Five Hundy by Midnight 123: Your Stupid Slogan is Showing

Las Vegas podcast #123 includes:

  • City Confidential opening clip
  • MGM Mirage partners with Kerzner International
  • We still refuse to play Sun City
  • The Western’s hotel closes
  • Lady Luck attracts interest
  • Welcome to Las Vegas sign gets a little safer
  • Fontana Lounge closes
  • Tony Danza makes the Danzition to Las Vegas
  • Dumb Slogans
  • Real World Las Vegas Reunited episode 4

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16 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 123: Your Stupid Slogan is Showing

  1. Want 124 now darn it! Couldnt harm to post it 5 days early eh eh …

    btw, Its a very bad idea to name your pet “Vegas” – as we have just done with our new kitten. Needeless to say she was getting very excited whilst listening to the Podcast and hearing her name continuously!

  2. Dear Michelle and Tim,

    Tracinda = a blending of the names of Kirk Kerkorian’s two daughters, Tracy and Linda, NOT the name of one daughter.

    Love your podcast.


  3. Thanks for the clarification, XMan. I thought Tracinda seemed a tad nontraditional for the name of the daughter of a 150-year-old.

  4. Ninja Cheerleaders sounds kind of phony. Ninja Accountants, maybe. Ninja Pornslappers–now that would be a blockbuster.

    “By day they sling stripper cards at unsuspecting tourists. But as night falls the Ninja Pornslappers swing into action from their secret lair underneath the famous Monkey Pokerdome.”

    (That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far with the concept.)

  5. In case you are wondering, there is a regional theatre Tony Award so maybe there’s hope for Tony Danza.

  6. The podcast mentioned that Cheapo Vegas’ review of the hotel has been taken down. If anyone wants to read the old review from the Internet Archive, see

    When I last visited the Western, the blackjack was very good. Double deck, 3:2 pay on naturals, very low minimums.

  7. I know where you are.

    The price tag matches Prince’s latest album title, 3121: 70 “standing room only” tickets reportedly cost $312.10, while the remaining 130 seats will be sold as pairs in VIP packages, which includes dinner and seated show access for a whopping $3,121.


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