Five Hundy by Midnight 122: The Las Vegas Monorail of Entertainment Complexes

Las Vegas podcast #122 includes:

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25 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 122: The Las Vegas Monorail of Entertainment Complexes

  1. oohhh!…new web site banner….

    “Snacks ‘n Things” ….is that anything like “Fluff ‘n Stuff”? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. OK, so I am highly confused about this 5 Hundy drink situation. Here’s some of the source of my confusion:

    The drink is to be called the 5 Hundy, but it shouldn’t have 5 alcohols?

    Tim said the drink shouldn’t be a shot, because they are not “shot drinkers”, yet they collect shot glasses?

    Starter steak?

    Chris in Dallas ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. The Frontier’s original name (way back in caveman days when they actually put the logo of the hotel on ashtrays hoping they got stolen… marketing tool) was the New Frontier.

    The property later became simply The Frontier.

    When it was bought out of the long running strike about 8-9 years ago (whatever it was… been here 15 years, it all starts to blur), the hotel was renamed once again the “New Frontier.”

    1. I’m guessing the hotel ashtray on ebay is from the really old days (and if that age, it is in good shape… dates back to when ashtrays were brown… if simply from smoke exposure, LOL).

    2. We looked for anything we could clean out of the Frontier one week ago today (Monday). We failed at trying to carry the Sigma Derby game out. Bolted to the floor pretty well.

    Slot cups were generic, so no use. Sidebar: My last haul on that was the Boardwalk slot cups. They hold 24 oz. of beer (cleaned out the insides of them very well) and only break them out for special “Vegassy” situations.

    Walked out by the pool. Thought we saw Dan Tanna… but it wasn’t him. (Frontier pool looks like the Vega$ episodes from the 70’s, even though they were shot at DI). We did attempt to bottle up some of the great “Old Vegas” hotel smell… with is 40 years of dirt and smoke coming out of the carpets and walls.

    No dice. But maybe the Venetian can switch over to that scent. I still am not completely used to casinos that smell like my 99 year old great aunt’s flower gardens.

    Didn’t hear last week’s podcast until later in the week or would have taken a box to the Frontier gift shop and cleaned them out for a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff. (Er… would have bribed them and just had them fill up a box with crap that no one else is buyiung).

    Would have sent some to Michelle (and Tim), some to Steve and Miles to give away… and some for me to abuse, break, and lose.

    Bottom line confession is that I keep forgetting how important and valuable some of this stuff is. My only exception is my Sands silver dollar coins and a few other old school stuff.

    Oh… PS. I will call in about this soon, but behind Casino Royale is very safe, both parking lot plus garage. Was such a great kept secret all the years that most locals don’t know you could cruise up between Harrah’s and Venetian, get a great parking spot their even on a busy Saturday night.

    After parking there over 100 times (very conservative estimate), no problems, no issues.

    Will wait until I am at the Casino Royale and very trashed on their cheap booze. I need to keep par with all the other drunk dialers who call the show!

  4. Chris–
    To keep with the name of the show, the drink should probably have 5 of something, whether it’s ingredients, alcohols, types of schnapps, whatever. Then again, if it’s undeniably tasty, we’d be happy to make an exception. Just as long as it doesn’t involve fire, clowns, or clowns on fire.

  5. Hey Tim and Michelle, this is Junior from Ft. Worth, Tx. I was just leaving a comment on your site, its a great site, it complements the great podcast you guys are running. Im hoping to go back to Vegas maybe next month, if ot in August, before school, I may end up calling before I go, and/or when Im there. Give me a shout out in the next show, Ill be listening to it like I do to all of them, so make sure you do it!!! Haha, alright you guys, take care, youll be hearing from me later.

  6. When did you start to gag.

    It took me about three lines.

    “Hall & John Oates deserve a place alongside rock royalty”

    Maybe I was wrong about Prince.


  7. Wait a minute. Maybe I misread that. Along side.

    As roadies, or groupies. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Not really relevant, but I thought I should let you know about Rob Mariano’s latest venture: TONTINE!

    Heavy Flash usage alert!

    He’s not only casting it, but he’s also hosting it. Of course, there’s no indication of who will pony up the cash, nor who will air it, but it’s TONTINE!

    I have this nightmare that he will haunt me for the rest of my life.

  9. RE: The Real World Las Vegas Reunited – I like this version better than the original.

    You have a couple guys who are drunk the whole time, one girl falls down and gets hurt, and some other girl gets pissed and wants to go home early.

    That pretty much sums up every trip I take to Vegas. So, this really does represent the real world.

  10. BTW some Tontines were based on the winnier being the last person alive.

    Shades of Network.

    The last person not to die on network television wins ten mill.

    Works for me (as long as it includes the host) ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Rob will never disappear from our televisions. He will merely switch shows or channels.

    Of course, I’m immediately reminded of the Simpsons episode where a bunch of WWII vets enter into a tontine for the last survivor to possess some rare paintings. The episode ended with an epic battle between Mr. Burns and Grandpa Simpson for the final key. I believe hot pants were also prominently involved.

    Why do I have the urge to check out Eden Prairie Center to see if anyone actually shows up for the audition?

  12. I don’t know whether to thank you guys or curse you because FHBM is the only way I will learn anything about Real World LV Reunion. Or even the original.

  13. The Flying Hellfish!

    That scene, of course, was a direct lift from a scene from a classic episode of MASH, where Col. Potter wound up being the last survivor in a tontine made during WWI.

  14. The constructions shots are indeed Palazzo, not City Center.

    When this was shot, there was no City Center but a pile of dirt.

  15. I ask you. Has Sigma Derby become the new Hall and Oates?
    The thing that was mentioned a couple of times, but then becomes the center piece of every show?
    Ponder this question. It is one for the ages.
    Chris in Dallas

  16. UK Las Vegas TV :

    As bad as Tim, scouring the shows for the week for Las Vegas content.

    Anyone who gets access to Sky One might want to watch out for “Will and Harry Go to Vegas” on June 28th. Lookalikes of Harry and William going to Vegas and seeing how many comps they can get whilst posing as the real things.
    You would have though LV being a City of lookalikes not very much, but could be interesting.

    As for the Hustle episode I mentioned a few weeks ago, look out for it on BBC America. The initial con being to steal the jackpot from the World Largest Slot Machine ( in a conveniently renamed Plaza ). Very usefully the cash is on display behind a giant fish tank which is above the machine. Tut when will they learn

    And it looks like we will be getting Real Life Las Vegas Reunion here sometime, scouring through MTV they are showing Real Life Denver … so can only hope for the worst.

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