Five Hundy by Midnight 106: Nobody Likes the Name

Las Vegas podcast #106 includes:

Five Hundy By Midnight 2/11/07 (26:02 min, 24 MB)

30 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 106: Nobody Likes the Name

  1. Whats with talking about keeping in short and then going on for an additional 10 minutes!

  2. It was the shortest show we’ve done in two almost two months. Sorry it wasn’t short enough. We’ll try to keep the next one under five minutes.

  3. Good show guys.

    Morimoto was head chef at Nobu, but now has two eponymous restaurants, the first one being in Philly–I’ve been twice, and it’s very very good.

    Question about “Bill’s”: why didn’t they use the Horseshoe brand? Or, are they still thinking of using that for Bally’s? Seems like the perfect opportunity…

    Looking forward to the chat…and to the Barbary Coast memorial podcast. My first Royal Flush was at BC. *sniff*

  4. Tim> I can just imagine that “I’m Tim Dressen and this-” and then the outro music.

  5. I’m guessing they don’t want to attach the Horseshoe name to something that may be around for just a few years. They’d rather use it for something with a longer shelf life—a new joint or a renovated Ballys.

  6. Nothing could possibly honor the founder of Harrah’s more than naming a joint after him and snuffing it out 2 years down the road.

  7. Maybe Harrahs will bring Bill’s Roadhouse and it’s menu over from Tahoe:

    “When you’re hungry for a break, check out these amazing food and drink specials: Our 99 cent breakfast special includes one farm-fresh egg and three pancakes, or try our $2.50 dog and draft special. You can also sample our half-pound burger and fries for just $3.50, and we serve up $1 draft and well drinks every day from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. “

  8. Great show!

    Thanks again for doing the interview with me for WLVP – it will be up soon.

    I started working on it today but something came up (Damn customers! Who needs ’em?) and I got side-tracked.

    When? Soon… Probably not tonight but I hope to squeeze it in in the next few days at the latest.

  9. Don’t like the short shows.

    I have been putting the long ones on a CDR and we have been listening to them on our hour long drives to local casinos embelishing them with music to fill the 70 minutes. Makes for a fun ride before gambling.

    Maybe i’ll put on an old show, perhaps the famous fried twinkie to fill the void of the 45 minute show.

  10. There’s a multi-line slot called “All That Glitters” that’s very, very similar to Gems Wild-Tiles only without the wilds, but with the addition of a bonus round. It’s the only slot I’ve actually gotten addicted to.

    Penny denominations can be found (of all places) at Wynn near (of all places, again) the Cartier store.

  11. Gems Wild Tiles (on the same interent site as Elvis Multistirke) is much more fun than All That Glitters.

    I haven’t seen Wild Tiles at a Casino but have played and lost at All that Glitters always.


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  13. Gee thanks for the link Tim and Michelle! Now I will really get nothing done…ever!

  14. Tim and Michelle

    I’ve been listening for the last few weeks and I’m hooked, dammit. My Monday commute is now filled with visions of Royal Flushes and free cocktails dancing in my head, thank you very much.

    The Barbary is one of my favorite places, and I’m pissed about this new name thing. I’m sure the EVIL EMPIRE will ruin it. I was actually doing OK, until I heard Tim say it out loud on the way to work this morning. It sounds even worse than it looks.

    By the way, the longer the show the better.

  15. “Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon” sounds more like a downtown property, or something over near the Frontier. Maybe instead of “Gilley’s”, they’ll have a cowboy bar called “Billy’s”. What a weird name…

  16. …Oh, and I forgot. If you e-mail IGT, they will tell you which casinos carry a specific game. At least they let me know where to find Multi Strike back when that game was new.

  17. Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon….I wonder if Harrah’s know’s there’s a hotel attached.

    Do you know why it’s only a two day remodel? I guess they’re filming a very special addition of trading spaces….expect painted wallpaper and maybe some thrift shop decor….and that’s just the Ho sight…don’t know what will happen to BC

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  19. There is a slot machine very similar to that Gems game at Mystic Lake (Mistake Lake). I forget the name of it but it had to do with fireworks and dynamite.

  20. Tim and Michelle

    Hey, just wanted to drop you guys a note and let you know I love the show. The only bad thing is I am kind of a “five hundy by midnight” bulimic. When I find out I am going to Vegas, I binge on your show. I will download the last 10 or so shows and I cant get enough, I will listen on the way to work, at work, on the treadmill, whenever. But as soon as I get back its purge time, it kills me to hear the going ons of Vegas. I don’t want to know that the four queens has a 49 cent margarita, or whatever. So, I shun you guys for the next few months until I book another trip then my unhealthy cycle starts a new. Anyway I will be there the 18th -22nd of this month and I will do my best to give you a drunk dial. Thanks.

    Brent from Tulsa

    Ps (I am going to try the donation for good karma thing, I will let you know how it works out)

  21. When considering the length of the show, please keep in mind that I like to listen on the treadmill – so the shorter the show, the fatter I will get.

  22. Hopefully they will keep the Midnight Teaser breakfast specials in the Victorian Room, which are always perfect for when you’ve lost most of your money at the blackjack table. And the skank parade from Drai’s usually ends there, which is are always pretty amusing.

    Keep up the great work with the show!

  23. Let’s look at Bill’s Gamblin Hall and Saloon on a positive note. At least Bill Harrah wasn’t named Percy or Elmer or Gordy. On the other hand, if his name had been Rob, that would’ve been an interesting name for a casino.

  24. I think the game reffered to above at Mystic Lake casino is Called “Boom” I think it is Pretty similar to Chain Reaction.

    I dont think your hotel is allowed to have a rating over 1 star if your name is Bills Gamblin Hall and Saloon.

  25. Played Gems Wild Tiles (not sure if that’s the name they used for it) at Mirage in November. You’re right, wonderfully addicting. Did prety well on the penny version.

  26. Everyone who has a problem with the name ought to realize that it is the simplest name and one that everyone is going to remember. It is all about marketing. How many of you can remember the new name of the casino at the old Maxim? I can’t and it has been open over two years now.

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