Five Hundy by Midnight 121: Oceans of Las Vegas Fun

Las Vegas podcast #121 includes:

  • Steve Schirripa opening clip
  • Oceans 13 review
  • Real World Las Vegas Reunited episode 2
  • Listener calls about Sigma Derby tournaments, Roseanne Barr, Planet Hollywood, Casino Royale’s parking lot, lobster fights, white lines on the Strip and much more
  • Gambling with Tim and Michele returns: Gems Wild Tiles at Wynn Las Vegas
  • New Frontier shot glass request

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24 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 121: Oceans of Las Vegas Fun

  1. Further to the above, what would the jackpot be ?

    Not sure about a slot glass, but got a good return from a Cocktail Glass last visit.

    Got three cherries.

  2. I for one loved the new installment of Gambling with Tim and Michele.

    A few questions for you guys… Last March I looked high and low for Wild Tiles machines at Wynn, but couldn’t find them. Do you guys recall the locations? Also, was it a one to five credit per line machines like it is online? The one I played at TI had one, two, five, ten, and fifteen credits buttons.

  3. Speaking of Real World Las Vegas Reunion, (and who wouldn’t be speaking of this train wreck), does Brynn still have her “tongue piercing”?

    Not that I really care, but her “tongue art” really bothered me when I first watched the original 2002 series, not to mention the piercings of her “so called” boyfriend. Freak city!

  4. Hi Mike–
    Glad you liked the segment. At Wynn, the Gems machines were in a couple different slot banks on the aisle next to the conservatory area. From looking at a map, I’d place them between Cartier and Parasol Up. Not sure about the number of credits, but I believe they were more than the online version. Enough to keep me from hitting “max bet” at any time. Hope this helps!

  5. Loved your Gem Wild Tile segment. Can’t wait to play it for real.

    I for one always loved your slot gamblimg.

    BTW Eddie and the Cruisers was a great movie and 2 really sucked.

    The drunk dial from the back yard may be one of the funniest yet. Can’t wait to here a Vegas DD from him

    I can’t decide who I would never see first. Rossanne or Celine


  6. If Michele loves the “little things in life” as Tim said during the gambling segment…it sure explains that marriage.

    (Sorry could not resist)

  7. Another awesome Sigma Derby filled show.

    You guys should take a lesson from the Real Word product placement playbook. Make a few deals, drop a few names and it is Easy Street for T&M.

    Promotional consideration paid for by P Ho.

  8. So you weren’t bothered that The Bank casino moved from Palazzo to next to the Aladdin… Maybe I’m just too pedantic, I dunno. No actually I know I am too pedantic… it’s a curse. But still there was one shot from the top of the hotel that I just don’t get: you can see Paris, Caesars and Bellagio all next to each other, and in that order. Am I missing something, or should I just forgeddaboudit, it’s only a movie?

    I have pictures here, lots of lovely pictures. 🙂

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  10. Speaking of Slots O Fun, I realize this might be one of the worst spots on the strip, but if you want to have a good time, sit down for some blackjack with a dealer named Prez. You will laugh your ass off to one of the most foul mouthed non PC Dealers, or people, you have ever met. Sitting at his table is one of the must do things I have to do every trip.

    Also his math isnt the greatest and I have been paid on a player bust more than one time. Very nice.

  11. Hi!
    This is actually the first of your podcasts I’ve listened to, even though I heard about y’all way back when from Brian on Coverville. When I heard about it I didn’t have any plans made for future Vegas trips so I didn’t listen. Then today as I was thinking about my upcoming trip I remembered you guys!
    re: the New Frontier shotglass. Is that casino on the strip? ‘Cuz I’m leaving for Vegas on Thursday night. If it is a casino that we’ll be near at some point anyway I can certainly pick up the glass for you. Then you wouldn’t even have to pay shipping because I’m here in Minneapolis too. Remember the girl you saw wearing a Coverville shirt at the Hodgman/Pollack/Coulton event that you told Brian about? That’s me!
    We’ve already got a ton of plans for our short trip, but if you guys have any ideas for ‘must sees’ that you can think of I’d love to hear them. There will be a group of 8 of us converging on Vegas. Thursday night me & 3 others are going to Cirque de Soleil’s Zumanity. Friday night 5 of us (but not me) are going to the Police concert at the MGM, and Saturday night my hubby & me are going to Penn & Teller.
    I’m so excited! I haven’t been to Vegas for about 5 years now!
    Anyhow, I’m off to listen to more of your shows to prep for my trip!

    aka The Official Coverville Historian

  12. Hey man, enjoyed your show.

    I don’t know if you have anyone lined up yet to get your glass, but the New Frontier is about 5 minutes from my home and it would be pretty easy for me to swing by there and grab a glass. I’d ask for one that hadn’t been pissed in, but I can’t make any guarantees. It is the New Frigging Frontier.

    I wouldn’t charge your for the glass, shipping or any of that nonsense.

    It would be a comp from a local to show appreciation for visiting and promoting tourism to our fair city.

    I don’t know if you have people already committed or not, but if not, let me know.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Well I enjoyed Gambling with Tim and Michelle, but then I also Enjoyed Ocean’s 12 (honestly!), so make of that what you will.

    I would also ask if we can look forward to – “Tim and Michelle visit Snackus Maximus”

  14. Watched this Guys award show on Spike TV and John Favreau and Vince Hill were on as Swingers was inducted into the Guy’s movie Hall of fame. Vegas Baby!1

    Very cool.


  15. Great Show!
    You mentioned the Palazzo as a where some of the scenes were shot. I would have to disagree. Given the casinos that can be seen throught the steel framework, they must have been shot in City Center. That would also make sense because there are many scenes that show th Bellagio. I would assume some ties with MGM. What better way to promote your Best Hotel/Casino then to have it theaters.

    Keep up the great work.
    Going back for the third time this year in August.


  16. Evidently Lebron James is a Five Hundy fan as well. His 2nd child was born the other day and it’s name …..

    Bryce Maximus.

    Even though they’ll get swept tonight, lets hope it’s not because he was up late giving some snackus to maximus.

  17. Thanks to everyone offering to pick up a New Frontier shot glass for us. A couple people have already checked and they have already sold out. Oh well. There’s always eBay.

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