Five Hundy by Midnight 105: Is There a Football Game Today?

Las Vegas podcast #105 includes:

  • Polly Esther’s coming to Stratosphere
  • Palms opens temporary buffet
  • Food while you gamble at El Cortez
  • Michael’s move delayed
  • The Producers opens at Paris
  • More bad news for the monorail
  • Harrah’s spokeswoman is an idiot
  • Rob and Amber: Against the Odds
  • Listener reports
  • Prince’s Super Bowl press conference

Five Hundy By Midnight 2/4/07 (52:51 min, 48.5 MB)

13 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 105: Is There a Football Game Today?

  1. I downloaded the first six episodes of “Rob and Amber: Against the Odds” from bittorrent based on your mention of the show last week. What a train wreck; it’s a must-see!

    I’m pretty sure they’re only in town for three months, not six. Even so, they felt it necessary to buy a Porsche and a “practical” BMW SUV. Must suck to be them, huh? “And the great thing about CarMax is they will buy the cars back when we leave town.” (More product placement).

    You must not have seen the Gilley’s episode yet or I am sure you would have commented on the bull-riding.

    I hope Rob’s in for a rude awakening at the poker tables. Actually I hope Amber uses this experience to realize she could make more of her life than being an enabler (and gravy train) for Rob.

    Totally agree with Michelle that the upside down visors have to go. I always thought Wayne Shadd looked stupid putting drinks on his head but that was before I saw Boston Rob’s visors.

    Looking forward to the return of “Las Vegas Re-enactment theatre.” In episode six there’s even a line for Michelle/Amber: “I can’t believe he bought me those shoes.”

  2. Does anyone else agree that Prince put on the best halftime show ever? Maybe I have a short memory, or I’m a little too drunk by halftime, but he definitely rocked the house better than anyone I can remember. Mad props to Tim and Michelle’s home state hero.

  3. Oh, and I wanted to comment on the Deuce. I normally wouldn’t ride it, but my friend wanted to take it downtown to Freemont St. We got on near The Venetian around 6:30PM (this was in early January) and it took over 45 minutes to get there. We’d been drinking for awhile and the “gates were open” – if you know what I mean. Brutal trip on the bladder. We must’ve stopped 15 times. I’d avoid this unless you have a lot of time to kill, and haven’t been drinking.

  4. So, I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I had to write about a dream I had about Tim and Michelle last night. It wasn’t anything dirty or whatever, but it was a dream that I was talking to a friend about how everyone gets divorced these days and then I read on the internet that Tim and Michelle and gotten divorced. I remember dreaming I was really sad, but then when I woke up and I realized it was all just dream and I was relived.

    I swear that if I start having dreams about the midget in front of O’Shea’s, I might need to swear off Vegas on the ‘net for a while.

    I do really like the podcast and I’m glad you guys are not divorced.


  5. Prince did rock, I must admit, but it kind of reminded me of Mchael J. Fox in Back to the Future when he gets carried away on the Chuck Berry guitar solo.

    Great show at “some football game” game was good too,

  6. Found in trip report on Lasvegastalk

    “Apparently one of the guys had ridden the bull at Gilley’s, and one of the ladies on the bus recognized him. He hadn’t been wearing a shirt, and she was teasing him about his man boobs. LOL! For the rest of the bus ride, all the guys with him were calling him “Moobs”. ”

    response later

    ” By the way, they are not “man boobs”, they are “chesticles”. (At least thats what I tell myself.)”

    Thought Michelle might be interested.


  7. No other discernable talents? I saw Rob and Amber signing autographs at the Calgary Women’s Show. This was after they won the money.

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  9. Speaking of chesticles, one of the local channels just aired the Seinfeld episode featuring the “bro,” also known as the “mansiere.”

  10. Given the fact that most people can’t drive and operate a cell phone (or the car radio) without slowing down I don’t believe the food service will last long, at least not at the table games. What the casino may gain in keeping players at the games, will be lost by everyone’s play at the table being slowed due to a snacker. They may try more bit size treats, such as a plate full of chip size sandwiches, which may lead to a crunchy twenty five dollar mistake.

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