Introducing Tuesday Evening Las Vegas Links

Inspired by our friend Dave Lifton’s weekly Tuesday morning links, we decided to rip off his concept and begin a recurring series of blog posts linking to some Las Vegas stuff you may find entertaining, informative or amusing. Most weeks, we’ll probably feature just one or two links, but if we find several articles or sites to share, maybe we’ll go nuts and post a bunch. So here we go.’s latest edition of the Worst Las Vegas Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. The latest show features an interview with us. We had a great time appearing on the show and thank Hunter for being such a gracious host.

Neither of us are golfers and, quite honestly, we would rather spend a Saturday afternoon squeezing Carrot Top’s back zits over watching golf on TV. However, this article makes us wish TiVo would have captured the Pebble Beach Pro Am coverage, featuring Danny Gans making an ass of himself. Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Introducing Tuesday Evening Las Vegas Links

  1. My wife and I were sitting at the bar of a local steak house having a few Blue Moons and the TV had the golf tournament on and this dork who looked scarily familiar kept muggin for the camera and I was racking my brain trying to figure out who it was…Now I know….I also know how glad I am that the sound was turned off…The last thing I need on a Saturday night out is a suck-ass George Burns impersonation. Nice Threads Danny.

  2. I gather Brandon Tucker does not like Danny Gans’ schtick.I was in Vegas in ’98 and he was packing them in.Somebody invited him and I guess they knew what they were in for.—Who cares?

  3. Hopefully you won’t do like I did last week and realize on Friday that you forgot to compile a list.

  4. I don’t know why you guys are bashing Danny Gans all the time. I mean, he’s no George Burns but at least he’s not dead.

  5. My guess is that, as long as he keeps checking my site every Tuesday morning, it will remind him to come up with one that evening.

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