These links just can’t wait one more day, so we’re bringing you Las Vegas Links on Monday this time around.

We’ve been doubtful of any major changes at New Frontier under Phil Ruffin’s ownership, no matter how many plans he announces. This afternoon, listener Andrea sent us this link to an interesting rumor about a possible New Frontier sale. I don’t see the Plaza name coming to the Strip, given an existing Plaza downtown, but if New Frontier changes hands, its days will be limited.

Have you ever dreamed of being a giant who towers over all of your favorite Las Vegas landmarks as you walk down the Strip? Me neither, but if I had, I’d get my ass to Legoland to see the new Las Vegas Miniland exhibit.

Las Vegas Business Press ran an interesting profile of South Point owner Michael Gaughan, one of the last of the old school Las Vegas casino owners. It sounds as though he hates the new name of the former Barbary Coast like the rest of us. Not surprising.


9 Responses to “Monday Evening Las Vegas Links: Random Vegasness One Day Early”

  1. 1 Chris

    Another great podcast…

    Slate has a nice photo collection up today with Vegas photos from the last 50 years

  2. 2 Darran

    Wonder if they are going to try and keep the ‘mini land’ authentic. With all the renovations etc, that should keep a couple of their employees busy for several years.

    Perhaps they should add in a couple of lego cranes.

  3. 3 Darran

    … also wonder if they will have a couple of porn slapper figures on the streets.

  4. 4 mark g from chicago

    Will we be able to play thong, not a thong, not a thing at Vegas Legoland?

  5. 5 Scott M


    According to the image below, Yes.

  6. 6 Chris

    Tim and Michelle,

    Just got back from Europe, and believe it or not, I missed Las Vegas and your podcasts. Also Happy 10th year anniversary!

  7. 7 Gregory_Zephyr

    Holy Cow! My favorite kids playtoy (Legos) and my favorite adult playland (Vegas) in one? I must be in heaven.

  8. 8 Dan Short

    Just drew 5 aces on Ace Invaders for 2,500 points.

  9. 9 mark g from chicago

    Scott, funny as heck!!!!!

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