Five Hundy by Midnight 119: A Steakhouse in Every Casino

Las Vegas podcast #119 includes:

  • Real Time opening clip
  • Kirk Kerkorian wants to buy Bellagio and CityCenter
  • The Osmonds reunite in Las Vegas
  • Bette Midler sucked on American Idol
  • Strip stripes
  • Summer monorail discount
  • Lazy-ass tourists
  • We love this Web site
  • Voodoo Cafe and Lounge becomes Voodoo Steak and Lounge
  • George Clooney likes drinking in Vegas
  • Listener reports on Red Rock restaurants, Mirage blackjack, Flamingo’s Go Pool (it’s not on the roof), food deals, the Fab Four and much more

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26 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 119: A Steakhouse in Every Casino

  1. Hilarious show this week. That dog can lap up a storm.

    Greeeeeeat to hear about the Osmands reunion. Gives a faint chance of persuading the wife to get back to Vegas so soon after the last visit ( her being a bit of a Donny fan and always complaining we somehow miss them when we stay at the Orleans .. hmm wonder why that is ).

    Love – if you are a Beatles fan would whole heartedly recommend you go see it asap. With the speakers in the head rests, some 100 Beatles songs all sampled into each other and general ambience of the whole production its well worth the ticket price. The only Cirque show I would recommend ( good cd too ).

    Beginners stake .. well I would say a $1 bet on blackjack. But failing that how about a ribeye ? Not too much to eat, and marianated gives a little extra zing.

    Perhaps you could wrap it in bacon ?

  2. I myself, have gone to the Ellis Island Casino for a nice ribs dinner after getting the idea from the Food Network. It is a bit smoky in there, and has a locals feel, and you really can’t beat those prices if you want to try something different from the normal high end places.

    Also glad to hear that the Fab 4 show was enjoyed by your caller, since I was curious to check out a cheap show next time, I am in Vegas.

  3. If they are going to take time to paint (or repaint) strips on the sidewalk how about some passing lanes?

    Also someone with a cattle prod at the top of the escalators to keep people from standing there the moment they step off. The crowding that happens would be comical if I wasn’t in the middle of it.

    Great show, I still enjoy your news story banters better than anything on the local TV news. The beverages probably help.

    FYI: Beginner steak, start higher end, ie Capital Grill on Hennepin.

  4. I wandered into Ellis Island one afternoon, had heard about the meal specials from the Las Vegas Advisor. It may have some good cheap food, but it is the dingiest place I have ever seen.

    Makes the downtown casinos look like the Wynn.

  5. Tim & Michele, I love your podcast. I have one commment to make about the striping. Bellagio owns the side in front of the property. So they have to right to remove anyone from the sidewalk that they want. Which is why you really don’t see many porn slappers by the fountains. However the sidewalks in front of the Harrahs properties are owned by the city and thus anyone in the public can stand there and give out information and phone numbers to help everyone have a “well rounded” Vegas experience.

  6. Beginners Stake – about $1 on blackjack ( well someone had to say it ).

    Other than that how about a Ribeye, usually tender and small enough to eat to get started with.

    Suggest in Michelle’s case perhaps wrapped with bacon ?

    ps, That dog sure can lap!

  7. The stripes have been on the sidewalks for quite some time although they are faded and are very difficult to see.

    I had heard about the policies regarding the stripes about 2 years ago so I don’t believe it is a new concept. Perhaps they are just going to enforce them more.

  8. Donovans in San Diego for your steak Michele, or Gibsons in Chicago. I have visions of Danny Bonaduce being arrested for creating a disturbance at the Osmonds show coming up at the Orleans.

  9. I actually really like the ice jingling sound in the podcast. I think you guys should drink every week!

  10. Thought I’d followup on my call which was on the show regarding the Flamingo topless pool and Ellis Island.

    I’ve posted a couple of shots of the Flamingo pool area. As Tim noted on the show, these were shot from our room on the 14th floor, so don’t expect too much.

    (All links in this post are for pages on sites other than Five Hundy)

    Also, I gave an incorrect web address for the Fab Four. The correct website is:

    Regarding Ellis Island, you can download their menu as (an Acrobat file) at:

    Not on their menu, but a well known special is their Steak Dinner, which has been #1 on the Las Vegas Advisor’s Top 10 Values for some time. The details are here:

    Yes, it is a somewhat dingy casino. As I mentioned in my phone message, my wife and I have been there for breakfast several times, and smoke was not a problem. My wife is VERY sensitive to smoke. However, I can definitely see where later in the day or evening, it could be a problem, as the ceilings pretty low. However, I cannot vouch for that either way – just that it doesn’t seem to be a problem for breakfast.

    Lon in Mankato

  11. Just a couple of blurbs about Tracinda. I’m pretty sure that Kerkorian named his corporation after his daughter Tracinda. The name does sound like a mish-mash of the names of two Real World cast members, Jacinda the model/actress from RW-London, and Trishelle the slutty girl from RW-Vegas.

  12. Excellent podcast, as always. Just a few food-related comments:

    – There is also a Brazillian-style steakhouse at the Miracle Mile shops, similar to Samba, called Pampas. It was great – they bring all of these different meats on skewers to your table. A buffet that comes to you!

    – Mon Ami Gabi serves a decent steak with a great view if you can get a table outside; might be a good place for a “beginner’s” meal.

    – Have to respond to the caller from Red Rock/Wynn. Zoozoocrackers (spelling?): other than a strange name, the food was hideous. Overpriced, and really really bad. Or maybe I just had a bad meal?

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Great Podcast, I was killing myself laughing on the way to work….

    The Only thing I have to add….

    Two Words – Steakus Maximus

  14. Thanks again for all the great podcasts, and for pronouncing my name correctly. I hope the Karma works when I go to Vegas in a few weeks. I am taking my nephew out there for his 21st birthday, so it should be a lot of fun. Hopefully I can make him a Vegas-a-holic while we are there.. I definatly will take him to play Sigma Derby while there are still machines in Vegas..

    Thanks again for the great shows, and hopefully we will get a chance to drunk dial while we are there…

  15. Your comments about lazy tourists reminded me of checking in to Caeser’s and asking if the MGM was an easy walk (my first time in Vegas). The guy behind the counter said “Oh no, you need a cab for sure.” I walked it in about 15 minutes without effort. Lazy-ass locals.

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