Las Vegas podcast #118 includes:

  • My Name is Earl opening clip
  • New Frontier sale
  • Las Vegas Plaza details
  • Riviera bidding war
  • W Hotel project cancelled
  • Why does Harmon Corridor sound dirty?
  • Flamingo’s Go Topless Pool
  • Listener calls

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22 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 118: The Land of Two Plazas”

  1. 1 BC

    Maybe Michele had the Harmon Corridor confused with the Hershey Highway?

  2. 2 BC

    Here’s a question: how do you have a rooftop topless pool at the Stratosphere without making it visible to the people in the tower above?

  3. 3 Dave

    To be honest, the only way I knew it was Method Man was because we were in one of the shops at McCarran and the young girl who was working there saw him pass by. She ran out of the store to get his autograph. As we were going through security and to the gate, we were behind him and some other people were saying hi to him.

    Kinky Friedman was easy to pick out, with his trademark black Stetson and an unlit cigar. He was much shorter than I imagined.

  4. 4 Boog

    “Go” doesn’t seem like a good name for a pool. I don’t know about you, but the first thing I thought of when I heard the “Go Pool” was that it was the pool you use to pi$$ in. You know like when you were a kid and you had to “Go” and your mom would say, “Just ‘Go’ in the pool”. Maybe that’s just my mom?

  5. 5 wauconda il

    another nice show, glad your back!

  6. 6 Dan Short

    As Fairfield Grand Desert stayers, we were looking forward the development,

    The Hard Rock has purchased some of the Las Rambos land.

    Also it would have allowed us to walk to Ellis Island.

    Yesterday today and tomorrow has a ? mark on the sites even though they are now empty lots.

    Also the monorail will now stop in the middle of nowhere.


  7. 7 Karl in Indy

    Didn’t think this was quite worthy of a call to the FHBM voice mail line (much to the delight of Tim & Michele, I’m sure), but I thought I’d mention that John Oates will be here in Indy this weekend to participate in our annual 500 Festival Parade. For anyone who just can’t get enough of Hall and/or Oates, the parade will be broadcast nationally on ESPN 2 starting at 5:30 PM ET this coming Saturday.

    Sadly, John Oates won’t be the grand marshal of the parade. That honor goes to Peyton Manning this year.

  8. 8 Shrubg

    Interesting news clip today…….

    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Shares of MGM Mirage moved sharply higher early Tuesday, gaining as much as 27% the morning after Kirk Kerkorian’s Tracinda Corp. said it’s in talks to buy two of MGM’s best-known Las Vegas landmarks: the luxurious Bellagio casino, and the $7 billion City Center development now under construction.

  9. 9 Rose

    Myself and my bloke are big fans of your podcast. We are due for our second trip to Vegas in August. What is the etiquette for ‘drunk-dialling’? How drunk do we have to be? Shall we wait until we’re in Vegas or do you want anticipatory drunk dialling when we are in California the week before?

  10. 10 Tim

    Drunk dialing our show has no rules. Call whenever and wherever the mood strikes you. Good luck!

  11. 11 Scott C

    I did finally get out of that damn shoe store, but we then ended up in Payless which sucks on an entire different level.

  12. 12 Scott C

    On a good note my wife and I went to see Kansas and .38 Special at Sunset Station for $25 last weekend.

    We had a great time. My tip is get off the strip and attend the many great concerts at the Station Casinos.

  13. 13 Gregory_Zephyr

    Harmon Corridor was the name of a notorious Spanish conquistador in the 1700’s who captured 50 native women and held them as sex slaves in a former monastery near modern-day Pahrump. Perhaps thats what Michelle is thinking of.

  14. 14 Sparky

    Pahrump…quite a place. IIRC, it’s the only town in southern Nevada with a winery. Not exactly “Chateau Thames Embankment”, but an impertinent little blend.

  15. 15 Boog

    Pahrump…. I almost bought a garbage company there in 1985. I don’t mean like a “bad” company. I mean like a refuse/waste removal company.

  16. 16 TheMoo

    Can one do LAP DANCE dialing? Is that too racy? I guess it would be HARD to hold the phone when you are engaged with other things you could hold. It certainly be an interesting conversation….especially if you could get the lap dancer to talk!!!

  17. 17 Free Drink Dan

    Perhaps you mentally thought “Her Man Corridor”?

  18. 18 BC

    Was it just me, or was this web site down for the past couple of days?

  19. 19 Tim

    It was. Our Web host had a server die and it took a ridiculous amount of time to restore it. I was not a happy boy. However, it’s back now—just in time for our next show, which we’ll probably record tonight.

  20. 20 Hetz

    A show tonite?? Most cool. Didn’t listen to show 118 yet so that will give me even more Vegas listening material for the flight to LV tomorrow. 12 hours and I’m on the road to the airport. Five nights in Vegas baby!!!

  21. 21 Tim

    We just got done recording, but it won’t be mixed and uploaded until tomorrow. We had a lot of fun recording tonight’s show. Good luck during your trip, Hetz.

  22. 22 Hetz

    We’ll give ya a call from the LVT meet at the Palms and from the first annual WBTALV poker tourney at Binions.

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