Tuesday Evening Las Vegas Links: RIP Barbary Coast

Boyd Gaming has turned over the Barbary Coast keys to Harrah’s. In loving memory of Barbary Coast, we won’t speak the horrible new name of the hotel and casino in this post. However, we will provide this link to the new Web site, which clears up a few questions lingering since the ownership change was announced:

  • Big Elvis is still performing in the lounge
  • The Victorian Room is still called The Victorian Room
  • Michael’s will be replaced by a new steakhouse
  • The casino will have its own slot club rather than joining Total Rewards

We’re still hoping for some decent video poker paytables, fair blackjack rules and low-limit pai gow poker when the renamed casino opens in a couple days and will pass along reports in upcoming podcasts.

Only one other link this week: Our friend Mike E put together a comprehensive report on the hotel-within-a-hotel concept a few days ago. So check it out and poke around Mike’s blog—La Dolce Life is a welcome addition to our blogroll.


17 thoughts on “Tuesday Evening Las Vegas Links: RIP Barbary Coast

  1. What in the heck is up with this Gamblin’ Hall not joining Total Rewards? I mean, really?!?! The whole point of the name is because of Bill Harrah and now the casino won’t be part of Harrah’s player’s club. This makes it seem even more likely that the property will not be around for long.

  2. Hopefully it means they’re keeping some decent video poker and don’t want people to earn Diamond Cards while they’re listening to Big Elvis.

    Bill’s Lake Tahoe recently went smoke free. I believe it stands next to a much larger Harrah’s property much like ‘The Casino Formerly Known As Barbary Coast.’ Could a smoke free casino be the future? I’ve spent quite a bit of time in there and I think if everyone quite smoking in ‘TCFKABC’ right now, the air would be clear by Memorial Day weekend…no probably fourth of july.

    I miss the Barbary Coast already!

  3. Michelle / Tim

    When you go to Vegas next, will you stay at the former Barbary Coast? Or will you stay somewhere else out of respect for the BC memories? (I refuse to say or type the new name) It will forever be know as the BC!

  4. I was just in Vegas this weekend and I made it a point to hang out at and snap some last pics of The Casino Formerly Known as the Barbary Coast.

    We’ll miss your video poker and $1 minimum roulette tables!!!

    I guess that we cheapskates will have to make the long walk through the “scenic” part of the strip to Sluts-O-Fun from now on…

  5. I sure wanted to gain Total Rewards points on my Diamond Card while watching Big Elvis. I’d hoped Drai’s might turn into the Diamond Lounge, but it looks more like it might convert back to the old McDonald’s from the past. I wondered down there years ago and wondered what the hell was a Mickey D’s doing down there.

    The Barbary Coast was the first place I ever gambled in. Mainlly because we parked the car upstairs and it was where I lost my first twenty bucks.

    Now it’s named after Hillary’s Husband and former President. Maybe a Dealertainer who looks like “Monica Lewinsky” will appear on the tables.

  6. I was at Barbary Coast on Monday 2/26 afternoon and all was completely normal – right down to the lady at the main door podium singing people up for the Coast players club. Once they turned over the keys (as I understand it), the whole building closed down for a couple days to re-vamp as Bill’s. Looks like Big Elvis is staying on, which is a good thing. He is something to behold.

  7. I like the line in the article “the people are our most valuable asset”; um BULL SHIT. I’m sure they’re all concerned. there is probably no money to redevelop, but of course, debt doesn’t bother the new ownership group so who the hell knows.

    Of course, the IP seems to have a philosphy of having cheap room rates to fill the place; it’s always busy. I’d certainly rather stay at CFKABC than IP.

  8. I’m confused about the Total Rewards program. Article in today’s LV RJ about BC closure says, “Slot machines also had to be reprogrammed to accept the company’s Total Rewards customer marketing program. Work to rebrand the outside of the building is scheduled to start Monday.”

    Was the writer just not accurate or is this Bill’s card just a branded Total Rewards card?

  9. “Slot machines also had to be reprogrammed to accept the company’s Total Rewards …”

    So that’s Harrah’s ‘lone’ reason for reprogramming machines?! That’s as plausible as a ‘lone’ gunman at Dealey Plaza…

    Okay maybe I am being paranoid…

  10. Harrah’s PR department might have been pissed if the LVR article said, “it takes awhile to destroy video poker tables and remove those litte ‘$5 minimum bet’ signs.”

    The true missed opportunity was that the hotel remained open. What a sad and interesting time it would have been to be staying there during Harrah’s changeover.

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