Five Hundy by Midnight 107: Bloker Anyone?

Las Vegas podcast #107 includes:

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30 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 107: Bloker Anyone?

  1. Perhaps we can get a big FHBM billboard on the side of Circus Circus.

    As for the chat Saturday, It would be Sunday morning for me in Asia (about 9am) so count at least one.

  2. I found some additional information about the Monte Carlo restaurant we discussed. Diablo’s Cantina will be the newest joint from The Light Group. From the renderings on the Web site, it looks like Diablo’s Cantina will have plenty of outdoor seating. It might be a nice place for a drink while watching the gridlocked traffic on The Strip.

  3. The giant billboards will proliferate. It’s inevitable. We’re talking about the most capitalist place on Earth, of course the casino owners will do anything to make money while screwing over the customers.

  4. Hey…did anybody else catch Wayne Newton’s performance at the NBA All Star Game in Las Vegas tonight? Holy Crap, that was the worst lip sync job of all time. I’m still laughing. Gotta love it. Viva Las Vegas indeed!

  5. FYI: I’m pretty sure the reason why the team is called the Jazz is because the team was originally located in New Orleans. So they used to be the New Orleans Jazz, which would make sense (as opposed to the Utah Jazz).

  6. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I was afraid no one would buy it…now that I know I can sell one, there’s no reason not to.

    The Devil’s Underpants…a very special collection from Victoria’s Secret?

  7. Mark– Right, the same reason the Lakers were named because there are so many lakes in Southern California.

    Mike E.– I share your addiction, and I fear the day when I start putting actual money in the machines.

  8. Wherever a gem’s wild tiles variant exists in Vegas needs to become the new “Official Slot Bank of Fivehundy”

    According to the discussion board link, it looks like they’ve already turned the Poker Dome into a “Donkey Poker Dome”. That is close enough that it might infringe on your rights, Tim.

  9. Well, obviously L.A. is NOT the land of a thousand lakes.

    But Vegas sure is the land of a thousand hookers!

    $200 dollar hookers at the Luxor?! Last time I got accosted…err.. approached by one of the lovely ladies, she was quoting $600 as her price. She either thought me a high-roller or sucker. Considering that I had just walked out sloshed from O’Sheas, I think you know the answer to that one.

  10. Checked out the Rob and Amber show on Fox Reality this week. Set the DVR and all the episodes recording in a couple days. Felt guilty about watching it but I was actually kind of fascinated by the show. Obviously staged and some pretty poor acting, but the premise was interesting enough to make it worthwhile. The last episode had an unsatisfying conclusion however. They just kind of rode off into the sunset, didn’t really give the poker thing much of an effort. Which brings the question, “what was the point of the show?”

  11. FYI

    Yes the Utah Jazz was a transfer from New Orleans, why thay didn’t change the name we do not know but the current NO team are the Hornets which used to be Charlotte who are now the Bobcats as an expansion team

    and the LA Lakers are from Minneapolis where they have many lakes which moved to LA in 1960 which has no lakes.

  12. I can recommend the Tix4Tonight booth at the Fashion Show Mall, it wasn’t too busy, maybe 30 minute wait in line, but that was on a Tuesday in December

    My husband and I went to get half price tickets for the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton (saved about $35), found out after we’d got them that they were good for one entry each on either Tuesday or Wednesday so didn’t have to rush up there on the same day we bought the the tickets.

    We also took extra money to Vegas so that we could have a meal at Michaels following Tim & Michele’s rave reviews, but when we got to the ticket booth they had tickets for Phantom at the Venetian for about $95 each (should have been $130) so we booked for that instead – and we did get quite good seats on an aisle

    So our 30 min wait saved us about $100.

    If your going print out a VIP Line Pass that way you don’t need to wait in line, and you get $1 off – just don’t do what I did and leave it in your room.

  13. According to the Tix 4 Tonight website, yesterday (Monday, February 19th) they had not only Mystere tickets available at 18% off and 27% off, but also tickets for Le Reve at 15% and 25% off. That said, if you’re looking for Cirque tickets, it might be worth checking out the discount ticket brokers.

  14. Word on Gems Wild Tiles being NetCrack: aren’t the wins with fours the biggest disappointments because they don’t give you the wild? I HATE the four! (BTW, top score in one spin was 17k–I almost lost it)

  15. Monte Carlo sucks monkey balls but this new addition is bizarre. It doesn’t match the decor at all being yellow and orange. It’s like a Mexican cantina in a Euro-casino themed resort? Huh?

    Light Group… who gave those guys the keys to Las Vegas anyway? Damn, MGM will let them do anything.


  16. Wayne Newton at NBA all-star game was scary. plastic surgery gone wrong. also, thanks for the tip on Tix 4 tonite. Never thought you could get Cirque tickets from them.

  17. I’m right there with you Greg… those 4 in a row were killing me. I’ve now forced myself to quit playing gems. When you start seeing completed lines 3-4 step iterations ahead of the current 3 in a row, it’s a warning sign that you’ve been at it too long.

    The combination of too much gems and some serious cold medicine made for some serious sleepless night on Monday. I hadn’t played in hours, but I woke up all night still seeing the tiles fall in my mind.

  18. I find myself watching the page for bonus rows and checking the tiles ahead, But a bare wild or two drives me crazy.

    BTW how do we log into the chat and what time is it in Toronto? 8 P.M. ?

    Not Dan for Toronto but I am from Toronto

  19. The chat is indeed on Saturday. Come back to the site on Saturday evening and we’ll have a link to the chat clearly posted.

  20. Thanks for the Five Hundy love! After plugging my book, its Amazon sales rank went from 2 million and change to 192,639. You hear that, America? I’m number 192,639!

    Tim and Michelle are kingmakers.

  21. Hey guys just to let you know I was in Vegas the days following the All Star game, and on Monday they were taking down the silly full side O the building casino advertising. Including two days to take down the Ballys one.

  22. Played some Gems Wild Tiles at a boat in Indiana last weekend. Sat there for about an hour and only got the bonus round twice. I think I was spending 30 cents a pull and ended up down about $8. Still, it was fun, and different.
    My frends also got me started on Hexbreaker.

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