Tuesday Evening Las Vegas Links: Oh The Horror!

Thanks to Aaron for tipping us off to the upcoming release of Resident Evil Extinction. Based on the trailer, it looks like this may be the most frightening movie ever for Las Vegas fans.


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Evening Las Vegas Links: Oh The Horror!

  1. It sent chills down my spine. What’s with Vegas being at the receiving end of all this distruction in movies and tv shows lately, even video games?

  2. This is supposed to take place in the future, and If you watch the Trailer The Tropicana is still standing, so I guess we know the anwser to the question if that property is going away.

  3. I think the best part is if you look closely on the initial zoom-out you’ll see the Stardust’s tower is there.

    As for Vegas destruction, bring it on! I was not so desperate to watch half the Stratosphere’s decks be blown off to sit through Domino, though. I doubt this movie will be good enough for my time, either.

  4. The only thing that would have been worse is if following the destruction, the Circus Circus had remained standing still advertising their legendary buffet.

  5. With this being a zombie movie in Las Vegas “legendary buffet” has a new meaning.

  6. As if the condo market wasn’t having enough issues….

    Lou: It’s in the sequel: “Mad Tim, Beyond The Monkey Poker Dome”.

  7. I had a chance to see the original script for this movie. Apparently Las Vegas’ decline was brought about when Steve Wynn dies after he accidently knocks over a Rodin sculpture which bounces off the wall and falls on Steve’s head. With the era of Steve Wynn over, Harrah’s mounts a successful hostile takeover of Wynn Resorts. Wynn Las Vegas is then renamed “Steve’s Tall Tower Hotel and Gamblin’ Hall” which drives all but the most desperate players to leave. The town’s economy collapses and the only residents left are the idiots who slept in too late to catch the last Southwest Airlines flight out.

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  9. I agree with Dave. But the return of “Gambling with Tim and Michele” should be worth waiting for.

    Or would that be “Gambling with Michele and Tim”? Or maybe even “Gambling with Timchele”? (Think Brangelina or Tomkat).

  10. The Planet portion of the Planet Hollywood Hotel sign has been placed on top of The Aladdin. I just put photos of it on my blog.

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