Five Hundy by Midnight 116: Discounted Room Rates

Las Vegas podcast #116 includes:

  • The Hungry Detective opening clip
  • Stratosphere sold
  • Carmen is out, Pam is in
  • Palms buffet reopens
  • Barney Frank introduces online gambling bill
  • Finding better room rates
  • Travelaxe
  • Listener reports on Terribles, Crazy Horse Paris, Trader Vic’s, Atlantic City trips, Vegas withdrawal and more
  • This guy wants to buy you drinks

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 116: Discounted Room Rates

  1. The H&O thing started when you guys were talking about LOVE and Tim made a reference to Method Of Modern Love.

  2. Earlier today when I saw Dave’s reference to H&O, I was really looking forward to listening to the show. My greatest hope was that Tim had decided to reissue his ban of such discussion on the website.

    Listening to the show was a little disappointing. Tim doesn’t seem to care anymore. Damn…that’s no fun.

  3. …thanks.

    don’t let those turkeys in congress restrict our right to gamble away our paychecks in the privacy of our own home!

  4. Along the same lines as the Natasha Bedingfield song which Tim associates with Las Vegas after having heard it several times at Barbary Coast, I’m reminded of the Counting Crows’ cover of “Big Yellow Taxi” which I heard many, many times at multiple casinos during my LV trip in March 2003. The song isn’t really Vegas-related, yet whenever I happen to hear it, I always associate it with Las Vegas, namely that particular trip.

    By the way, Dave, thanks for refreshing our memory on the start of the Hall & Oates saga. Prior to Dave’s post, I couldn’t quite remember how it all started, but for anyone who might want to reminisce, pull up show #63 and go 17:02 into the show…the rest is history!

  5. Radio Stations: Sometimes when I’m feeling homesick I stream the Highway Stations, which is not strictly a Vegas station and just plays middle of the road drivel.

    But they do run lots of commercials for room offers and shows (and, I seem to remember, Calico Ghost Town quite a lot) and if you close your eyes you could be be on I-15.

    In Vegas it’s usually KOMP, because of the name. Oh, they’re playing Metallica again.

  6. Private eyes (clap clap) are watching you. They see your every move.

    Hall and Oats rule!

    By the way, Terribles isn’t such a bad place. It’s a quick cab ride from the stip and we had some great luck on the tables.

  7. Another tip on room rates.

    We usually have found booking through the Orleans site as our cheapest route for our particular needs ( which has a best rate policy as well, particularly when we have an offer code ).

    One thing that was not mentioned though, is that once booked we then tend to regularly check the room rate calender weekly between then and our leaving date ( we usually book well in advance ).

    The reason being those rates change regularly, and if they do go down we can then rebook those dates ( by changing our leaving date and then changing it back to the correct leaving date ). Saved us over $300 on the last trip as the rates all dipped a couple of weeks before we left.

    The big billboard covering Balleys seems to be for the Producers, going up very slowly. Guess they are timing for when the Hoff goes.

    Last thing – unless you are on a stag night give Toni Braxton a miss. It was more about her trying to sit on as many men’s laps as possible for photo oportunities than singing.

    Spamalot though was Funalot.

  8. I have found it better for me to have all my Vegas Emails go to a seperate account.

    Once you sign-up to receive the emails they are relentless.

    “Room deals are good” and “Keno is Bad”

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