Five Hundy by Midnight 108: Post-Chat Hangover

Las Vegas podcast #108 includes:

  • Web chat fun
  • NBA All-Star Game aftermath
  • Stomp Out Loud comes to Aladdin/Planet Hollywood
  • Faster Than Magic brings Hans Klok and Carmen Electra to Las Vegas
  • Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Miracle Mile
  • Prince packs his bags
  • LeReve showroom gets a facelift
  • What’s the deal with those Tahiti Village timeshare commercials?
  • Listener calls about sports betting, ads on hotels, Barbary Coast, the smoking ban, the discount dinner buffet trick and a drunk dial message or two (or six)
  • The second annual Earmuff Awards

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 108: Post-Chat Hangover

  1. Sorry I missed the chat, haven’t heard the show yet, but I thought I’d miss the chat as 1:00am UK time was too late.

    Turned out I went to our local casino and didn’t get home until 3:00am so missed it, I’ll try and stay in and awake for the next one.

  2. Yep 1.00 am was getting on a bit, but managed to hang in there until 3 am gmt( just about ) well at least long enough to hear some Debbie Gibson.

    Got a good many links and tips to keep myself busy sorting through for the next few weeks.

    Many thanks Tim and Michelle for being such good hosts. Don’t leave it too long until the next one!

  3. I’m BC and I’m a drunk-dial-aholic. Maybe I should take you out of speed dial; it would have been impossible to call you that many times without it.

    You two didn’t sound hungover at all during today’s show. Must be your tough Minnesotan constitutions (or wherever the hell you two live).

    If you’re ever in the Columbus area I’ll buy you a sack of the White Castle bacon cheeseburgers.

    Thanks for an entertaining and somewhat embarrassing show.

  4. Hung in for an hour and a half but was great fun.

    Too bad you can’t post a transcript.

    Valerie Bertenelli rocks.

  5. Do they actually think they are going to be able to fill the Theater for Performing Arts with just a magic show? Isn’t that theater over 4,000 seats?

  6. At the end of the chat Tim indicated that this week’s show wouldn’t be of the highest caliber. But I’ve got to tell ya’, he really pulled this one off.

    “$h*@ probably wouldn’t be that percussive”. Now that’s a pearl of wisdom that was missing from my life until today.

  7. BTW we in the Buffalo fan area kind of object to the use of the name especially the phone number 866-BILLS-45

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