Five Hundy by Midnight 120: Countryland USA

Las Vegas podcast #120 includes:

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27 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 120: Countryland USA

  1. I’m not complaining, because it’s like getting bonus shows every week, but why do I keep getting a couple of past shows in my iTunes?

    Last week I had about 5 hours of bonus material!

  2. Odd. I’m not sure what would cause additional downloads. Anyone else been experiencing the same thing?

  3. Speaking of Real World Las Vegas, I was just watching the original 2002 season DVDs the other day, (borrowed the box set from the library). What a train wreck of a show.

    And what a media whore that Trishelle turned out to be. Yet another mindless television experience from the creators of reality TV, Bunim/Murray Productions. Bleeeech!

  4. For what it’s worth, iTunes is not giving me any extra episodes, just the new one every week. I have it set to “download all” and “keep last 5 episodes” on the Edit -> Preferences -> Podcasts page.

  5. Mine’s set to check every day, download the most recent one, and keep all unplayed.

    I got 6 or 7 episodes last week, which was great, if it’s something you’re doing Tim don’t stop it’s a nice surprise getting past shows at random.

  6. Loving the Lego Vegas pics, something new for the screensaver.

    Dont know if any other Brits read this site, but looking forward to this weeks ‘Hustle’ on the Beeb, set in LV.

    ( well makes up for all these USA shows that we dont get over here I guess ! By the sound of it though we should be glad we dont get Real World ).

  7. OK, I was confused. Like that never happens. Was talking about Sigma at the New Frontier….not downtown. My excuse was too much Agave at the “tequila” bar. (which is located in Bally’s) 🙂 BTW The Tequila Bar at Bally’s has a great happy hour that starts at 4 pm. Order a Mexican beer and get a free shot of premium tequila. Yummmy. That explains the screams and background noise in that first call. Good food too.

  8. I didn’t realise what the chart was all about until I noticed the screen bean with the moneybag. Then it all fell into place.

  9. Slightly off topic, but the Sigma Derby like casino game mentioned a few times on recent podcasts is “Royal Ascot” by Sega. Graphics are straight out of the Sega Master System (circa 1993) and the only major difference (from Sigma Derby) is that you can bet on the win as well as the quinella.

    As Tim mentioned recently (about a similar machine in the Carribean), the horses converge along the rail rather than just staying in their own “lane” after the start of the race and the physics are actually very advanced (for 1993). Imagine what a Sigma Derby/Royal Ascot 2007 machine could do!

    I am lucky enough to have a Royal Ascot machine in my local casino here in Adelaide, Australia.

  10. Coming to vegas august 20th!! Can’t wait. I’ll be staying at the MGM grand… Any tips on what places a 30 year old guy should check out…looking for the trishelle type of girl..haha

  11. Can anybody tell me if there is a difference between seeing the early or the late performance of Phantom? Any oddity that might make one more preferable than the other?

    I rarely go to such shows, but I was thinking that the second show might be better because when it is over you don’t have to walk past the line of people waiting to get in for the second performance.

  12. Tim and Michelle (or Michelle and Tim as the case may be),

    I can’t download this week’s podcast. iTunes gives me an error message and when I try to download it directly tells me that that page has expired. Is there anyplace else I can get it?

  13. There’s a link right there at the end of the show notes for every episode. Either the “Five Hundy by Midnight 6/3/07” text or the Podcast button will work. Not sure why iTunes isn’t downloading it. I just tried the direct download and the iTunes download and all is fine.

  14. Went to the early show of Phantom last December, and it was very very good, but as I haven’t seen the later show I can’t tell you if it was any better, but maybe on the first performance everybody is fresh and at their best.

    We got $130 tickets for about $95 at the half price tickets booth at Fashion Show Mall

  15. Ok, I understand the musical act law, but how does that affect the Gallegher show? If I get my tickets in advance, how do I know which brother I will get? Geo.

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