MGM Mirage’s North Strip Land Grab

Las Vegas Review Journal reports that MGM Mirage will announce today the acquisition of the property across Las Vegas Boulevard from the Sahara as well as the land next to Circus Circus where Maxim magazine was planning to build.

MGM’s plans to redevlop the land include making Circus Circus “the gateway to our new development, similar to what Monte Carlo is to Project CityCenter.” If by “gateway” they mean “casino people walk past to get the the other properties in the area,” then this all makes perfect sense.


7 thoughts on “MGM Mirage’s North Strip Land Grab

  1. Dont know if you noticed this, but whilst reading the online Las Vegas Sun came across a little paragraph. The owner of Double Down has had to federally trademark the name of a certain ‘juice’ drink ( which took three years ). Twice they had to set the attorneys on other bars to stop them using the drink’s name.

    So start that process on Monkey Poker Dome now!

  2. Hey you two. It’s me, James G again. My wife is going to Vegas June 23rd and she’s going to have alot of free time by herself, I was hoping Michelle might give her some advice on where to window shop and do girly stuff on that part of the strip.

    anything you suggest would be great.

    have a lucky day.


  3. James G!

    Window shopping: Wynn Esplanade and Bellagio shops.

    Shopping on the Strip: Fashion Show Mall, Miracle Mile at Aladdin, Forum Shops at Caesars (best for people watching), Grand Canal at Venetian. Most of these have the stores you have at home, but there are a few unique stores at each place. I love the Vosges chocolate store at the Forum Shops– they’re pricy, but they have some really interesting things in there (at one time, they had a bacon chocolate truffle, but it was part of a spendy truffle package, so I have yet to try it). They used to be a lot more generous with their samples, but not so much the last time I was there.

    Outlet shopping: Las Vegas Premium Outlets just outside downtown, and Las Vegas Outlet Center south of the Strip. The outlets outside downtown have a better selection. If she goes to and signs up as a VIP shopper, there’s a coupon she can print for a coupon at the information desk, plus there are extra deals for individual stores. There are also coupons in the free magazines (What’s On, Las Vegas Magazine) for these as well.

    Speaking of coupons, use this link for coupon books at the other malls.

    She should treat herself to a spa day. She could probably get the best rates where she’s staying, but some of the hotel spas allow non-hotel guests to use the facilities.

    And of course there are always the free attractions at each hotel (Bellagio Conservatory and fountains, lions at MGM, Big Elvis at the hotel formerly known as Barbary Coast). Even if I’ve seen them before, I like to revisit them. Checking out the cheesy lounge acts is always fun. The paid attractions might be interesting too if she hasn’t seen them before– the art galleries at Bellagio and Venetian, Madame Toussaud’s at Venetian, Shark Reef at Manadalay.

    Hope this is a good start!

  4. Oh yeah– how could I forget Sephora? There’s one outside Venetian and one inside Miracle Mile at Planet Ho (not Aladdin, oops). Lots and lots of cosmetics and bath products. A friend of mine refers to it as “church.”

  5. Michele’s vast knowledge of girly stuff? What about Tim’s wikipedialike knowledge of Debbie Gibson?

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