Get Boned—Las Vegas Style

A couple weeks ago, Five Hundy by Midnight’s very own Tim (don’t you love when I refer to myself in third person?) challenged Steve Friess from The Strip to a Vegas trivia battle on Boned, the first podcast gameshow. Our episode is now available for your listening pleasure.


8 thoughts on “Get Boned—Las Vegas Style

  1. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone… I’ll just say good job Tim!
    Kind of a cool show. Reminds me of that old PC trivia game franchise, “You Don’t Know Jack”.
    -10 days til Vegas! Yay!

  2. You know, you should really tell them it’s “Five Hundy By Midnight” not ‘Five Hundy Til Midnight’. It just sounds bad that way.

  3. Good lord, this is pretty well produced. I’d hate to think of the work they put into making this, let alone researching questions.

    Is this show only for podcast personalities or something?

  4. Ouch.

    I suspect they are starting with podcasters to drum up some awareness of Boned but will perhaps move on to nonpodcasters eventually.

  5. If this show didn’t involve Five Hundy or Vegas, I don’t think I could have made it past the minute mark. Hokey-tastic.

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