Five Hundy Meets The Strip

A couple weeks ago, Steve Friess from The Strip interviewed us for Podcast411, a podcast about podcasts and podcasters. We had a blast. Steve is a fantastic interviewer, reporter and writer, so we were honored he chose to interview us. We talked about Las Vegas and the geeky behind-the-scenes details of Five Hundy. The interview has been posted to the Podcast411 site, so check it out if you’re so inclined. And if you aren’t already listening to The Strip, check out that podcast too. Steve and Miles feature great Vegas-related celebrity interviews and present a local perspective on our favorite city each week. Thanks to Steve for interviewing us and to Podcast411’s producer and usual host Rob Welch for including us in his show.


2 thoughts on “Five Hundy Meets The Strip

  1. Groovy podcast, Tim & Michele. Nifty, too.

    BTW, did you phone that interview in? Maybe they used the $12 microphones for that low-fi effect. 🙂

  2. hey sparky…

    Actually, i phoned into their Skype and the audio was pretty solid when i turned it over to Rob. I think Rob ran it through the Levelator, though, as I also noticed it lost some of its crispness in the translation.

    Thanks to Tim and Michelle for being great guests!

    Speaking of Elvis and Sinatra, by the way, they’re now tied in our weekly poll of the dead celeb you’d most want to see if you could. Sinatra was way ahead, Elvis just pulled even. Will close that up on Tuesday. it’s on our site and blog.

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