We’re Tripping!

What a start to 2007! Five Hundy by Midnight won the 2006 Trippie Award Readers Choice and Editors Pick for Best Podcast. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and to the talented crew over at Vegas Tripping for the honor.


6 thoughts on “We’re Tripping!

  1. What the hell does “currently married” mean.


    Can’t wait to put all three new podcasts on a CDR for the car.

  2. Tim and Michelle, Congrats and Kudos on your Trippie!!! It goes to show not only the quality of your show but also the intelligence of the voters

  3. Congratulations, Tim and Michelle, on your Trippie! My husband and I both voted for you, especially after the great tip of Sigma Derby at the “armpit of the stip”, The New Frontier. We were the ones who called a few weeks back while playing, and we had a blast! Unfortunately, I think that was our last trip for a while, because we are about to join the ever expanding group of people who do not think it is right to bring children to Vegas (we’re expecting in April), so we will appreciate your podcasts even more from now until we can make it back there again.
    Thanks, again, for all that you do, and congratulations!!!

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