Las Vegas podcast #114 (reposted to fix sound problem) includes:

  • How I Met Your Mother opening clip
  • Danza? Swayze? Who can replace The Hoff?
  • Orleans changes
  • Gambling software
  • Own a piece of Stardust
  • The Rat Pack is Back
  • Drunk dials and other listener calls about Planet Ho, Pussycat Dolls Casino, Rainbow Bar and Grill, Wine Cellar at Rio, Voodoo Lounge drink prices and much more

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26 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 114: Replacing Hasselhoff [Repost]”

  1. 1 Darren

    Thanks for another good podcast, my last to listen to before the next Vegas trip to … Orleans, so yep was sure happy to hear about all their cuts!

    One thing Tim … my volumn button got worn out this time, turning down for the phone ins and back up for your comments, think the sound balance got a little out of sync there.

    Sure know what you mean about withdrawal symptons when getting back from the latest Vegas trips. However its already kicked in this time before we have even left. Its like .. why didnt we book those two extra days as well rather than come home early!

  2. 2 Tim

    Thanks for the volume info. I reposted the fixed file.

  3. 3 Mike E

    Ugh… Minnesota. I’m an idiot. And I’m actually good with my geography.

    Thanks for playing the calls. I got smart and didn’t play baccarat at Caesars after all and upon closer calculations when I got home, my losses were a lot less… which means I’ll have to gamble more next time around.

    Great show as always.

  4. 4 Tim

    That’s the gambler spirit!

  5. 5 will

    long time listener of the show. good stuff. made my first trip to vegas. i’ve been going to a.c. for a long time. shit hole compared to vegas. i learned so much of what to do and not do thanks to your show. SPAMALOT awsome !! played baccarat for first time in my life at binions since it was at my lowley level of $5 a hand. LOL good times. i can’t wait to go back. i was there for 6 days and 5 nights. it was like a race to try to see everything i could in vegas. did lots of cheao gambling and poker playing. stayed at the MIRAGE. nice place not to fancy but fancy enough. once again michelle and tim thanks for the podcasts and keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. 6 Dave

    So I’m watching the original Ocean’s 11 right now and it finally hits me: If the gang are all army buddies from WWII, how do they know Sammy? The Armed Forces weren’t integrated until after the war. Does anybody have the answer to this?

  7. 7 mike from roseville

    Everyone knew Sammy…come on Dave, pay attention.

  8. 8 will

    how’s about the scene where dean martin just starts playing the piano. lol

  9. 9 Dave

    Well, he was the consummate entertainer…

  10. 10 mike from roseville

    I tried to watch the original Ocean’s 11 once and it almost killed me. Wasn’t one guy a garbage man or something?

    It was just typical Rat Pack. Those guys just screwing around and having a good time. Clooney and friends aren’t much better, just better produced movies.

    I had no idea Tim was a Burt Reynolds fan. If Harrah’s brings a musical version of Smokey and the Bandit, I’m there.

    Alan Thicke? I met him once. Impressive hair.

  11. 11 Dan Short


    Try flying Air Canada sometime. My $99 flight to Florida ended up being $204.32.


  12. 12 Darran

    BTW – agree with the recommendation to you with “The Rat Pack is Back”, thoroughly entertaining show and makes a change from the usual Cirque performance ( and price! ). Only thing I would recommend is to not get there too early, as unfortunatly we did. The place holds about twelve slot machines in total and not much else to do around that area ( which is very walkable from the Strip to get to, but you would not want to make the hike more than twice )except perhaps sit, have a drink and listen to awful kareoke.

  13. 13 Michele

    There are some lovely photos of the Greek Isles on their website. The casino definitely looks small.

    My personal favorite is the Dining page. I might have to start using “intimancy,” although not in everyday conversation.

  14. 14 Jinx

    I forgot what episode you posed the question, but I believe you were looking for Gem’s wild tiles. Just an update Planet Hollywood has them on their first floor, back end of the casino, past the craps tables.

    This was accurate as of the 1st week in April.

  15. 15 Darran

    Still on the Greek Isles. Of course the advantage of having such a small Casino was we had an excellent friendly cocktail waitress service. In fact was almost like she was a member of our group and just disapeared every 15 mins or so to get another round of drinks in for us.

    Disadvantage is that when we were there none of the machines actually let you cash out. You had to ask for the cashier to come to the machine, open it up and they removed the coins from inside for the value you required. Of course this seems like too much hard work after the first time, and so tended to play out the credits.

    Think they do dinner and show packages, so you can plan for a nice night of “intimancy”.

  16. 16 Speedydgon

    And all this time I thought Smokey and the Bandit was a muscial.

    There was the slow song when the Bandit was about to “take off his hat” with Frog (Sally Field) and who can forget “Eastbound and down, 18 wheels a rollin’. We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done…”

    Bet you’re all singing it now (if you seen the movie)…you’re welcome.

  17. 17 mike from roseville

    I guess the musical elements were particularly memorable.

    Imagine “Eastbound and Down” on the stage at the Paris!! That’s a Big 10 4 Good Buddy.

    I wish I could forget this kind of shit and remember my own phone number or something else useful.

  18. 18 KN

    I hate “resort fees” as much as the next person — they’re a B.S. way of jacking up the room rate. I’m just waiting for the day that hotels advertise that they have rooms for $10 a night (with a $70 resort fee).

    Having said that, one important note for the resort fee at The Orleans in relation to the comment you made in the podcast about the spa coupon being missing from the funbook. The spa is now included for all hotel guests, no limit — part of the $5 a night resort fee is that hotel guests can use the spa as much as they want. Also, the $5 fee gets you 30 minutes of Internet access a day (either in your room with your own laptop, or using their computers in the business center).

  19. 19 David F.


    Googling Snackus Maximus, the Five Hundy website comes up #2, (Its a Slow Day at work today)…….

  20. 20 jaredindc

    How we doing on those Tuesday night links? 😉 Need more fivehundyness!!

  21. 21 Boog

    Even funnier than coming up 2nd in the list on Google for “Snackus Maximus” is that Google asks…..
    Did you mean: +”Smackus Maximus”

  22. 22 mike from roseville

    ….and it provides 937 sites matching Smackus Maximus; only 425 for Snackus Maximus

    Sometimes I wonder about things…then I stop.

  23. 23 David F.

    Sensing a cybersquatting opportunity I checked up on the availability of, suspiciously it was registered in February of this year (hmmmmm). is still availble though!!!!!!

    I really need to find something better to do…..

  24. 24 Michele

    Sadly, it was not registered by us. Believe me, we checked too.

  25. 25 Dave

    I can’t believe that with all this talk about Snackus Maximus, nobody has made a reference to Biggus Dickus.

  26. 26 Sparky

    Looks like “” is still available. Go for it, Michele!

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