Las Vegas podcast #115 includes:

  • Beverly Hills 90210 opening clip
  • MGM Mirage sets up for Project CityCenter North
  • 2008-2015: The North Strip Era
  • Aladdin no more
  • Penn rips Gans
  • Listener calls about the Treasure Island smell, celebrity sightings, Mandalay Bay’s new rooms, Wynn discounts for poker players and much more
  • Photos from our most recent trip

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27 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 115: North Strip Outlook”

  1. 1 Lou in England

    Love the photo’s can’t wait to hear the show

  2. 2 BC

    Just finished downloading the show by sitting in the parking lot of Buffalo Wild Wings on S. Durango. My hotel (Terrible’s) doesn’t have wi-fi but I had to find a way to get my weekly Five Hundy fix.

  3. 3 Sparky

    Well, never a week goes by without a shoe reference from Michele. This show is now exception. Missed it? It was when Michele said they strap “garbage cans” to their feet at the Stomp show. 🙂

  4. 4 Lou in England

    I can’t beleive you hadn’t noticed the smell at TI, it’s so overpowering you can almost taste it.

    The closest thing to it is coconut sun tan oil (or coconut rum), I guess we’re meant to feel like we are actually on a “Treasure Island”

  5. 5 AndyMN

    TI’s smell is not near as bad as the Venetian’s.

  6. 6 Sparky

    Want to look like a Dork while on vacation in Vegas? You can, on your very own Segway.

  7. 7 Jeff B

    “Earl of Sandwich” is awesome- there’s one at “Downtown Disney” in Orlando. Yummy eats!…

    Anyway- good show (again)- thanks!.

  8. 8 Boog

    Earl of Sandwich — Yummy
    Earl of Douchebag — Not so good

  9. 9 will

    the smell at THE MIRAGE is like a fruity flowery smell. i miss it.

  10. 10 Scott J.

    Pretty much right on with the Danny Gans review, but it is still a very entertaining show. I have seen it 3 times in the last 5-6 years and have really enjoyed it each time. Not very current, more of a nostalgia thing. I believe the most relevant impression I heard would be Scott Stapp of Creed, a couple years ago.

  11. 11 Dave

    That wasn’t an impression. Scott Stapp actually jumped on stage and stole the show from Gans. It’s the closest thing he gets to work these days.

  12. 12 Susan Mitchell

    In response to the individual who claims to shaken Steve Wynn’s hand. Nice story but if he had attempted to touch the Wynn, he would have drawn back a bloddy stump. Mr Wynn is obsessive about people approaching him – there are protective agents close by at all times. This is especially true since the kidnapping of his daughter. I worked at the Belliago when it opened, you do not approach Mr Wynn, besides he cannot see a persons face unless it is directly infron of him and really close. Celeb siting – I had an encounter with the supposed gohst of Howard Hughes in his suite at the top of the Desert Inn tower. Worked there as a turn down maid – You would not believe the individuals I ran into. The best – the King of the Gold Cost. That was a great story. tell you next time.

  13. 13 BC

    Just checked out of my room at Terrible’s, and it has its own smell, too. As a stranger in the elevator put it, “This place smells like food.” Junk food, mostly. And orange-scented carpet shampoo. Oh well, at least the place was clean, and cheap.

  14. 14 Dave

    And thus, Tuesday Evening Links comes to a screeching halt…

  15. 15 Richard in L.A.

    Dave beat me to the punch!

    At least I’m getting my Vegas fix, right now; I’m watching “Exploding Las Vegas” on the National Geographic Channel.

  16. 16 mike from roseville

    Nothing smells quite as good as Tuesday Night Links!

  17. 17 Darran

    Well here I am typing this in the Orlenas Business Centre as a kinda check in on Vegas.

    Weather today is HOT and getting hotter by the weekend.

    Had a go on gems, which was ok … but any slot players going out there, can I recommend Gold Fish which has me and the wife addicted. Loads of bonus games, which come up very regularly.

    Impressed with Planet Hollywood. Its not actually busy in the Casino, perhaps because of the mess on the outside still which makes it quite a calming atmosphere. Tastefully decorated, no theme so not quite sure what the PH brand has to do with the Casino at the moment.

    Ballys is joining the billboard brigade, they are just starting to cover one face of the building. Not sure what with yet, just the top left hand corner is showing a starry night scene.

    Final note. Best smell in Vegas. Well its not any particular casino, but outside on the strip itself. Stand on one of the bridges, take a big breath and savour that Vegas goodness.

  18. 18 Gregory_Zephyr

    Speaking of smells, it just wouldn’t be a true Vegas experience without drinking in the aroma of the detox unit at CCDC on a Saturday night. Ahhhhhh…

  19. 19 Boof

    The rooms in the old Binions Horseshoe smell like ass!!! No really, I checked in a few years ago set down my bag in the room, picked up the phone called the Golden Nugget made a reservation and never went back…..

  20. 20 Kevin N.

    I stayed at TI once — it has an AWFUL coconut suntan lotion smell that gave me a headache. I still remember that crappy smell!

    I saw Steve Wynn on the opening night of his casino — he was surrounded by at least six or seven security people as they walked around the place.

    -Kevin (not one you were shouting out to, I don’t think)

  21. 21 Scott

    Trader Vic’s

    Awesome Tiki Bar type restaurant and bar.

    Originator of the mai-tai.

    “I saw a werewolf drinking a Piña Colada at Trader Vic’s And his hair was perfect”
    -Warren Zevon (1978)

  22. 22 Michele

    Tiki bars are fun. I noticed that they serve strawberry daiquiris there too, so Tim will be happy.

  23. 23 RoyVegas

    As of midnight tonight, Wynn has been open for 2 years.

  24. 24 Nick

    Nice Sigma Derby Photo!

    I get a bucket full o’ quarters and play this for hours!

  25. 25 Mark

    Hmmm..I know I’m late with this post…sorry. Was drinking…

    TI’s smell is suntan lotion / coconutty…not like Coppertone..that would be sick.

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