Five Hundy by Midnight 112: Pre-Trip Ramblefest

Las Vegas podcast #112 includes:

  • Colbert Report opening clip
  • New Frontier sale reports
  • Tropicana plan change
  • Mindcirque? Freak du Soleil?
  • Exit Scintas, Enter Matsuri
  • Bette Midler signs with Caesars
  • 3121 becomes Coco Bongo
  • Tilted Kilt becomes McFadden’s
  • Tim introduces a new term to the Five Hundy vernacular
  • Rainbow Bar and Grill moves
  • No show next week

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 112: Pre-Trip Ramblefest

  1. Appetite for destruction? I thought you people were from Minnesota.

    Well I’m standing in the queue
    And I can’t stand anymore missing you
    And I can’t stand the pain
    ‘Cause I can’t get home ’cause of a hurricane

  2. Speaking of the Plaza Hotel in NYC, looks like we have a connection to Donald Trump.

    According to the Wikipedia entry on The Plaza Hotel, “The Donald” took a $82M loss when he sold The Plaza in 1995. Hope he does better with his Trump condo towers in LV.

  3. Great show as usual.

    A few weeks ago I dropped into Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon (don’t forget the “& Saloon”!) for lunch and on the registration desks they had a brochure (no real map because the place is so small) recently published with the Bill’s name. I mention this because I actually grabbed one of these brochures as a gag gift for you until I got home and remembered that, duh, you’re a podcast from many states away. I lack a scanner, so into the trash it went.

    But it’s the thought that counts. And I do so enjoy the torment over the loss of Barbary Coast. Heh. Speaking of which, today I saw the big Barbary Coast sign over Flamingo Rd is gone now, too. They managed to fit the entire new name into that space. Impressive.

  4. I’d like to propose yet another addition to the Five Hundy vernacular. Let me preface this by saying that I’m a little ashamed to have thought up something as stupid as what I’m about to share, but it is, after all, a hybrid of two well-established Five Hundy words. Anyway, take the word “sausagefest”, tack on a little bit of “breakfastes”, and what do you get? Sausagefesteses – a word that’s perfect for those all too common situations where you’re struggling to come up with a word to describe sausagefest in the plural form.

    Nonsensical musings aside, I hope both of you have a great time in Las Vegas, and I’m definitely looking forward to the triumphant return of “Gambling with Tim & Michele”…or should that be “Gamblin’ with Tim & Michele”?

  5. Only had time to listen to the first few minutes this morning, and enjoyed:


    …surrounded by stink, downtown Las Vegas.

    -late … I’ll hit you up on myspace, you’re in my top 8! KH.

  6. I want to go on record as being pro-ramblefest. Its nice to be kept up to speed on all of the goings on in Vegas… but its the random sidetracked conversations that keep it entertaining.

  7. Maybe Baccarat Guy has some info on “gay Vegas?” He was calling from a gay bar, if I recall…

  8. Sigma Derby Machine!

    Aww man. I first encountered one at the Horizon in South Lake Tahoe and was hooked on it. Sadly, that’s the only place I’ve ever seen one. It’s the best, stupid quarter eater I’ve ever encountered.

  9. Tim and Michelle-

    Here’s some info for your Gaystravaganza show…

    Paris Las Vegas (yes, the hotel owned by the Evil Empire) actually caters somewhat to the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender crowd — check out the cheesy marketing photots (and the offers) at:

    Krave Las Vegas, located on the strip, is apparently pretty cool… on the weekends. We went there during the week and it was DEAD.

    Gipsy has been a favorite on previous trips. Nothing too special, but a good club for the younger set. Sadly, people seem to be afraid of the dance floor there (at least on previous mid-week visits).

    Piranha Las Vegas is new since our last trip out there. I get the impression from their website that they’re owned by the same company as Gipsy, and they’re actually located right next to Gipsy. The pictures on the website look cool, and it’s on the list to check out on my next visit.

    Go team sausagefest!

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