Five Hundy by Midnight 117: Stuck in the Midler with You

Las Vegas podcast #117 includes:

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13 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 117: Stuck in the Midler with You

  1. Clocking in at just under 58 minutes…longest show in awhile
    Love the new banner pic at the top of the main page!

  2. Interesting, I never knew I sounded like that. The Center Bar was definitely packed the night Body English opened up. Lots of little black dresses. They just look so out of place at 6:30 am, though. One of the security guards was walking a girl past me at Mr. Lucky’s telling her how he used to do cocaine, too. Wish I could’ve heard the rest of that conversation.

    Thanks for including the voice mails and the link to my photos. I have a plethora of my other Vegas pics up there, and more still to load up. Even tried the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum this trip. Some of those wax figures freak you out when you turn a corner.

  3. Tim, still laughing at your voice clips.

    Not sure about the choice of Bette Midler, hasn’t it been about 20 years since she has been a relevant artist or actress?

    On the other hand, “Jersey Boys,” is a superb show, and I guess it’s been a few years for Frankie Valle as well.

  4. Great podcast as usual ( but it finished 5 mins earlier than shown time, im missing out on 5 mins of hunnyness, that is not on! ).

    Read your link to Vegas 2.0. What got my imagination racing was the quote “knowing the Dressens’ appetite for deuces wild video poker and collecting pumps”. I guess its a language thing ( being British ) but can just imagine Michelle’s and Tim’s garage full of gas pumps, hand pumps and air pumps. Well guess there are stranger things to collect.

    One thing I forgot to mention, the night before our flight out to Vegas what was on telly at our Hotel … why Smokey and the Bandit. Karma I thought ( seeing as it had been mentioned in the last couple of podcasts ). Nope unfortunatly not. Slots were nasty. Guess its true what they say about your money – what you take to vegas, stays in vegas.

  5. LAS VEGAS- One man was killed and another person escaped injury Monday in an explosion of a small device left atop a vehicle outside a Las Vegas Strip resort, authorities said.
    Police said the blast was not a terrorist act, but an apparent murder of a hotel employee.

    “We believe the victim of this event was the intended target,” said Officer Bill Cassell, a Las Vegas police spokesman, who called the victim an employee of the Luxor hotel-casino. The person who narrowly escaped injury was also a hotel employee, Cassell said.

    Gordon Absher, a spokesman for MGM Mirage Inc., which owns the Luxor, said he could not confirm the person killed was an employee.

    The explosive blew up as the man who was killed attempted to remove it from the top of his car a little after 4 a.m., Cassell said. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

    The explosion occurred on the second floor of a parking structure behind the Luxor.

    Cassell declined to describe the device, but said initial reports that it was a backpack were wrong.

    Another person who was with the man escaped injury, Cassell said. He declined to describe the gender of that person.

    “This was not a terrorist event,” Cassell said, characterizing the explosion as small and saying that no threat was made against the Luxor or against the employees.

    There was little damage around the vehicle and the hotel was not evacuated, police and a hotel official said.

    Cassell said the case was being investigated as “a homicide with an unusual weapon.”

  6. Re: Photos of Vegas skyline from GVR parking garage. I’ve found that the top floors of parking garages are really good for getting nice pictures around Vegas. They are usually free to either drive right in or walk in off the street and on all but the busiest of times, usually quiet on the top floors. Even if the hot sun is out, the next levels down from the roof offer shade and open-air viewpoints. The Bellagio garage, the MGM Grand, Rio, and Palace Station are some of the better vantage points. Oh, and the top floor of LAS airport long term parking garage is great too!

  7. Loved the show.

    The thought of sitting through a Bette Midler concert makes me want to hurl. She will be hugely popular in Vegas.

    That company that puts the stink into casinos was on the end of a lot of complaints at Venetian. I’m a poker player and we collectively asked the management to either tone down the stench or we would play elsewhere. It was overpowering and noxious.

    I loved the post about the mob hit in the garrage. Glad that Vegas has not lost all of its charm to the corporate weenies.

    Keep up the great work.

    Return to Vegas clock: 51 days.

  8. My wife was soo happy to find out what the pleasant smell was at TI. Thanks for finding that out. I really enjoy listening to your Podcasts….Keep up the great work. You both are Naturals for this job.

  9. About the $20 trick: For best results know what you want and ask for it, i.e. while sliding the money over ask the desk person “I was wondering if you had anything facing the strip on the twenty-fifth floor or higher.” for example. If there is nothing available you saved yourself $20. Some of the so-called “upgrades” you blindly get aren’t worth the $20.

  10. gino vannelli was one of my favorites back in 1975 when i was in college – he actually had a very progressive keyboard-based band at that time – sort of a more smarmy, italian-canadian version of rick wakeman

    “love of my life” and “carnal question” from “gist of the gemini” were great songs (in their day)

    and who could forget “I just wanna stop”

    also, didn’t he do “blonds in black cars?”

    jeez, i’m old

    lots of his stuff at itunes though

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