use either, and they would be screaming about patent infringement left and right if it didn’t help their product. It’s the rabid iPod users that turned it into a household word. I think we are all kind of silly for playing along with it.

    Please don’t take this to mean that I don’t enjoy the show. I have all of the shows. But they sit on my hard drive right beside my Led Zepp songs, and play right off my hard drive like any other mp3 file. I can’t tell the difference between my song files and “podcasts” files. And apparently, neither can my media player.

  11. Tim,

    Duly noted.

    I think it’s a bunch of screwing around with terms. Even Creative re-acronized the word at one point. I fall into this camp on Wikipedia’s page:

    “The name has aroused some controversy for implying one needs an iPod to listen to podcasts. In fact, a podcast can be any sort of audio file. Creative Technology, the makers of iPod competitor Zen, state on the ZENcast website that podcast is short for “Personal On Demand broadcast”, a definition that didn’t exist before its use by Creative.

    Some alternate names have been proposed such as the more neutral “netcasting” and “blogcasting”. Some of these name-changing efforts were the result of confusion over cease-and-desist letters sent by Apple to companies using terms similar to ‘iPod’ in their product names[3]. However, the Apple Trademark Department has stated that Apple does not license the term ‘podcast’ or object to its generic usage[4]. None of the alternate terms has yet received as wide a use as ‘podcast.'”

    And distribution via RSS doesn’t make something a “podcast”, IMHO.

    All your browser does is make a modified HTTP request for new material, be it text, images, audio, or video. It’s really not “cast” or pushed, the client has to perform a request for the data. And then it simply downloads what you tell it too.

    I guess we could argue about it all day, but it just feels like “Apple Invented the MP3 file” in the vein of “Al Gore Invented the Internet”.

    Maybe we should call the web the “Gorenet”.

    Neither here nor there. Just my opinion.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Beaver writes:

    I guess we could argue about it all day, but it just feels like “Apple Invented the MP3 file” in the vein of “Al Gore Invented the Internet”.


    Well, since you offer a quote from Creative Technology about their Zen player, we should also extend that analogy to perpetuate the notion that they invented Buddhism.

  13. “Well, since you offer a quote from Creative Technology about their Zen player, we should also extend that analogy to perpetuate the notion that they invented Buddhism.”

    Nah, that would be just plain silly.

    Almost as silly as suggesting that Apple Computing invented downloadable audio files a/k/a “pods”.

    And the quote came from the Wiki link that Tim posted.

  14. Please find me a quote from anybody at Apple saying that they claim to have invented the downloadable MP3 file or created the word “podcast.” The notion that they did is coming exclusively from their competitors (like Creative) who, rather than improve their product to provide better competition for the iPod, prefer to whine about linguistics.

    And, lest you call me an Apple Cultist (like Tim), I should point out that, although I own an iPod, I have never owned any computer other than a PC going back to the original 8088.

    And before you start splitting hairs about connotations about invented terms, you should consider using a different pseudonym than “Beaver.” Just a friendly point.

    Oh, and Al Gore never claimed to have invented the internet. Here’s the true story.

  15. Why do I feel like poking out my eyeballs with a stick right now?

    We don’t have any plans to quit referring to the show as a podcast. While it may not be the perfect name in everyone’s eyes, it is the term that has gained acceptance for what we’re doing. You’re welcome to call it what you like.

    On a side note, it’s been very interesting for me to see the IP addresses where some of today’s comments have originated. I’ll leave it at that.

  16. I am thankful that this very sweet couple takes time every week to chat about the happenings in my favorite town. Since my first trip to Vegas over 20 years ago I fell in love with everything about the town. Yes, millions go to Vegas regularly. But there are a few of us who have a special connection with it that is hard to describe. You can hear that “special connection” every week on FHBM.

    Tim and Michelle’s weekly audio streaming out of the technology sitting on our desks (or Podcasts for short) gets us by until such time we can make the pilgramege again.

    I hope Santa brings Tim a Royal and Michelle lots of shoes. You have been very good this year.

  17. When the debate starts about the word ‘blog’, I’ll wait in the bar at the Imperial Palace. Maybe someone could stop by and get me when it’s over.

    …and to all a good night.

  18. Tim,
    Please don’t poke your eye out with a stick! Given the season, a Red Ryder BB gun would be a more appropriate means…
    Just kidding. Love the PODCAST, as always. I just threw a Paypal donation your way. Have a Merry Christmas!

  19. Tis’ true. Podcast is a silly word. Just because people accept it, doesn’t mean it makes any sense. Millions of people vote for American Idol every week too. It’s the ONLY pod word that apple hasn’t objected too. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figger it out. They are loving every minute of it. But what can you do. People ain’t bright. That’s the world. Accept it and move on. Twill never change. Merry Christmas.

  20. I think this will be a great thing for all players at Harrah’s casinos. I am interested to see what they will do in the coming year? I would guess they will try to expand a little bit.

  21. “Podcast” just sounds more cool and somehow implies greater technical value than “mp3”. Any shlub can rip an mp3 file from CD, but only the electronically elite can create a “podcast”. At least that’s what people think. And that is exactly why the term will likely never go away. Perception is everything 😉

  22. Most weeks I deserve the award for the most the smartass, off-topic and annoying comment posting.

    I hope the holidays are treating you well, keep up the good work!

  23. Tim:

    Thanks to you, I got the entire Michael Connelly Harry Bosch collection (thanks to my daughters nearest used bookstore).

    Have read Trunk Music but am now going to start at the beginning.

  24. The Las Vegas Soundtrack for the New Years Eve Fireworks will be distributed to everyone via “Podcast” so only those with ipods will hear what is going on. No one be allowed to take their desktop computer to the Strip to listen to the mp3 version. They’ll be restricted to sitting home alone and listening to “Haul ‘N Oats”.

    The Six Greatest Bands of all time, and the NEW Downtown re-vamp? Oscar should stick to B-O-L-O-G-N-A, our Mayor he has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R….

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